The year is 2025

>the year is 2025
>smartcontracts are in the middle of a mass adoption craze
>chainlink is the preferred oracle across multiple large markets
>chainlink is $5000 a token
>you're running a node massive node and have been running one since some of the early days of linkpool
>gain multiple links a month, passive income of tens of thousands of dollars
>your victorias secret model wife has just put your children (chad, felicity, and serendipity) to bed
>she rides your dick hard like a gymnast every night - you both cum multiple times on a regular basis, sex life is great
>you descend into your oxygenated cryochamber to sleep and regenerate for the night
>caviar for dinner every day, champagne with every meal
>your doctor has prescribed a new high tech version of ecstasy for you - every day is bliss
>you will have enough capital to go on in the future and invest in companies that will mine asteroids, planets, and harness energy from stars
>you will amass enough wealth to have a seat at the table of the intergalactic elite and play spacegolf with japanese aliens and talk about the spacemarket

its going to happen
thanks Veeky Forums

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our own house for my family and a bit of cash would be enough - dont need caviar, models.. just the freedom to do whatever we want to do

Nah you'll just lose everything you put in link.

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It will be sweet

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>you wake up from the dream
>check your stinky portfolio
>26% ATH

Serious querstion... how to run a node?

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Train like it’s a 5k, but a little shorter

Thanks, dingleberry

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Thats beautiful, user. My goal as well.

So, I am rich but still only get to have sex with the same woman every night?

No, it won't happen. In the meanwhile something new will come out that'll immediately be adopted, while shit like ChainLink will die a horrible death. There is no 'being early' anymore. Everything that's out right now has seen its peak - only new coins will be able to give you a lot of gains.

i dont any of that shit.
i just want to go to sleep when im sleepy
wake up when im done sleeping
that's my goal in life.

I'll be 47, can only afford 211 LINK and already have ED so unless medical technology advances I won't be doing a lot of the things in that scenario. Thanks for ruining my morning though OP.

There are plenty of jobs that allow you to do that. Are you really too stupid to find one with flexible working hours?

im a professor at a university. hard for me to simply change to "one with flexible working hours".

I teach at university as well. And I just chose not to teach in the morning. It was pretty easy to be honest.

Kek I'm 22 and have 130k how does it feel chubby

quit being a nigger. I work in online education and work with dozens of professors who teach asynchrononous courses online that don't do shit and work whatever hours they want.

Just type "sudo ChainLink node" into Google maps/

All that knowledge and you can't even into self employed content creator.

What is the minimum amount of LINK required for this to be a total certainty?
You are welcome

i can flex a tiny bit but i can't change the entire school schedule. kids have classes in the morning during some years, afternoon in the others. my classes occur during the morning-years. and im one of the youngest professors, so my leverage is pretty shitty to even change within that schedule.
not my case at all. im also heavily involved in a bunch of research projects which also take a lot of my time. im not saying i work a lot (i dont), but there's always shitty hours that i need to follow.
content creator? doesnt sound like a great option for my specialization.

be sergey and have 32m funded.

What department do you teach in?

Hmmm... looks pretty complicated. I think I can handle it. Thanks, user!

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>Hmmm... looks pretty complicated. I think I can handle it. Thanks, user!

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You realize you're arguing with larping neets right?

Hopefully crypto goes to 0 so they can understand the futility of flipping burgers for most of their waking life.

Sounds like I just got the better deal. I'm not even a professor and I can just create courses about my research topics and put them whereever I like. And the students have to work them into their schedule if they want to take them.

Jesus christ. Put it out of its misery

What happens when the supply of Link that is meant for node operators runs out?

Except that's bullshit. Now is the time when projects start to deliver their products - including running whatever nodes you've prepared for.

Stinky Linkies turn Pinkies

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>online education


This is actually what I also desire. I just don't ever want to be woken up by an alarm clock ever again, uninterrupted, full sleep is amazing.