Listen up poorfags of biz

Partnerships, fundamentals, solving a REAL problem. These are the things we look for - this little team over at Galaxis is trying to solve scaling and privacy on a feeless network. Funded by FinTech companies... Can you get more ambitious than that?

This is your next Raiblocks/NANO if you missed it. Look at what they did with just a couple of guys - all that matters is the goal!!!!!

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wow they put some pictures on a web page! that's amazing!

Thanks just sold 100k

>we haven't actually made anything but TRUST US WE TOTALLY WILL

Yeah, how about you fuck off.


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Nice 5 page white paper. Blockchain 4.0, sure. Also it's infinitely scalable and does everything.

how about someone posts some P.O.W. else fuck off

Check the whitepaper, github, etc. they are active and the goal is super ambitious.

you have to look at projects that have potential otherwise you waste your time FOMO'ing in and hopping on the bandwagons of other people who got in first!

>check out github

umm ok let's see
>1 contributor
>8 commits

>1 commit
>only a README file

This shit fuds itself.

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5 billion coins! Great. just bought 900M.

nice!! 60% are on sale to the public

There are projects that have millions in funding with NO github... i am sure you are probably invested in some!

My goodness how much for the infographic and shill costs?

>There are projects that have millions in funding with NO github... i am sure you are probably invested in some!

Nope. Not even a wallet. Pathetic

Not anymore pajeet. The days of ICO scams are over. You're late.

Oh and
>they are active

LMAO literally kill youserlf OP you piece of shit

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youre kidding?? there are exit scams daily - you're the type who would get caught in one based on how you research!

>based on how you research!
My research just exposed your scam, it's understandable that you have a problem with it.

Go neck yourself already

in June I will light a candle for you when this thing hits exchanges... stay poor!

haha you do that pajeet

Kek, this smells like curry

Privacy coins that did an ICO seldom do well, its the same with airdropped coins.

if you were in the Telegram you would say otherwise. A guy in there hadn't received his coins and the founder helped him 1 on 1 until they got him his tokens securely... I guess helping and supporting your community means you're an Indian scam artist... cool


Thats not the point moron - the point is if it was a scam why help someone get their tokens??? He would've just ignored the person asking for help.... USE YOUR HEAD IDIOT jesus

and based on that reaction you're an expert shiller of shitcoins

It isnt a privacy coin, its a protocol token which is trying to solve scaling and privacy in one chain as opposed to having 3-5 cryptos all doing different things. its intending to be a one stop solution

>uz ur hed moran

Oh right he would've ignored the person who paid for something at the very early stages of his scam. Yeah everything totally adds up.
Why are you still here? Go scam plebbit or something, nobody here is buying your crap.

>Can you get more ambitious than that?