Could blockchain be used to decentralize an entire government?

Could blockchain be used to decentralize an entire government?

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yes nigger, also it can replace it and even make it obsolete

government is kill

Yes but eventually people will realise that neither work, centralized nor decentralized. People just want extremes not logic.

this is a sad truth. we need planetary colonization so we can have separate planets for separate extremes. e.g. planet commie and plannet swastika and others

>what is the DAO

yea no, look at how that turned out. Imagine if the U.S. government got hacked and all of it's assets were stolen by Russia.


Yes. This is why they try to FUD it horribly

you can't "hack" a blockchain brainlet, that's the whole point of it

Yes until someone loses the private key and country stops existing

>1 out of 300 million participants lost their PK!
>fuck we're doomed!

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Can you put the government on a database??

It's a dumb question. But some small government services could be bypassed by a blockchain.

It's a valid question.

Well, yes you can. A government is (or at least SHOULD BE) nothing more than a set of rules everyone agrees upon and a way to collectively amend them if necessary. You can definitely do that with a database.

then imagine all assets are gone due to a bug
thats why today, governments pretend to hold gold

The US Fed holds gold because if it sold any the entire world' economy would collapse.

You wouldn't roll out experimental untested software for something as important as collective governance brainlet.

Sorry, did you just say a government should be a set of rules?

That's a set of rules, not a government.


Yes this is my hope. It will enable a more direct form of democracy vs the retarded republic oligarchy we have now

it's just a fucking public ledger

Yes faggot. What more do you need? A bunch of old retards getting fat salaries to decide how you should live? Why is that a necessary component exactly?

>republic oligarchy
You must have a really high IQ. Wow.
Really impressive, user.

Nice rebuttal tripfag. You're a really smart one.

That'd be pretty fucking great

In my country, the salaries of politicians are low for the amount of time and effort they put in.
They don't decide how I live, I do.
They make decisions, backed by the population (via democracy) which influence my life, but they decide nothing.

Maybe you're looking for people to blame for the things you haven't done in your life?

Oh hey twentya how are you doing?
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>but they decide nothing.
So even according to you they are unnecessary.
Go embarrass yourself somewhere else. This thread is meant for people who aren't complete status quo cucks.

Uhm, Interdasting.

Yes it's called Somalia.

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Yes and it is the only way corrupt shitholes like most countries from eastern europe will manage to become decent places.

>on a blockchain
Are you retarded user?

>everyone will vote for anarchy because of blockchain

Yep, you're retarded.

Isn't that what true democracy is? I mean, just look back at ancient Greece, decision making was actually done by the people (only greek men, but still...)

Pretty much yeah. It's called direct democracy. That idea was concieved long before blockchain came to be, but they're really perfect for each other.

yes. you can also centralise it quitr nicely too

You russiafags crack me up.

Holy shit it probably could