. My wife and I just got back from visiting her sister and brother in-law in San Francisco .My brother In-law now works as a senior developer for Gdax at there offices near Market Street downtown. My wifes sister has been telling my wife about how her husbands been working very long hours on a new project at gdax and told my wife "something about some bitcoiny thingy called rapple or rappell" When my wife was telling me this at dinner before our visit I knew exactly what she was talking about but acted like I wasnt really interested. Our trip was already planned so I figured It would be best to play dumb south carolina hick to my brother in law ans see if I could get anything out of him.

Well I did and it worked perfect ! We all went out to dinner at a place galled buck horn grill our first night in town and had a few drinks. I got to talking to my brother in law about how my wife was complaining about my long work hours.He fell right into my trap and started talking about how my sister in law was giving him shit about working late nights and that thankfully he would be done with it in 2 weeks and go back to normal work hours. I played dumb again and asked what he was working on and he said his work was releasing a new product and he was one of the main people involved in developing it.He was really hush hush about it but that didnt matter my stupid lazy non working sister in law already blew it.

Anyhow I am all in with Ripple as I have been sitting on some bitcoin for about 4 years now that I just traded into XRP.

Just letting my anons know ...

XRP to the moon in 2 weeks !

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ooga booga ding dong dong

damn those $3 XRP bags must be heavy eh?

>XRP to the moon in 2 weeks

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People have been saying this so many times it means nothing right now honestly

show trade

Yeah, yeah. We know this already.

This is not your personal blog. Post your stories somewhere else please

here ya go !
Real deal ..Archive this cause you will be thanking me in 2 weeks Anons

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Where are you Nigger!!??
C'm'ere so I can pump you to $3 !!
I will pump you raw nigger !
Show you the real pump !

She said rope

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We Op the restaurant checks out does the trade screenshot

Ripple to the mutha fucking moon baby!!!

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You must be invested in Chainlink


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I hope you're lying because you've given Coinbase enough information to identify him and validate the dinner plans.

OP, show proof + timestamp + biz on it.

Good thing I have 14 XRP right now. Better start getting more.

Not lying ..made the trade as soon as I got back to South Carolina..screenshot from today

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OP delivers proof !!!

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photo shop?

Ripple does not meet coin base criteria of being decentralized. Sorry about those bags son.

I read many of these and They were all fake.

But you bought .. the pics dont lie. I hope you are right user. Bless you.

Sorry pal, you have to sit on your bags until the next bullish altcoin run.
Ripple on Coinbase won't happen.

>at there offices

I read somewhere that Coinbase only accepts decentralized coins, so that means no Ripple.

wew lad

Are XRP bagholders the worst or what? Every fucking month the exact same shill

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Interesting. Apparently Coinbase isn't a private business that can do whatever the fuck they want, including change their mind.

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XRP is more decentralized than BTC or ETH.

Educate yourself Rajeesh.

Coinbase will also add OP's gaping asshole soon, as he is being such a faggot


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kek, nice larp


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that 4$ bags must be heavy....

how sheety it mus feel

to HODL a coin thats between

BTC ETH (coinbase )

.... XRP ( not on coinbase )

BCH LTC ( coinbase )

just think about that who shitty

XRP must be that its not on coinbase .
think about it!

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Coinbase/GDAX mandate: coin can not be centralized

Ripple: the most centralized coin in the whole sphere

Everyone: OMG THEYRE GOING TO ADD RIPPLE! THANK YOU WALTON TEAM ! keep doing the great work.

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XRP nodes literally need to connect to Ripple's servers to get the keys for the ledger.
Sorry, but you're the pajeet here.

If this story is true, then you just outed the fuck out everyone in it.

Sending to Coinbase CS to report this insider trading.

please coinbase if you can read this.

for the fuck sacke of laughing at this shit XRP shills.



XRP as the next currency, just go

with xmr dcr or something like that

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BitBay introduced XRP/FIAT exchange.

I am quite sure that XRP will be listed on bigger exchanges soon. Accumulate niggers when it's chip.

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I bought more XRP than that the other day. I didn't have to make up some convoluted back story as to why in the vain hope some retards on Veeky Forums would load up and nudge the price 5bp.


$4 is fine with me ;)

sorry the tides are changing
polar shift
yang to the yin

I am just glad my stupid fucking sister in law wasnt getting any cock for the last few weeks

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and they pretend they dont need coinbase everytime afterwards too.

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no decision

you know how long it take from

no decision to


to we started the integration

to its release on the platform
they needed 4monthd for BCH, what is more or less a copy paste of BTC.

Think about how long they need for XRP then, or just how long it toke for ETH from the announcement to the launch

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true story

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>out to dinner at a place galled buck horn grill

leaks sensitive information, but gives details.

yeah, not gonna happen

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Fuck you you fucking faggot. Either your a liar or you really are leaking in which case their lawyers will tell them they have to seal all the leaks and push off the date for another six months. Either way: FUCK YOU.

XRP investor average IQ: 80

>it’s the monthly Coinbase is adding ripple rumor

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Guys is this legit or LARP? We see this shit every month, but so far this is the most convincing one. Fuck. Wat do?

All these stories are bullshit until they are not. Ripple will have a spike at some time in the next 3 months because of the other exchanges it is being added to as a trading pair. Story sounds like bs. Guy believes it will go up regardless. Decides to give it a goose with this story. We all know people from South Carolina arent that smart.

Don't worry, user. I believe you

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I hope the SEC come after you one way or another.

I live in South Carolina originally from NY. Say what you want I didnt start the thread to see how many people believe and how many don't. I started it because I have been coming here for a long time and thought I owed the /biz com a good there it is..take it or leave is what I predict:

In about 3 weeks another user who took my advice and made 6digis will come right back here and screenshot this thread...those of you who talked shit will continue to talk shit and sit on chainlink until it hit 0...the ones that had faith will be tooling around in new cars.

Up until that conversation with my wife I was hodl my bitcoin...after talking to my brother in-law I would have been a fool not to go with xrp

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I would laugh so hard if they list nano instead of this jewish scam.

Your larp is shit. Rapple/rapppell gave it away.