Father has no education

>father has no education
>installs bathrooms for living
>makes about 1000-1500€ (convert that to dollars) for few days of work, sometimes even less
>often scams people by offering products for which he gets commision
>does this 6-7 times per month

He would make 6 figures in US.

I think that plumber/welder etc meme is not actually a meme

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most welders hate there self. its a shit job and if you meet a pipe line welder you should know they are the most hated people in the feild

Or he is a drug dealer and that is his laundry operation

>I think that plumber/welder etc meme is not actually a meme
Is not. And the new wave of feminized, emasculated males with little to no knowledge of these labors will only make the people who do own the knowledge even more valuable.

The meme is the bunch of autistic NEETs that can't change a lightbulb but know every piece of Hentai around.

>often scams people by offering products for which he gets commision
I don't see how that is scamming. Scamming assumes you stole and defrauded someone. Your father on the other hand is offering materials that could get him more money while also getting paid to install tiles and bathroom materials for the same materials he contracted netting him more money.

Seems to me more like hustling than scamming.

You have to deal with dirty conditions and get on all fours like an animal

No thanks.

No shit, work for yourself in a trade and you'll make good money, but you just created your own JOB, not really a business if you do all the work, which unfortunately is what happens when most people start a "business". Smart people leverage others who are good at a specific task and give them a job. Then create a company/business out of those people. The formula for success isn't as hard as its made out to be, its just not as easy as sitting at a computer trading shit coins making money.

This. Skilled labor will just rise in value while the average normie goes into office jobs thinking their diplomas they got from diploma mills will get them into a comfortable life.

Office jobs are one of the most soul sucking and wrenching environments on the face of the earth.

breathing mortar all day. nothing like concrete lungs.

Work in the agricultural field then. Less health problems while you sweat and "workout" naturally. No need to go into the gym when your job entails you to lift stuff and walk around.

This. Plumber friend did a quick job at my waifu's uncle's house and he brought us the materials commission free, just got paid his standard minimum for a quick installation. If we had gone to buy it ourselves, the materials retail price would've been 60% higher

So OP's father is just cutting out the reseller and doing the job himself. Bonus is that this kind of plumber/tiler can actually give you discounts on the materials if you're a return customer and that's how they build their client base. It's generally how it works.

This is good advice for anons. If trump succeeds in exporting the illegals this field will need loads of new workers.

More health problems due to pesticides, great.

>finding every excuse to be lazy
>thinks jobs are supposed to be cozy
Then work in organic farms or in poultry/dairy or those that involve in animal production. You're just a lazy entitled ass then you wonder why people of the older generation sees millennials like you as useless and entitled twats.

I mean yea manual labor will be needed and useful but the dude barely knows how to save a file on a computer

Alternative, modern LED farms don't use pesticides. Dunno if there are any of those near you though, or what qualifications they require to work there.

Get your self a CAD education from the internet (protip don't use Autodesk's products that lock you in, go for open source alternatives instead) and build a remodelling firm with your dad.

You do the facebook/social management and 3d renders of how the work is going to look like etc, and he does the manual labor part.

The guy doing the manual labor doesn't need to know shit about computers, cause the computer people don't know shit about manual labor.

Manual labor is great as long as you fantasize about being a lumberjack from your office and don't have to actually do it.

this. I worked in multiple construction trades (carpenter, hvac, concrete, flooring) and will never go back to manual labor as a primary means of income.

LOL, while you guys are working so hard to make that kind of money, this girl just chills and makes nudes.

Look at how much free money you can make just for being a girl with a decent body lol

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It is not scamming OP is retarded

Why hated?