You've been given 50 euro how do you turn it into 200 euro in 3 days?

you've been given 50 euro how do you turn it into 200 euro in 3 days?

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Yobit dice


sports betting

100x leverage. Any direction. Go swift

Sports betting or Casino.
The only are where you have high rewards and little control of the risks involved.

I would prefer sport betting, I'm not familiar with blackjack or roulette.

25% limit buy long BTC @ 8350
25% limit buy long BTC @ 8150
25% limit buy long BTC @ 8050

- We won't touch 8350 again and no orders go off
- You will get one order off at 8350 and then we're be back to 9k
- All your orders will go off and we have a slow recovery, but you get rich in a week or so
- All your orders go off, we return bear phase, you get liquidated

50% limit buy 25x long BTC @ 8350*
25% limit buy 25x long BTC @ 8150
25% limit buy 25x long BTC @ 8050

All on black x2

hm... I wonder what is more likely.

buy cheap molly, sell it at raves
easy money

tonights a good night for basketball betting, i can tip you if you want

i dont

Ask my mum if she will loan me 150€

Buy mobius sir. Good coin sir. Moon soon sir. x10000 sir.

Wagecuck for a day or two?

Depends... what would they do to me if I lost it?

Unless it's torture I'll go for Roulette, if it is torture or worse then drug dealing.

Send it to moneyskelly. I hear he sends 10x back.

you mean make $2.50 after btc goes up or down $1000 with liquidation $50 opposite direction.


Wait is this the new 50 euro note? It's been so long since I've seen fiat physical money that I don't even know.

Nobody I know actually pays cash instead of with his debit/bank card with a phone.

Steal 150 more

That is what they want.

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Buy lipstick and a dress.
Work at the station 8 to 5.

Match betting is a sure way to turn €50 into €200 because there's no risk unless you mess up. It might take more than 3 days if there are no sport games though otherwise casino would be the way to go. If you know how to play blackjack you could quadruple it in a few hours at the tables