What is the point?

How the fuck are you supposed to be happy when you know you won't make it, and be able to life a life like this?

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Easily, I don't care.

they broke up just like today, this shows how even the most perfect couples might not even be happy

Are you serious?
Do you have any more info?

google it

You can't tell me you would rather your 'mediocre at best' life over having this fucking 10/10 and 20 million dollars

If you think about it logically, women really are gross creatures. They're cum receptacles with fishy fuckholes that bleed spontaneously every month for a week, and they eat with the same mouth they swallow urine and cum in and expect to be kissed there. Also, the moment a woman is naked all her allure and mystery is gone and shes just a nervous awkward fucktoy with lopsided breasts

Found the faggot

So much truth in this.

Imagine a life so pathetic that you're already a multi-millionaire because of your husbands hard work, and you wake up in the morning and put on makeup just to make a stupidass youtube video that will maybe net you $500 instead of just relaxing and enjoying your wealth. Why tf are bitches so obsessed with attention?

i laughed hard at lopsided breasts

Yeah, it might be cool, I just don't have an obsession over it and don't think about it. It just doesn't exist in my life, so for me it's not real.

and then divorce that husband and take 50% of all he owns, logic should liquidate everything and all in monero

She's literally the definition of a 7/10. Completely mediocre and average in every sense of those words. Plain face, plain body with small tits, no ass, and a high bodyfat % because she doesn't exercise regularly or eat healthy.

To be honest, I actually feel alot better now. Thanks all haha

That's honestly fucked. Bobby is one of the nicest down to earth guys I've came across.
I don’t believe in Love no more after this one, she gave that small hope that there were still good girls out there. Fuck that.

you either eat or get eaten in this world and bobby is the nice guy type I honestly feel bad for him

Yep, it's the unfortunate way it is. No matter how many times I tell myself it's not like that.

>actually following """youtube celebrities"""


>sitting on a couch with a dumb whore while she makes you listen to her inane social media bullshit for a youtube video
I thank god every day my life isn't like that.

>broke up

they're married, dumbo

not following """youtube celebrities"""
just watched a couple of videos and was amazed by how cute she was and how into her Logic was. Seemed like a perfect relationship and made me a bit jealous. But nothing is perfect.

>. Also, the moment a woman is naked all her allure and mystery is gone and shes just a nervous awkward fucktoy

the best moment with a woman is right before the clothes come off

top kek

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I mean't split, the term I use doesn't exactly matter retard my point was delivered

this is the life of a nigger cattle herder. i couldn't do it because it has no meaning.

imagining being old and the only thing you ever did was entertain nigger cattle.
realizing you life was a waste.

they both look like trash, they're rich, why cant they put more effort into their appearance?

>this is the life of a nigger cattle herder. i couldn't do it because it has no meaning.
>imagining being old and the only thing you ever did was entertain nigger cattle.
>realizing you life was a waste.

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I guess they are just trying to live like normal people. Logic is a really chill down to earth dude, just a normal guy.

You strive to become king of the losers of course.

The loser pool is way bigger than the winner pool and you can live quite happily at the top of the bottom. Play the lottery tho who knows

>I guess they are just trying to live like normal people.
even normal people put a little more effort than baseline into their appearance.

Why are her teeth still fucked up? even poor folk get veeners

>if you think about it logically
of course we're all led by our dicks, but using your brain to rationalize that as a logical choice is a tragic waste of the one thing that makes you above other animals


Wait, that guy is Logic, the rapper?


>logic unironically put reddit and meme on his latest track

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the irony of this post. He JUST signed a $30M deal and a few days later they break up. Never get married or have a kid if you have big ambitions. at least sign a prenup jeez




lol this soy boy corny ass rapper had it coming. He just looks beta as hell.

She clearly needs a real man.

Also how is this Veeky Forums related? So tendie feeders can hate on women now?

Is this the fag that made a song about the suicide hotline unironically?

This shit's so cringeworthy. Sometimes you can tell when couples are genuine and when they overcompensate.

These videos reek of overcompensation. The fact that they're filming themselves too is another clue. "Guys look how in love we are! I swear we're in love, guys!"

No surprise at all that a superficial marriage like this only lasted 2 years.


I've read that its a really bad idea to call a suicide hotline because they'll call the police on you and then force you into a mental hospital if you say that you're gonna do it. Pretty fucked up.

>he thinks Logic is a ""youtube celebrity""


all bout getting knee deep in that gnash

You forgot about lick ass. I get tons of hot girls to lick my ass. Can't imagine how they can go home and make out with their bfs after that.

I have no idea who these people are, fuck you for making me watch this

Huh? Lol.. I've got some news for you, that's only the case with chubby burger gringas and who knows what other kinds of girls.

Actual hot girls do NOT look better with clothes on, lol.

Am OP but had to restart router lol. Sorry :)

oh nonono! delete this post at once please

the fuck is this and why do you care?

Some fucking rapper and his hot ass wife dog

This guy isn't ugly. I kinda look like him and my wife is hot.

No one said he was ugly, but he's no 10/10
His personality is 10/10 however

What a surprise women fake their happiness for some cash someone stop the presses.

More news at Eleven

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Becuase not everybody wants that life or will life a smaller version of that life. it won't be whoever the fuck that is in the picture but it will be a hot babe by your side while you party it up

This made me kek

>scrubbed through the timeline
>glanced at a random few seconds here & there
>gril is maybe like 6/10 on a good day
>soyboi is soy
>both wear generic corporate labels

How tedious. Such a life may lack discomfort, but those people are not *living* -- merely existing with plenty of comfort.

>baka @ ur low aim


Kek cope harder

Eh I can’t even argue with that desu, girl is at least a 7.5 though.
Also pls Post your life for comparison please

Logic is the fucking man tho, pls no diss logic

Why does Logic pretend like he's black?

>personality 10/10
>corny ass rhymes
>spoken word dogshit filler on albums
>part of an anti smoking campaign
>pretentious god complex
>who can relate woo

Most prenups are thrown out in court

His father was a nigga and he had a rough life growing up in maryland
But on the inside he /oneofus/

This shit pisses me off so fucking much. You signed a fucking contract, bitch, leave the guy alone now. Why can't women just keep their word? Why do courts have any sympathy for them?

Yeah well it depends on a lot of things, including the language of the contract, the judge and the wife's attorneys.

If you sign a prenup that says the wife gets absolutely nothing after the divorce, but the wife """"""""put effort""""""""" into the marriage that may or may not have allowed the husband to make his money, the judge will probably strike that language of the contract as overly restrictive or unfair. And if you have kids together, yeah just go ahead and say goodbye to any money at all. It's going to the wife.

and sadly a lot of them are vapid and offer not much else besides the things mentioned here

>overly restrictive or unfair
A contract is a contract. Restrictions are to be expected. If you don't agree, don't sign. Why should you be allowed to change your mind? Marriage used to be a permanent deal, where you couldn't just leave because your feelings have changed, but now -- with no-fault divorce, they can just leave you whenever they feel like it and demand half of your shit. They don't even have the decency to honor the prenup that they signed and feel entitled to your money anyways. That's usually the only way a man has any protection in the case of divorce, and it can get thrown out just like that. It's complete bullshit.

lol, I was looking at this nerd and was trying to guess what he did. I was thinking he was a "professional" gamer or streamer or maybe some radio personality but hes a millennial rapper.