We are riddled

Daily reminder that there are many shill groups on biz

These shill groups are mostly controlled by whales. Whales who own hundreds of BTC and thousands of ETH.

They pump new altcoins every month but are very sophisticated

Bazingacoin, for example, was a pajeet hype group on discord. Think this but 10x as large and much more subtle

Final thing is, every one of these shill groups have been given explicit orders to FUD and downtalk Iota.

Iota is the biggest threat to all of blockchain tech, and that is why its unanimously disparaged by shills.

Any rational person would see it for what it is: a neat idea that is still in development, carries a ton of risk but has the largest upside of any top100

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Here is the problem with IOTA:
It's a testnet. It's a beta testnet that is somehow in production with a humongous amount of people's real money in it. Every single problem it has had are problems you would expect to find in a testnet.
Also the team DGAF about investors' money, they have said this a lot.

Calling it a beta is giving that Swiss cheese too much credit, still alpha level garbage, can't even make a working wallet


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IOTA is some leftist shit, founder talked about “smart refugee cities” and other SJW BS.

>This pic

My sides hahahahahahahahaha

Iota is a shitcoin with no working product and fake partnerships with leftist devs

I'm never touching it

My point exactly

You actually seem like a normal person, so I think youre right. Its a beta testnet, but they built this from the ground up. It wasnt forked like 85% of coins are today, so development is expected to have some bugs.

Theyre hiring big players to their Iota Foundation and honestly I think those people will ensure that the tech is completed some time in the next 5 years.

I think this is a very very long hold (5-10 years), not a get rich in 1 year type thing

Problem is how do I know this isn't some reverse psychology in forward?

If you keep believing this maybe someday it will become True
But probably not

if you put the word smart in front of anything it makes you smart. smart contracts? oooo, smart cities? oooo, smart hamburger, smart toenails, smart zits, oooh ya

No one cares about IOTA anymore when you have NANO.

You're missing the point is trying to make, they lose investors money constantly, freeze wallets riddle their code with bugs intentionally. Its not worth the risk/reward

It is just gold. Only Anti IOTA propaganda repeated in biz. You guys just repeat what you here from from whale shill groups. Articles you read in Coindesk are pro zcash, anti-iota for example. So get you facts right, stop listening to propaganda whales you damn normies. Iota will rule the world and you will still be, but they had a bug like 7 months ago. Either you get your facts right or you get lost, damn normies...

It's a beta testnet that doesn't even work*

fixed that for you

I don't read news, its all noise. But it doesn't take a genius to figure out that when you search IOTA on Bitcointalk for example you get hundreds of threads complaining about lost funds, frozen funds and fights with the IOTA foundation. The CEO is an insufferable cunt and it won't be long till IOTA bites the dust mark my words. It will take 6,5-7,5 months exactly before IOTA is under 1 Bil Marketcap

IOTA is product that might never work. These partnership grabs are going to literally ruin some companies if they are not careful.

As a business, why risk open yourself to exposure from a chance that a crypto product fails to deliver? Nobody wants to be associated, nor do customers want to buy, from a losing brand.

The real partnerships are kept under NDA. Those companies will, on their own, reveal the cooperation with a crypto product.

it actually is working. did you try it yourself? Or did you read it? Thats the propaganda I am talking about. Try it yourself.

I'm hearing it from my own credible sources not some random whale.

so your own credible sources tried it themseves and your own credible sources is yourself? otherwise try it yourself.

It what state is it working? Sure, it works. Does it work well? No way.

Propaganda is a strong word to use for criticism against a project that barely has a wallet working. I think all of this talk about IOTA is exactly how it should be until proven.

this is the most normy statement I ever read on whole Veeky Forums. I want to wait until it is usable like my iPhone, otherwise it is crap and I dont want to learn about new technology because it is exhausting. read your own words again... Normie.

You blindly believe anything IOTA says about their product, but are unable to comprehend any type of criticism. Wake up. You ARE the NORMIE.

The blind are leading the dumb. Guess which one you are.

I am a tester of their new iPhone like super wallet. i am invested now becaus I know it will kick ass and all the normies like you will love it.

The CEO of IOTA admitted the wallet is a piece of shit in an interview with Ivan on tech. Face it dude, IOTA is a fucking cool idea and project but the execution is beyond terrible. I was enthousiastic about IOTA aswell but I sold on my gains, not bagholding a piece of shit that can't even perform basic functions.

Oh wow a working wallet, on the iPhone. Better invest quickly.

The standard gui wallet is basic and functional. It is working. I am using it. The new wallet will be amazing. Transactions are confirmed within 5-10 min atm. statistics can be found here analytics.iotaledger.net/stresstest.table

You dont find any full functional applied product in whole crypto but you are demanding it from iota?

Iota is broken, and is terrible for ideology.

it is easy to use for normies like you, just like an iphone. it is not only a wallet for the iphone.

This is how it looks like on a desktop

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>implying i'd trust anything from a group of people who'd roll their own crypto and think it's fine
>implying i'd trust the smug fuck that is c_f_b
>implying it'll ever work as designed
>implying the incentive structure and consensus isn't suspect
>implying it's not massively overhyped considering its status
More like "largest downside of any top 100", at least a contender for that along with Cardano.

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Yes because fuck your shitcoin

Not only fuck your shitcoin but fuck the entire IOTA foundation, I personally think it had great potential but I just can't stand the team. For your sake I hope I'm wrong, but I'm staying away from this.

rolling own crypto is necessary in a trinary computational system. There is none.

He invented full PoS

anything in crypto doesnt work as designed. Look at bitcoin, was meant to be decentralized currency.

It is not, if you got the brain to understand

Compared to eos and other coins, without a functional mainnet it is undervalued.

you are staying away from it because of the team? They say words like "fuck", just like you.
They are passionate about their Tech and thats why they are emotional. Whats bad about that?

The only person who understands how it'll supposedly work is cfb.