Who else here /sip/ 'n traders?

Who else here /sip/ 'n traders?
Do you also have any other substances aside caffeine to help?

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cocaine obviously
functional addict when i have the stuff around me

U don't feel a possibility of getting hooked on the thing?

yes which is why i only treat myself every now and then
i dont buy local, have to go through darknet which makes it easier to stay away

sugarfree red bull > burn > rest of this garbage

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Muh nigga. Sugar free is the best option.
Sometimes even coffee with milk.

Phenylpiracetam is good. Clearnet.

Make sure to get choline supp

I've been messing around with chemically induced productivity for a few years and the best way to do it is:

>start by taking modafinil
>/sip/ energy
>finish on weed when you need to wind down

As for energy drinks, the flavour of the drink you go for is down to personal preference but there are certain things you want to avoid. Avoid energy drinks that have no caffeine as you're going to be riding a pure sugar rush which isn't sustainable. Go for sugar free energy drinks with a good caffeine content (at least 32mg/100ml).
Not only will this help you be less of a fat fuck but you'll have a more sustainable high.

The fun begins when the modafinil has kicked in and you've just finished /sipping/. You'll be hyper focused but you'll need to make a conscious effort to focus your productivity. It's easy to fall down a hyper focused wikipedia hole, for instance. You'll want to be focused on something productive which can be difficult if you're retarded.

As for other stims, nothing else comes close to modafinil for focus and productivity. Ritalin, speed, any amphetamine based stim is too physically pleasurable and leans more to the party side of the stim spectrum. Sure you might enjoy using those, but I'm telling you they're nowhere near the modafinil + caffeine combo if you want to be able to sustain a razor sharp autistic focus for hours at a time.

Some people say they find R-modafinil to be better. It's what your liver converts modafinil to. Personally I find it to be less intense and a bit smoother than modafinil, but the difference isn't too noticeable. Because of my experience with both I can determine the slight difference between the two and have a slight preference for regular modafinil, but R-modafinil is still miles better than any other stim.

You don't need to finish your day with weed but it'll help you regain your appetite (which you'll lose on modafinil, by the way) and most importantly it'll help you sleep, which you may find difficult.

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I am a cryptologic linguist by trade, and every single one of us and the pilots and the aircrew are on modafonil+caf during the entire deployment. Impossible job without stims.

Iced cold red bull is the tits
and mabye a cigarrete as well

Red bull is overpriced bullshit, change to Monster sugar free normies

>he pays to poison himself
never gets old no matter when you post it to evade the argument
oh wait

Slowly killing youself is the most manly thing you can do
Fuck off pussy

I tried all the energy drinks I could get my fat fuck fingers on..but this
..oooh man..this is sooo fucking good!!

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>finish on weed when you need to wind down
Try taking l-theanine with the /sip/ so you won't have to calm down in the first place.

sip club

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Red bull is the most patrician soft drink and the only non-degenerate energy drink, probably because it isn't an American brand. All the others taste like shit (I say this from experience) and they are made for poor edgy teens who can't afford €1.50 per can

Iced coffee, strong

Why not just pop a caffeine pills that costs less than a nickel a pop you fucking brainless

I just pop 100mg caffeine and 50 mg modafinil before exams or when I need to finish projects and I'm good. Shit helped me keep a 3.8 throughout college and a 518 on the MCAT (Cucked tho since premed.)

/snus/ 'n trade

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If you don't snus, you lose.

i'm a real lightweight when it comes to nicotine. makes me puke everywher.... every time

Good, nicotine is a shitty drug and it will get to the point where you have to have it in order to not feel shitty.

Boys I'm headed to the 7/11, what's the best monster flavor?

raspberry rehab

we sippin on tea nigga, aint puttin nothin in it nigga, quality shit nigga, matcha and sencha nigga


Same here

Exactly, exactly. Most of these people bringing themselves to their early graves with nicotine and energy drinks should just man up and use proper stims instead. That shit is incredibly enough less harmful in moderation and can make an actual difference unlike those baby-ass placebos.

Any of the rehabs are good. The Rojo Tea one (cranberry) is a personal favourite.

If they only have ultra then go for the lemon one.

What are some actual stims?

And with it you feel whole, isn't that amazing?

adderall and vyvance

Look up the term (stimulant) on wikipedia. Methylphenidate and amphetamine are possibly the most safe and well-rounded ones for regular use. It's too bad that their medical forms are only available through a prescription.

I'm on a ketogenic diet: 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs. Sugar must be avoided at all cost when you go keto.

I'm on my first 3 months on this diet, and all I can say is that I feel that my mind is more energetic and more fluid than ever (minus the sugar crash/hangover). It feels like I've been drinking coffee 3 times a day, your mind becomes more energetic that you don't even want to sleep. And the great thing is that ketogenic diet is one of the healthiest diet.

Doesn't it have dozens of contra-indications and stunt kids' growth? The cognitive effects are probably placebo or you using tons of refined sugar earlier, I wouldn't cut one class of food out when there's no strong proof that it makes you healthier.

please keep trying to force this /sip/ meme. it's oh so funny

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I did try keto for ~3 months, but I fucked something up. I think I ate too little and the constant calorie deficiency interfered with my hormones. It flatlined my mood and motivation totally over time + actually made brain fog worse.
Now just back on carbs and I feel normal again. Might try keto some time again.

I use cocaine. It gives me delusions of grandeur and makes me believe all my investments are about to pump or are sure bets long term. When I come down and my serotonin levels drop and I realize what I've done it makes me cry so much! Probably a good 100ml per $1k spent, great returns all around.

The first three weeks are the hell days, because you brain used to consume sugar for energy and it seeks sugar, which results in a foggy concentration everyday. But once you past that phase, you're brain now uses fat as energy, including your own fat (which makes you physically fit also). This diet is used to cure epilepsy and the best diet for diabetic people.

It's your dopamine, buddy. Not serotonin.

Yeah, it's my second time attempting keto. It's really very hard to follow, especially if you not organized, because most food that are easily available contains carbs. You also feel like an outsider in social gatherings.

Cocaine does affect both, and more, neurotransmitters we mention, but I'm specifically targeting mood which is mainly affected by serotonin. I'm trying to turn the depletion of serotinin causing tears into a comical tragic image


how to buy this med with doc prescription

>you're brain now uses fat as energy
Maybe yours does, you sound pretty retarded, but normal brains can't burn fat.

coke is still dope str.

you want serotonin rush smoke meth you pleb

Google it. I'm in the UK and buy it from whatever the search returns for the lowest price, it's not difficult. I'm not sure whether you'd have trouble purchasing it outside of the UK, though.

When you don't eat carbs/sugar, how can your body consume it? Think before you talk shit.

Well I don't blame you. The past research really blames fat as the enemy. But the real enemy is the combination of fat + carbs.

sips on water crew
lul at you faggots needing stimulants

Is the stuff you get on darknet good?

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Gluconeogenesis converts stored fat to glucose, because the brain literally only runs on glucose. Think before you talk shit

>functional cocaine addiction

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I'm a bit of a coffee snob so I french press Starbucks Yukon blend and toss in 3 sugar cubes

usually drink it black but sometimes i use the flavored coffeemate creamers, i like the limited edition ones theyve been putting out recently.

Have you heard about ketones faggot?

Ketone bodies generated by the liver partly replace glucose as fuel for the brain.

You fucking faggot, have you heard about intermittent fasting? When you're in starvation mode, your liver generate ketones as the brain's fuel which has a lot of health benefits including longevity and clear thinking .

Ketogenic diet increases the production of ketone bodies without you fucking starving. Think before you talk shit.

[spoiler]The trick is to only smoke it when you finished working[/spoiler]

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I went to a fucking psyc like any person with fucking insurance does

Told them I had trouble focusing. Next thing I knew I had a script for evekio. It’s the shit. 50/50 d amp and l amp, i like it much better than Adderall.

It’s straight lab grade anphetamine, it was highly used in the 60s/70s. It was usually called “black beauties”

Ny fucking nigga.

Weed fucks up your sleep though.


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