On the Cardano website () this guy is listed as the Manager of "Team Plutus"

On the Cardano website (iohk.io/team/) this guy is listed as the Manager of "Team Plutus".

However, there are no other members in Team Plutus.

What does he manage exactly?

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He manages to barely pass as a woman

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He’s not trying to. it’s way more fucked up and disturbing than that

why the fuck do they hire mentally ill people? does commiefornia gib monies for giving these people jobs or what?

I don't know but there's something terribly wrong with Cardano dev team.

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This, i really dont give a flying fuck if the project is promising. There is absolutely no motherfucking way im trusting my money to some bunch of fucking transgenders and kids with blue hair.

I mean people who have blue fucking hair and are transgender tend to be fucked up in the head in one way or another, and fucked up people dont get shit done. So i dont see how this project could succeed with those fucking ogres developing it.


The whole team is a freak circus.

I just started reading this profile: iohk.io/team/serge-kosyrev/ when I realized it was a he.

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I mean he could be a good blockchain dev but risking giving your money to someone who's mentally unstable is a bad move


It just wants to get fucked

ENBIES is what we call Cardano bagholders now.

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If I worked there I’d jerk off every morning to a disciplinary HR fantasy.

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Why is everything so dark and edgy?

Their website looks like a video game

Honestly these types of autists make the best programmers, and Haskell is only used by elite programmers

.t comp sci grad that doesn't use haskell

And the rest

He kinda looks like Gomer Pyle from Full Metal Jacket without makeup.

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Honestly their website is the best part of the whole Cardano project.

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Btfo, if ya font like the project support another coin or gas yourself

haskell is used by faggots

Holy actual fucking shit. I lost the will to live.

I read this and just did that thing where you half throw up and get acid reflux

>They opened the puzzlebox.

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Same shitty fud losers, pretty boring fud. Stay poor

best programmers ive met(we're talking about people that won medals at IOI) were fairly weird, but nowhere near this user

>transvestites make more than you
>you're mad

The clue is in the twitter bio, ‘trans human’

These are not your ordinary brain damaged leftists, they are technocrats

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hi im peter i work on udu

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damn what a fucking freakshow

How sure are we that Daryl is not an ancient Chinese philosopher?

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He looks more like a warlock than a philosopher.

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