G20 - BTC an asset - catastropic

Catastrophic G20 consensus - crypto is not money, it's an asset.


That makes it also taxable like an asset - which prevents use as money, which is not taxed in payments, If this is followed through it would be the death blow to crypto,

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The better usage of blockchain is outside of currencies anyway.
>Creating a DEFLATIONAL coin - sure people gonna spend it for goods...

>still treating BTC as a currency

Corecucks are FUCKING stupid. BTC never had any qualities that would make it a good currency.

>aware of deflational coin
>still saves his money in inflation bux

>If this is followed through it would be the death blow to crypto,
Sure thing dude, this will finally be the thing that kills crypto says increasingly nervous man

We’re not talking about how you preserve your money brainlet, we’re talking about if it’s a viable currency, which it isn’t.

btc is propping this whole market up, so if that goes down we all go down with it.


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Oh no..... an ASSET?!?!!

$1 EOY

Good. Maybe from the ashes people will realize that BTC is just the first proof of concept for what a blockchain is, and we can forget about it moving forwards.

>money brainlet
You can spend it... what makes it not viable? The fact that you'd rather spend fiat just makes you a brainlet to not spend your fiat on crypto.

Most exactly. Bitcoin merely is the first step.

>A currency is anything that you can trade

I can see if someone will take my magic cards for a car, are magic cards currency?

At what point did we give these coackroaches the power to say what is/isn't crypto?
Nobody cares.

Gold is technically an asset

jesus fucking christ you are one dense brainlet

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it was said by some fucking central banker, why should his opinion matter at all? that's a clear conflict of interest

Yes it’s an asset, not a currency, like BTC.

>Le viable currency

Bankers literally shitting their pants.

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Utility tokens are assets. They are coupons for using a service.

Pure medium of exchange coins are also assets. They are speculative assets that facilitate barter. Like precious metals. They have intrinsic value but lack the governing structures controlling fiat currency.

I don't see how this changes anything, since peer to peer is about barter anyway. It just means muh taxes and muh money laundering recognized.

Would be interesting is this is what took down crypto, just a change in definition. This will absolutely kill any kind of mass adaptation on the part of retailers. You can't buy shit with stock certificates.

>The Group of 20 countries are moving to a consensus that cryptocurrencies aren’t money after all, but an asset. That means trades potentially could be subject to capital gains tax.
>capital gains tax
Nothing catastrophic or even surprising about this OP.

Already happened in the US 3 months ago.

>Definition of trading
You should at least google the word faggot. Defining it as an asset doesn't make any difference, only in the way govs plan to tax, aka taxed when gains are realised.

Doesn’t affect American companies at all, we’re already paying capital gains.

You can’t buy shit with stock certificates because there is no platform or way to actually handle that kind of exchange.

There are many ways to easily take crypto assets, with great reasons to want to take them due to their deflationary nature over fiat.

The real question is how taxes will be handled, which is the real danger.

Germany already said they won't tax it when used to buy goods. "G20" isn't some magical supranational force that can make a consensus. Individual countries will decide.

you can bet your ass Germany and Japan will support tax free transactions full heartedly.

I don't think Ver pays them enough for parking on a savings account or otherwise, anyway.

Stop engaging the pajeets/bots

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Your statement is bullshit. They just try to define crypto there is no talk about taxing here.

>comparing the liquidity and trade value of magic cards to an instantly transferable decentralized, unforgeable coin .

Holy shit has Veeky Forums actually fallen this far? I almost feel bad explaining basic things to you poor retards


How is this not going to be a huge stumbling block for mass adaptation by your typical commercial retailers? How many places take gold or silver coins? I think Utah is the only state in America where you can pay taxes or by property with gold.

This seems like a big deal

oh wait i have the answer. the second this shit the futures market (wall street, the CME) no permision they just did it

OP's right, there's no taxes for changing between currencies, ti's different with securities.

Ever since the (((20 trillion by 2020))) meme, all Veeky Forumsraelis got from the whole thing was the 20 trillion part.

Meanwhile they went on at length about how ICO investors are un-accreddited investors who "refuse to register with the SEC" and how they "were ringing alarm bells" for tax evasion.

The writting is on the wall, crypto will be open only to the already-rich and that starts with the definition as a security instead of a currency of not only BTC but all ICOs and tokens etc

You can always tell a lefty by the emotional language they use

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Because you can’t just digitize gold and use it the same way you would with paypal. It’s cumbersome, with no clear and defined method of how to derive its current value, split it up to the precise amount you need to give, and test the purity.

BTC is literally just the same as paying with any other fiat currency.

>Murica is da worrl
>BTC is as iliquid as gold or silver

Kys faggot

>Bitcoins are assets
>Rich Dad, Poor Dad Shillionaire says assets make money
>OP doesn't realize this is bullish for Buttcoins

As far as your concerned America is the world

your not supposed to leave the bottom line green text if u meant it faggot

Heh nah bro, my altcoins will take over the market once BTC is gone! Heh I don't care if it all crashes as long as I have my altcoins I'm good.

In theory you could take possession of a stock certificate and exchange it for goods and services for what ever it current value is, of course this would be a pain in the ass,
sounds like they are trying to cripple crypto and define away value that it has.

worried about what faggot, I am in crypto to make money, honestly as a responsible human with a tiny amount of agency a credit card works great for all my purchasing needs, even get sky mile points. Some token coins do seem interesting.

no crypto regulation except this broad range of regulations + change anytime > btc goes up 1000$

btc is an asset > ... -300+300+200+200 ...

funny how retarded the crypto community is