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>commission free and no minimum to open

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on cash/securities and fees from their Robinhood Gold service

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

Interactive Brokers
>$1 commission per 100 shares. $10k minimum to open, $3k if 25 or under. Lowest margin interest. Free API access

TD Ameritade
>$6.95 commission per trade. No minimum to open. Fantastic data/charting through their free ThinkorSwim service

Degiro (Cheap broker for Europeans)

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Morning all

damn i just made a thread

i will delete it

sorry for denying you your moment of glory m8

still praying for that crash OP sama

If you are holding /smg/-sama's picks and riding on his shoulders, you will be fine

>KTOS up premarket

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ROKU should be shorted

it belongs much lower
fuck the analyst upgrade

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>cannot locate shares

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Don't fall for the bull trap, I got a call from the Bogs it's going to be red by 1030.

so first action will be pick up some cheap TVIX ?

So how different are stocks from crypto in practice? are penny stocks really similar in terms of volatility? also I heard fees are much higher, how do you still make profit?

in my experience they move much slower

by that i mean, once something starts trending up or down, it will follow the trend for weeks, where similar movement in crypto will be whipsawed and trendbroken in a day

>cheap TVIX
Were you even here yesterday?

I don't do macro stuff
I just try to pick promising company's stocks and hope they rise

TVIX isn't a stock

Fuuuuuuuuck Oracle

Seriously, 9% off of a one cent earnings miss? God damn

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Yes I know
It's an ETN trying to replicate an index

I said I don't trade these because they are more macro-oriented

So ,if one thinks shit gonna hit the fan later today, is it wise to pick some TVIX at open ?

Its part of the FUD from the tech sell off.

>looking for stocks all day through various methods and didnt find anything good
>all the big players get the juicy news before you so trying to find easy winners doesnt work

How long did it take you guys to choose yours?

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Are you guys ready for the legendary bull run?

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>Bull run

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A kind reminder

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Gold shills BTFO


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Yeah I messed this one up, increasing interest rates leads to a stronger dollar which leads to decreased commodities. That being said the mistake only cost $20 so far, but in the event the fed doesn't raise rates I'd anticipate a run on gold.

Basically, stock is a share of a tangible company that is bought and sold in an open market. Read up on investopedia.

>Gold didn't move
What? That's the whole fucking point.

I know a guy who lost 15% in 3 months buying high and selling low. He didn't have any reason other than that he was trying to time the market.

Why do people buy high and sell low? It seems like a bad strategy.

TBT is going to the moon!

it couldnt break 1350 and now it will go sub 1299

BB premarket is real nice

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should I buy TVIX at open and wait for the market dip ????????????

if you think shit will flush, you buy that shit on a rally. if you can trade options on it, do that instead. its far safer. thats what bagholder has been doing

yeah my TMV is doing great. you shorting bonds till wednesday or through it?

Weak hands & FOMO

Really, it is a lack of discipline and patience

Shorting bonds all fucking year.

The dip isn't over yet.

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This is you when you buy TVIX during market dip

Facebook 167 premarket

Lol I did that in a week

LARPers up bright and early, I see. Here's what you came for. A (You) for each one. Don't spend them all in one place.

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I fuckin KNEW bpmx was prepping for a moon trip why didn't I buy

We up 50% to start the day on these bad boys.

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When to buy SOXL?

This. Gotta keep watch at FB. The moment that stops losing - I will know the dip is over.

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Wonder who zucks pissed off to cause the biggest manufactured outrage ever for fb

>Cropped paper trading account

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AMRS to the moon goys

fucking looks good right now holy shit.

how the fuck are we LARPing? by pretending to short bonds? we ARE shorting bonds.

Hildog and her zombies

when crash

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right after i buy SOXS. may the best man win.

i kid. but i think this is the start of a larger bearish trend. im waiting for the bulltrap then getting SOXS as SOXX falls back below below 189ish

Sweet. Let’s hope we reach 7$ soon

Soon satan


first week of april

When should I sell? Is there a lot of potential for hodling this

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Semis had their gains last year
The one sector within semis still growing should be anything related to cloud computing and autonomous vehicle

I haven't studied ORCL's business and its last earnings and titles say their cloud computing division dissapointed

And as for autonomous vehicle, I think it is a meme

you only got 250? might as well hold that shit for a couple quarters mate. AMRS is a more profitable company than most stocks at twice its value. honestly, just dont look at it for a month or so and youll be happy

It is at least a MID-TEENS™ stock company famalam
No joke

based citigroup

Would you recommend buying more or is it a bit too late?

Give all your energy to BPMX

it must hit .34

I've been hearing that a lot. Guess I'll look into buying moar

You might get a chance to scoop some at a cheaper price because there is a chance of a dilution (5.3$ strike price warrants being exerciced).
4M more shares into the current 43M current shares outstanding

MID-TEENS™ sounds like a meme but for AMRS it can be achievable, if my DCF model is correct and John Melo's guidance is to be trusted (which I do)

self driving cars is absolutely a farce. they do not have the tech for it. and i fucking hate how orwellian cloud bullshit is. fuck that and fuck the companies investing in it. and hell if this whole zuck shit plays out, i bet there will be other tech corp execs involved. hopefully this will translate into more slippage from the SOXX and the tech sector overall (which imo has been way too cheery lately). semis have been a lot of peoples cash cow for a while. im expecting buy volume to thin out, for it to slip back below 189 and then i will short it down as it corrects for about a week or a month.

just trying to think more macro. everyone is telling me its a terrible idea, because its a booming industry, but thats exactly why ive been thinking about shorting it. it will correct more violently.

wait for the pink wojaks. i might be wrong and itll just keep movin up, but its much safer to wait for a red day

why do you think then specifically?

it really is all about the memes in the end, isn't it. kinda have mixed feelings about that one

>self driving cars is absolutely a farce.
why? many major manufacturers have their protos already, the one made by renault was impressive. the tech will absolutely get there eventually, it's just gonna take a lot of time

Yo self driving cars be killing people. The robots have landed the first punches in the humans vs robots war.

>kinda have mixed feelings about that one
just leave your position and dont worry about adding to it then. we got clear waters ahead of us. just enjoy the ride.

as for the self driving cars, just wait. sure everyone will get all excited. but if theres one thing i know about cars, its that they crash into each other. adding fucking robots to the mix is dangerous, unprecedented, and ultimately doomed to fail in a spectacular way when some bot ends up killing a child or something.

kek i had no idea it was already happening.

Buy NVCN! It will only go up!
Thank me later!

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So far they're killing idiots

A necessary evil desu

better not drop

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I think a sector worth taking a look is home automation
Everybody wants to have AMZN gathering data on them while taking a shit or beating the children

CTRL is worth doing your DD on.

holy shit I just realized my boeing is fully recovered

BPMX is a trap. Get out while you can.

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Look for promising/bad news and look into companys associated with said news

Look outward further than a day, buy companies that have strong growth prospects, wait. For example mcdonalds sells how many millions of burgers a day? They own how much real estate? They’re among the most recognized brands on the planet. Buy & hold
I like this better than wondering if people will pump a certain stock today or not. Maybe that’s just me

absolutely. i took like 3000 from 27 to 32 the other week. decided that was fucking enough for me. tried to talk my buddy out of it, but hes "long" on em, whatever that means. they sell fucking acne medication. not exactly a booming industry, atleast i dont think so

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pepsi at a decent buy if it goes 1 dollar lower

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And what would you be your take on KO ? do you think their plan on expanding into alcoholic beverages has potential ?
I personally kinda think it has.

They already released alcoholic beverages to Japan. I dont think its caught on yet

Ko is a good buy now and down to 40

Im buying some facebook as a gamble 166.2

FB is dead, the hot new social media platform is GE

>They already released alcoholic beverages to Japan.

sup niggers

check out Novo Resources (NVO) on the TSX Venture (Canadian exchange). Asymmetric risk-reward skew, it either goes to 50 cents or 50 dollars and guys I know in the mining space are hyping it up.

>invest in deep underlying bond funds
>Prices good because of construct investment and unit cost balancing
>40k per year before tax

Feels good man

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already bought and sold before you could type that

I felt like this downturn was natural desu. I’ve been in since .15, though, which is why I don’t flinch at the price swings. I’ll sell every share I have if you can convince me.

yes I read the other day they released a line of alchol to the nip

AMRS forming a nice dip. wait to see if it continues and look for a 6.50 buy in if ya feel left out. should bounce around there

everyone here is super bullish on coke so it seems. they have huge market share and going into booze would be a good call under some good guidance, but i personally think the corporation is awful. having dealt first hand with their distribution multiple times at different restaurants, its always the same. incompetent lazy union-backed bullshit.

multiple times, i patiently awaited an order from them for a day, called them up and calmly asked
where the fuck is my coke?
>oh sorry the driver was sick
so whens the other driver coming?
>other driver?
yes, the guy who is driving the truck today in place of the sick guy
>oh, hes sick
so whats your plan?
>well get it to you next week

their truck drivers wouldnt even bring the product into the fucking cellar, even though they had a cart to do it. just thinking about them expanding into the alcohol market, but then having their distribution branch out and out refuse to bring the drinks into the basement. i honestly dont know if a huge corporation like that could pull it off without fucking up severely. theyll probably have great advertising though. near term they look very good

It needs time and I think we should wait for their next earnings

What I know about KO's new product is that it is very specific to Japan.

My take on their strategy :
>1 - establish the new brand and the new product in Japan
>2 - profits are the goal
>3 - operational processes are perfected their
>4 - distribute the product everywhere and market it as a 100% pure nippon beverage
>5 - because people love Japanese culture
>6 - ?????

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Friday I sold my whole portfolio. Monday I shorted tech and Nasdaq, closed out around midday. Currently sitting on all cash. How does a retard like me know when to buy back in?

pls no

Buy it

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