So what happens after people start hosting their child pornography in the blockchain?

So what happens after people start hosting their child pornography in the blockchain?
This actually seems inevitable to me when I think about it.
Distribution of child pornography is incredibly risky. You can submit data to the blockchain using tor. Getting your CP from the blockchain would be way less risky than downloading it over tor.

wat do?

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Legalize it

Oh shit you mean people will actually be able to exercise their freedom of speech whenever they want? Whatever will we do?!

Watching/owning CP shouldn't be illegal. Creating it should be. Sue me.

The government would love a reason to force blockchain to be mutable.
How does the crypto community prevent this?

>t. 2012
already been done, still done to this day
ultimately, freedom of speech isn't a pick and choose what you like. there's going to be some disgusting things shared no matter your values, and the only option is to grow a thicker skin to ignore it

Retarded post
I'm assuming it's the same level of gratification people get when you like their Facebook or ig post, with the download count and comments on the link
>Wow lots of people like this I should make more for the fans
Fuck you

Ok. But what do you do when local law enforcement raids your mining operation for hosting child porn? Or when your ISPs censor you for doing the same? You and other posters are ignoring the realities of present law, and I see no movement towards governments easing up on this.

This is what will happen with tron

We don't, any government that bans public blockchains denying their economies opportunities to be more efficient and therefore be uncompetitive

>Feds seed blockchain with CP
>Feds conduct massive propaganda campaign linking Bitcoin et al with CP
>Feds conveniently launch FedCoin that has mutable ledger and/or prevents arbitrary data insertion the following week

Either creating and watching/owning CP should be legal or both should be illegal, it is contradictory to have one be legal and the other not.

That is because if you see the teleology of the law that prohibits the creation of CP is because it doesn't want to incentivize the market of child pornography. This same rationality can be applied to owning/watching CP (owning/watching is demand which the creation of CP intends to supply, meaning both are intrinsically linked). Therefore, you either apply the same logic to both (freedom and privacy of individuals and the market) or you are a hypocrite that applies two standards of logic for similar things.

That being said, Im against, because children cant legally consent (morality is irrelevant in this discussion). If they were free individuals, I would be okay with it.

>get IPs of nodes hosting CP
>send the police to confiscate the hardware and arrest the owners

then why is it legal to be a prostitue, BUT illegal to pay prostitutes for sex?!!?! HUH AMIGO, RIDDLE ME THAT ONE



Problem with this is that it becomes a bomb, where evidence can be planted on someone's PC.

There is always a will involved in the creation, but not the ownership.


You are right of course. Consuming content is the same as imagining it. Plebiens are incapable of understanding this.

I dont know what country you're from, but in mine it's not prohibited (it's not legal, as in it's not regulated, but what the law doesnt forbid, it's allowed). It's a crime to be a pimp though, because it implies sexual exploration of other.

Because one is personal use (self harm is not illegal, or else suicide and self harm would be crimes) and the other implies selling prescription drugs to other without a licence.

I agree, but that's another issue, by that logic everything that is currently a crime can be pinned into someone (and it sometimes is), but that doesnt mean we should make everything legal.

It's kind of a raw deal, but no escaping.

You pose as an intellectual but it's obvious you are fucking retarded.

By your logic, viewing or storing video data of a murder should be illegal because the act of murder is illegal.

By your logic, viewing or storing video data of an assault should be illegal because the act of assault is illegal.

By your logic, reading or owning a book about making improvised explosive devices should be illegal because the act of making improvised explosive devices should be illegal.

I could go on - the ability to retain and access information is not a total catalyst for more of that content to be created. This is a fallacy.

You are a pseudo-intellectual and I pity whatever RL community to whom you express your ideas; they probably can't see through the facade nor have the intellectual means of identifying flaws in your arguments. Please take it upon yourself to apply your barely above average IQ to learning more before taking it upon yourself to trumpet your shitty ideas.

BTW 99% of "child pornography" is created by the children themselves. What is your answer to that one, retards?

You know exactly what OP means. a 16 year old oversexuallized cumdumpster. is the least of our concerns. What I'm more concerned about is the hardcore toodler shit that the elites like to dabble in.

a totally anonymous decentralized blockchain woul propagate the vilest of pornographies and degeneracies. That doesn't mean swift and merciless justice shouldn't be delivered to these vile fucking pedokikes.

I myself think they should be set on fire shot and then hung all at the same time.

Wow, you mad.

Again, I don't know where you are from, but ownership and distribuition of snuff films is illegal. Kind of like revenge porn, you are liable if you receive the video and distribute to your friends.

Books are protected because censorship is ideological control and we, as a society, deem freedom of knowledge and ideology more important, which doesnt apply to CP, because it's not knowledge, information (lol that you try to compare it to that), or even spreading an idea, it can be said it's art.

Also, I think im okay with drawn CP, because it doesnt involve real children and perhaps may even aid pedophiles and their urges.

Also, stop being mad at people on the internet.

That's like saying owning nukes for personal use for the average person should be legal but creating nukes for personal nukes for the average person should be illegal. You're an idiot that lacks common sense.

law is going to have to evolve
whether policymakers will have to be dragged down kicking and screaming or act rationally remains to be seen
but neither you nor i have any power in this matter, and nobody can stop blockchain technology from becoming any ubiquitous in the long-term
being concerned about the realities of present law seems fruitless

It is knowledge and information you swine. The moral repugnance of the content does not change this.

Imagine the countless scenarios wherein people of power recorded themselves having sex with children. Those videos are information - but the upstanding citizen who stumbles upon those videos and takes it upon himself to retain the files is committing a crime. Obviously, one would presume that any judiciary hearing would display leniency under 'extenuating circumstances', but the more our system relies on arbitration the more broken it is. Beyond that, it would be possible for corrupt government individuals to confiscate the materials and arrest the citizen whistle-blower under the guise of justice. Superficially, that citizen will be in the wrong; in regards to the legal stature he will be a criminal. The government has successfully exploited the ridiculous law that discriminates information based on its content to serve its own needs and undermine the citizen's rights.

Perhaps you would be quick to claim, "Why, that's absurd! Take off your tin-foil cap you mongoloid." Is it really absurd for the government to exploit legal loopholes to protect the stability of their members and nation-state?

Fuck you just made a comeback

I should expand, the example I gave is not even preposterous! It's very real and I am confident has happened many times already - if not with CP then some other forbidden data.

Even if it was preposterous, it is still possible. The scenario I exemplified shows a logical flaw in our system, let alone your own position, one that can be systematically exploited. The legal system serves to protect the citizen and the government. In this circumstance, it is obvious that selectively determining which types of information the citizen is disallowed from retaining serves to protect the government much more than it does to protect the citizen.

CP will NEVER be legal you pedo.

>What happens when?

Too late ...

If you go by the route that CP is information, then I cant refute you. But good luck getting people to agree with this.

This is why we need community governance. All nodes with such content should be blacklisted from the network.

You are probably right, unfortunately. In fact, this problem will probably grow worse in the coming years. People already believe they want certain phrases, books and ideas altogether obliterated from existence. This is not necessarily a misguided desire. The misdirection lies in the means they wish to employ to reach this goal. Censorship is neither effective or fair.

In regards to your accusation: you cannot be seriously presuming that I have any interest in those illicit materials because I argue against the subjective discrimination of information by those provisioning legal policy.

I wish CP could be somehow regarded as something different without betraying logic, but it truly can not. Our moral/ethical standards cannot encapsulate one thing in a completely different category even if the substrate is the same. Especially if this arbitrary encapsulation is allowed to maneuver its way into legislation, as it has so many times already.

And how would you accomplish that?

>I wish CP could be somehow regarded as something different without betraying logic,

I'll be honest with you, it doesnt betray society's logic, it just betray yours. But it's okay if you disagree, just realise that most people don't think your logic is correct.


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There’s very little incentive for someone to run a CP mode...


pedos reading this:kys

Yes, all hail society's ever perceptive logic.

The flawless gem. The shining sun that gives us life and purpose and reminds us that our ignorance is no crime because it is shared by everyone. Colombus' logic betrayed society's logic and most people didn't think his logic was correct. There are numerous isomorphic examples I could continue to convey.

Please reread and consider what I've said here, there is still a veil over your perspective that I am trying my damnedest to remove. There are truths that escape the grasp of the many. You can find them, if you dare to take the risk of being demonized.

And how do you tell if you're hosting CP? Trivially transform the data so that it's not immediately apparent as media and then reveal how to undo the transformation after N blocks have passed.

Owning or watching CP shouldn't be regarded as illigeal, since it hurts no one at all. I can go to my cave and hoard loads of CP and watching them all day for years, how would that effect others? It doesn't. Its only the people creating them.

Also yes I hope blockchain allows anything to be hosted on the internet with privacy so you can download and upload anything without any takedown regardless of the content.

Not a blockchain problem and there is no solution for it either. Anyone can encrypt anything into another seemingly okay message, send it out and later post the key to the hidden message.

The only difference with blockchain would be that it stays for eternity but what does it matter when the old methods would likewise lead to spreading it either way?

>they didn't all in on cpchain

I've thought about this many times, actually. I'm kind of surprised nobody has done it yet.

All it would take is one really fucked up jpeg (even a faked one) to really fuck with people.

Shit I'd do it just to see how the world would react if I wasn't such a pussy. But 1) I have no idea where to get it (and I'm not starting to look) and 2) I've seen how hard the feds come down on folks they even suspect of having it.

Childhood friend of mine has a brother that got fucking BURIED by the feds when his trashy fiancee (who decided she wanted to leave him) put cp on his phone, then called the cops. He's not scared for his life in prison, no larp.

>I have no idea how blockchain works

Children can't legally consent which means to make -ANY- CP in the first place, someones freedom and rights were violated. This makes the entire act of viewing, owning, and creating CP horrendously illegal.

Hope you pedofag ends up in prison someday and off the streets.`

I doubt his roastie wife was capable of finding and planting cp on his phone. More likely she just knew about his cp collection and used it against him. Though he and his brother claim she planted it. They may not have convinced the feds but at least they convinced you that that's how it went down.

Which is exactly what the cops/judge thought. But she was banging another dude that could have easily done it or helped her, and she has two brothers, one of which that could have done it as well.

They didn't convince me of shit, we all kinda worked it out on our own. It's pretty fucked up, precisely because everyone's initial reaction is exactly yours.

Beware of roasties my dudes.

Hope your pedo friend enjoys the prison. He deserves it.

lol see? This is exactly what people say.

He's not my friend, he's my friend's brother. He's not a saint, but he's just a dumb redneck.

Oh well.

Truth, viewing pizza is certainly not equal to producing it. Many people are incapable of understanding the difference.


by viewing it you create the demand for it thus more children are harmed.

>Legalize it

Or simply execute people found with it. I prefer this solution

>by viewing it you create the demand for it thus more children are harmed.

This. If it becomes prolific the solution is to execute people caught with it. Democracy is a bitch degenerates an that's the majority

I'm not arguing it should be illegal. But to be hanged like that for no reason other than "you have these files" is kind of fucked up.


Simply create a bounty, if the reward is high enough, eventually someone will rat them out.

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>But to be hanged like that for no reason other than "you have these files" is kind of fucked up.

Its a simple way to solve a problem. Plenty of majority support for it to.

Tell that to the cops that raid your mining operation.

Why not just put them on public death lists and put a price on their lives? Save on policing costs and it would be a new sport. You could televise their deaths to recoup the bounty. It would be great if instead of child porn people fapped to pedos being burnt alive. The irony is delicious. The difference is kids are innocent, pedos are fucking monsters