How much you got?
How much do you want to accumulate to?
Price end of Q2?
Price EOY?

>44k REQ
>50k REQ
>$1 End Q2
>$4 EOY

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>$3 eoy


I legit can’t see how it won’t quickly run up to $5 by the end of Q2 after people have seen mainnet works, and realizing that they’re legit and will have fiat-crypto working come end of June.

The price can only go up thanks to the fee system and token burn—people don’t even need to know the REQ token exists to end up buying it just by using the network.

I will retire this time 2019.

>flatline RIP

> How much you got?
> How much do you want to accumulate to?
> Price end of Q2?
> Price EOY?

100 eoy

REQ always gets sick digits

The prophecy has foretold $100 EoY

Holy crap what a get
6k REQ here
My REQy stays super sketchy
$100 EoY


Cup and handle in formation

> 649,590 REQ
> Done
> $2
> $20

Have a hard time believing $100 EOY.

How much do you have frieza?

Looking forward to being a millionaire?

Probably 10 cents I think crypto will crash during the entirety of 2018 perhaps also 2019
price EOY will be lower than end of Q2.

However I think REQ will be $100 per token around 2023.

> 174K
> 174K
> 1,5 $
> 20 $

Do you just talk out of your ass

2 million
3 million REQ

>How much you got?
>How much do you want to accumulate to?
I plan to keep buying with every paycheck until it hits around $0.65
>Price end of Q2?
>Price EOY?

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prove ur holding 2mil

Anyone who sells ALL their REQ is a dumbass though because they're giving up on passive income

Relax, selling REQ is just a meme, anyone with over 1k REQ isn't dumb enough to miss up passive income.

good friend of mine has 1 million REQ, it's definitely not infeasible that he has 2mil
> i got 100k personally
> finished accumulating
> ~$1 end of Q2
> ~$10 EOY

trip 5s and 0 dubs... Kek is with the REQ marines


>How much you got?
>How much do you want to accumulate to?
I'm poor, won't be able to get more.
>Price end of Q2?
Hopefully over $1
>Price EOY?

>How much you got?
110k REQ
>How much do you want to accumulate to?
>Price end of Q2?
50 cents usd
>Price EOY?
80 cents usd

I'm a huge fan of REQ, and it's a great project. But we have to be objective, and if I am 100% honest I think that we should be happy to see REQ at 0.30 cents EOY.

I think thats only if there is no bull market this year.. like at all

It will be 30 cents within 2 weeks you dumb nigger.

we'll see man.
could go either way at this point

No, it literally couldn't.

If ID req $10 end of month