IBM REKTS supply chain

RIP Ambrosus, RIP venchain, RIP modum, RIP origintrail, RIP waltonchain, RIP Wabi

Once IBM creates its own token with 100 billion supply, it’s over. Price stabilization solved.

IBM not going to sit around with their ass exposed and let you crypto startups take their marketshare

>RIP Ambrosus and their high tech sensor. NO price action this month OR next month
>RIP venchain masternodes
>RIP autistic modum ceo

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So XLM won...

Stellar to 10$ by 2020

Get in faggots

Pretty much. As far supply chain don’t invest in these garbage startups.

>vechain won't just copy it and use it

Even chinks can’t copy hardware. All they can do is buy IBM chips assuming IBM decides to sell it to market and not just patent it and use it for itself

>IBM will make the first models of its crypto-anchors available in another 18 months. It also plans to make these products available in the marketplace within the next five years.


Among IBM ecosystem stellar is used for payments related applications
I guess they use hyperledger for supply chain applications
But at the end this will have a significant impact on XLM price if IBM blockchain goes big

Pretty fuckin big grain of salt

lol you retard they will just sell it

Iexec rlc will be big

it's a tiny finger desu

what xlm has to do with any of it? it;s just a nigger's currency

yaaaawwwnnnnnn. are you faggots spamming this ibm shit paid shills?

3 outcomes
>Blockchain companies have to buy IBM chips, boosting IBM's business
>IBM creates its own private blockchain, which completely defeats the point of using a trustless blockchain solution in supply chain logistics
>Nothing, cus IBM.

pick one

They have a chip not a product. Vechain has a product, as does walton, wabi. VEN, WALT and WABI might use those chips.

what the fuck is "block chain" ready CPU?
what is this even supposed to do
if it's supposed to store some data there's already a thing called NFC chips

>when you actually believe the /pol/ FUD

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Gonna start selling blockchain ready stickers to put on stuff

IBM already has its own blockchain that is private dumbo.

>he doesn't own IBMcoin

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I see you BearFag

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Notice how he didn't say RIP MOD?
MrBearFag: Overpaid MOD shill

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However, you are still a fag

Aren't we buying IBM stocks or what?

who would've thought?

crypto is all about the get rich quick scams

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You're kidding, but that's the future

>Not realising TRAC is a protocol designed specifically for supply chain to join all the other supply chains into one roof.

So it has a centralised database. Fantastic
there is no such thing as a private 'blockchain' as per most definitions of the word. it is an oxymoron

>Anything by Indian Bowel Movement
The glory days of IBM are long past. 60% of IBM's employees are Pajeets

>muh quantum computer
>muh Watson