Whales are accumulating at 7-9c range for past week...

Whales are accumulating at 7-9c range for past week. Sell walls price suppression and anything underneath it gets eaten up instantly. It only takes 8-9k USD (100k BBN) to get a top 150 holders address, and in the last 7 days, there's an average of 8 new holders daily buying more than 100k BBN.

>sub 10 million marketcap
>not listed on cmc
>not listed on any major exchanges
>sideways with slow growth in this bear market. Extreme buy pressure whilst all alts are bleeding to death
>partnered with HPB and LOOP
>HPB and LOOP angel investors (NEO invested into HPB)
>Co-founder is founder/ceo of Union Pay Smart
>CEO confirmed on telegram contracts with Chinese government and Union Pay, but can't disclose yet due to NDA (steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@koozi.bear/unionpay-partnership-with-banyan-network-confirmed-by-bbn-ceo-david-zhou-originally-posted-on-medium-3-6-18)
>former Vice president of Alibaba and China Unicom CEO listed as advisers.
>Only 2147 addresses according to Etherscan

What more do you want out of a x50-100 token

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Where the fuck do you buy it?

Stop, Veeky Forums doesn't deserve this coin.

this logo deserves to die even my wife's son could make a better one

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They truly don't. Biz has turned into an edgy r/cryptocurrency, which is almost worse. Somewhere along the lines, biz found themselves 4 months behind the smart money just like Reddit.

This guy especially. Fucking name fag. Does it make you feel good that people can identify you? Do you need a fictional internet character to validate yourself? Go back r/cryptocurrency name fag.

All in and comfy af @ 1026

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Oldfag here trying to bring back the old Veeky Forums days where actual quality posts that shilled projects with high mooning potential. Paying it back as ETH/Antshares got me out of my wagecuck job and now just living a nomadic lifestyle with my family and 2 dogs in a decent RV.

>Registration Date:2017-08-20
>Expiration Date:2018-08-20

My rule of thumb for new crypto is if the domain is registered for one year (which is the minimum), its a scam

Seems like a pretty paranoid rule of thumb.

Something needs to change. These Reddit fags can't handle themselves on here.

Where do I buy this shit?

As for Banyan, what are your predictions and what are you most excited about?

Seems like pretty gullible to ignore basic shit like this. If they're here for the long term why would they not spend more than $10 to keep their domain safe for more years

how much david is paying you to shill this shitcoin?I know we are talking about biz here but do you really think anyone would fall for this scam?

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Once again, you seem paranoid. You want to know what my rule of thumb is? If half the team worked at Union pay and the Founder of Union Pay Smart is the cofounder, I buy the fucking shit out of it.

Can't help it but try to be the change that you want to see. The Reddit fags hear from their discord/telegram channels that Veeky Forums is where gems are found couple of months before it hits /r/cryptocurrency.

x5-x10 short term, then correction, then sideways for a while, then goes up with next golden bullrun and confirmation of contracts with Chinese gov, telecom and unionpay; aka adoption.

Most excited about the low MC and how it's centered in the data/ai initiative that the Chinese gov is pumping billions into to beat the west.

$0 but I do own a fuck ton of BBN. Does it hurt your feelings that you are too dumb to understand the magnitude of Banyan, or are you doing this weak ass FUD to accumulate?

Same outlook. When I look at all of the other Chinese coins and anything else that could be considered a data blockchain company, I see no reason why this can't reach $150 million short term.

This thing has chink scam written all over it. Come on guys, you going to fall for it again?

This is another coin heavily controlled by a few big wallets. Any small pump it gets will be cached out before it does you any good.

God you're fucking stupid. You could literally go get a stack right now for 10 grand and you would be a top 150 address.

Predicting a cap of sub 100 mill for the first push, don't see it pushing into top 100 coins just yet until a tier 1 exchange lists it.

But yes, there's minor overlaps with ONT, but they both have their own purpose, and if you DYOR on how tokens are starting to be chosen and built around NEO, what their purposes are, and their connection to the Chinese government, BBN is in the data/ai category.

So what? There was a million dollar sell wall up at one point last week. Have fun getting chinked fag.

million bbn*

I wanna make an old fags discord...

Registered at bibox, transferred eth, bought 15k banyan, transferred to my ledger s.
I love gambling


> some guy on the team page has a guy fawkes mask on his head
> telegram logs of "CEO" make it seem like he has no fucking idea what he's doing

yeah, I'll pass on that "guaranteed 100x" thx

And it was completely obliterated. Watch what happens from sidelines, you'll prob still make some money when you FOMO in at $0.40

Why is it not on CMC yet?

Confirmed contract with government and Unionpay. CEO is not acting appropriately, he cannot disclose the name of the company under NDA. Other coins like Vechain just say "we have NDA with highly esteemed companies" without mentioning names.


CEO is planning on having it listed within a week or so. He's at a major conference and hasn't run it through CMC yet.

application was sent out this past weekend according to CEO in telegram. it in CMC's court now.

Be careful fuckers. Bonus tokens are being unlocked tomorrow and any mention of this in the telegram is deleted by the admins.

Just try asking about it yourselves if you don't believe me.


What does bonus tokens mean.

Really? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA incoming bagholders!!!

It's not HYIP

Will is really affect things, it is still bound for a 2x maybe even 3x short term after CMC, maybe Im wrong. Put some ETH into it, cant hurt.

Even when they release more into CS at June it will be 420m CS, still it will be very easy and very low MC to gain profit

Presale bonus. Market cap is so low because Presale tokens are unlocked in steps.

Not fudding the project as a whole, just saying that you should maybe buy tomorrow instead of today. Presalers will gladly take their profit in this market.

isn't the first release of tokens not until june? gonna sell my stack today if it's tommorow

Im pretty sure tokens aren’t unlocked until June, where did you hear that?

>tfw finally got early into a coin with this at 4.5 cents
>tfw put in all of $10 ( $ 1 0 )

fuck me

>founder of unionpay on the core team
holy shit guys is this the next thing?

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Bonus tokens are literally less than 1% ofcirculating supply.

Application has been submitted. CMC will list soon.

where 2 buy

It's pretty hard to deny the Union Pay connection when Kelvin Long is the co founder. I think they will be just fine letting this bit of info out.


I hope this is a joke. This fucking site literally won't even let me log in with the password I set, after having an account for literal seconds. Dropped it long ago.

Sounds like you typed your password in wrong and you're now blaming your stupidity on Bibox.

>Wow~ monster eats the image

its your fault not theirs you absolute brainlet, you don't deserve this easy 10x if you can't even figure out how account registration works holy shit

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Doesn't work that way, friend-o. I use the same password for all chink exchanges.

Does anyone have confirmation when tokens are being unlocked?

The lock-up rules for the private sale are the following:
First 30% (~120,000,000)
Locked until 2 weeks after the private sale close. (These are now circulating)
Next 30% (~120,000,000)
Locked until 3 months after BBN is listed on the open market. (June 3rd, 2018)
Last 40% (~160,000,000)
Locked until 6 months after BBN is listed on the open market. (September 3rd, 2018)

This has all been confirmed by the CEO

Well that's real fuckin smart

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Checked, confirms is a brainlet.

Your chink exchange sucks and you guys are so fucking cracked up over it. Holy shit enjoy your scam.

Screen-cap this thread so you can see exactly how much of a brainlet you are later this year


I'm not invested. I only stopped browsing to comment on how fucking stupid you are for using the same password on multiple exchanges.

>sub 10m mc
>7-9 cents

1 000 000 000 total supply

Jesus, you people are hopeless.

Is this scam or not?

Union Pay Smart * which is the big data branch of Union Pay. Banyan is data fusion on the blockchain. It's a gigantic connection for sure.


David Zhou is another person entirely


so what date does the first wave unlock exactly?

You're a fucking idiot. There are probably 1000 other David Zhou's and this one you linked to is way older tha Banyan's CEO.

The current circulating price. The first one was after private sell which is out current circulating price. Next wave will be June final wave in August. See this post -

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) looks like a better buy atm.

see and you tell me

>1 billion total supply
>120 mil circulating supply
Every coin has a higher total supply than circulating supply faggot, this isn't a scam

When real exchange? Any plans?

NDA's with several exchanges.

why aren't we pumping yet? i have adhd and i'm fuckin bored. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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How come everyone is buying but price stays the same?

nobody is market buying it, 0.5 btc would spike it from 1068 to 1115 sats

bibox doesn't even have market orders, fren

i mean buying from the order book, nobody is buying up the sell orders

So wtf is going on with all the trade orders

bibox volume is faked. i believe these are phantom orders. however, another user claims they're bots filling orders instantly. i have not yet gotten around to hooking up a bot to monitor the data feed to prove or disprove that, but i might do it sometime.

bots just scrapping up what little gets put below the orders i assume

So maybe good to tell what this coin actually this if you are shilling?

really? bought it just for the logo

maybe read all of the posts above yours