US cities for 20 somethings

What are some of the best US cities to move to straight out of college? I'm 22 and I'm looking for cities that offer the entire package in terms of highest quality of life for people in their 20s.

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Bump same question

new orleans

w-what about 30 somethings? h-heh


I've heard good things about Austin, Colorado and Seattle. Have only been to Austin though and it's great. Lots of young people, good bar scene, good food.

none, every major American city is a gigantic black ghetto. welcome to "enrichment."

If you're interested in a beachy area, I moved to st Pete Florida but I think I need to move to Tampa and live by USF because the amount of krusty old people here is too high.

Just live in proximity to a large university user.

Dude. Fucking seattle. I moved when i was 19 and never looked back. Beautiful city, nature, a mountain, HOT BITCHES (like ridiculous bitches), legal weed, high minimum wage, and tons of fun shit. Do it.

If you do Florida, don't do Miami unless you have a lot of money and can deal with a large Hispanic population. I'm fro Miami

shill poster.
Seattle is full of angry betas and angrier obese feminist women. avoid at all costs.

Move to Berlin, Bucharest, or Europe in general. America sucks these days.


Nah dude im serious. The FUD about beta males and fat girls is all the gross ass college kids who go to UW. Literally walk around and see the girls there. It's retarded.

Are you serious

Seattle is fine as long as you 'like' reddit weather all year long.

Definitely a shill. It rains in Seattle more than it doesn’t. Went there about a year ago, depressing vibes. Nice scenery at best

>move to the rape caliphate
millions more to come.


Worst fucking traffic ever though.

t. A lifelong austinite

Austin. I heard it's blowing up

>hasn’t been to California

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Don't come to Denver. We are full! Seriously.


Guys I've been in Singapore over a year now, I got an opportunity to move to Chicago? Is it worth paying higher taxes? Should i do it?

what r u doing there user , im in sg too

Portland, OR. But we're full, try again in a decade

How "cool" a city is won't make a difference once you realize you're better off staying inside browsing Veeky Forums all day.

Just move anywhere that isn't too infested with nigs.


Chicago, unironically. Objectively better food, music, bars and parks than any other US city. Tons of jobs in design, advertising, tech, journalism, healthcare, etc. Cheaper rent than LA or NYC and you'll get way more space.

Chicago also has a long lasting collective sense of humor // blue collar mindset that keeps people grounded. Pretty much every boss will slam a beer with you after work. And even our most extreme feminists are nothing compared to the west coast (I have never seen one of those idiotic "We accept people of all colors, genders, immigrants" etc. signs anywhere in Chicago)

Also, the crime thing is a meme.


sg is boring as fug

buy low sell high. Normy havens on the coasts plus a few isolated hubs like Austin and Ashville are booming right now, they can be cool, but shit's overpriced. Look for places that have the potential or are starting to boom. Midwest/former rust belt cities are super underrated. Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati are all going to be huge in the next few decades as normies realize they aren't "creepy" anymore. Talked to a venture capitalist firm that left the bay area and now only serves midwest startups because the region is vastly underserved. I live in Cleveland right, living like a king on a $65k salary. Live in a luxury loft apartment for 900/month, can walk to 3 professional sports stadiums, have a beach within a 5 minute drive, no traffic anywhere, can walk to crazy yet relatively cheap bars and nightclubs where I regularly see professional athletes, etc. All while I save money and my friends in NYC and Cali live pay check to pay check, but still have a shit apartment and take an hour to get to work

if you want to live in a black ghetto. you're in for a big surprise. just wait til you take the subway/tram.

>240 days/year of overcast weather.
>Unlikely to ever be able to afford a dencent home.
>Shit commute.
>Neighborhoods like Green Lake, Ballard, Queen Anne, etc. all going to shit (namely due to 30-somethings being ignorant about yard work and home maintenance).
>Constant cycle of newbie shits moving in and taking entry-level tech jobs, undercutting previous gen of newbie shits.
>Women with the "Seattle Freeze."
>Men spending more time on their beards than women on their faces.
>Entire region populated by hybrid humans with characteristics that fall between teenager and adult.
>Antifa sympathy.

Your level of retadation clearly illustrates why cities like SEA, PDX and SFO are cunt-tier places to live.

yes: Just come in the spring/early summer so you can make friends before winter. If you haven't lived at that latitude before, it's basically 4 months without sunshine, and people tend to huddle up with their buddies.

If you come to Nashville I will slit your throat.


Lived in Seattle and went to college there for 4 years. Avoid at all costs. It’s over populated. The men are essentially reddit soyboys and the women are crazed tumblrs. Only move there if you like white women with blue hair lecturing you about racial issues.

Chicago in the summer is unironically the best city in the country

This. Detroit is another one. Still has a lot of great bars & music venues, being the home of techno/motown/punk rock (Iggy Pop, MC-5). Tech companies moving in, like Quicken Loans, since they can basically buy up an entire block downtown... but not for long.

Colorado aka Denver is expensive as fuck. LA like rental rates. The springs is a bit better.

Avoid NYC, overrated high price shithole. I second St. Pete/Tampa, will be moving there myself in ~2 years

Unironically Boston. It's a beautiful city.

But the real reason to come here is for the people. Nobody gives a fuck about you or will ever talk to you. It's the complete opposite of the South or West, where people are generally friendly and nice.

Also Massachusetts/New England has pretty much the highest standard of living in the world, without the retarded prices of New York or urban California. It also has pretty good public transport(subways and trains).

But if you are a pussy that can't handle the cold or snow, do NOT come here.

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You do realize it rains more in NYC than Seattle, right?

That being said, it does rain a fuck ton in Seattle, depressing af.

I flipped a house in Ballard for three times what I paid for it, most of the improvements coming from classes I took at Home Depot and watching YouTube videos. Moved across the the state, 'to the sticks," and live like a fucking king on $120K/yr. In the winter months I can literally be a chair lift within 30 minutes of leaving my house. Virtually no rain/overcast skies from June-September. Only problem now: Fucking SEA/PDX types moving here because it's so cheap...and bringing their retarded vibes and self-absorbed lifestyles with them. Typical cockroaches...

This fucking canned response anytime somebody brings up rain and Seattle.

It rains like all get out in Seattle; in the 50's, the city passed an ordinance requiring all homes to have gutters. They don't do that shit because it sprinkles.

If you want to live w/clouds in the sky nine months of year, knock yourself out. If you want to live somewhere where 80 degrees gives you the vapors, go for it. But IMO, that is the most over-rated dump in America. Shit commutes, shit-quality homes, crumbling infrastructure and vain cupcakes for a populace. NK can't build a reliable ICBM fast enough to fix that situation...

How's Georgia anons?


Athens? Going to uni there in a few months.

NYC has more sunshine hours than Seattle though, it's a pretty big difference in mood


Chicago is awesome, but let's be honest--if you want decent quality of life here you need to have money.

Unless you're kind of a hipster or "people person" who can deal with living elbow to elbow with other young people in areas like Pilsen or have some home rental deal with "I'm a starving artist and I'm in a band" types, you're not going to like it.

I'm 31 years old. I was paying $900 to live in Rogers Park last year and it was in a shitty little studio apartment in a building that was populated mainly by Loyola students. Really nosey, rude arseholes who did everything they could to make me feel out of place there. Was not a cool experience for me.

Now I pay $1000 to live in a nice place in Little Italy. I only scored this place because it's owned by the aunt of a friend of mine and they're too busy to get it back up to code (they've owned this shit since the early 90s when this was all Latin King turf and bad). The whole area has been gentrified now and it's mainly rich yuppie families and I feel looked down on and out of place--it's known that I'm paying way under market value to live here so it's assumed I'm crazy and untrustable. And that sucks balls. This neighborhood has the nosey mentality of the suburban neighborhood I grew up in, but on steroids. Feels unfair man, but I guess what can I expect when my no-real-career-or-wife-and-kids-at-31 ass is living next door to a family that paid $700k for their unit?

Best place I've lived in Chicago was a highrise building in the West Loop when I was in college. 41st floor, amazing view, spacious apartment. It was a four building complex and most people were middle class and pretty coming and going on six month to one year leases so you didn't get any nosiness at all. Just people being people, and safe and professional ones at that. However, now that same unit has almost tripled in price since they remodeled the building so unfortunately I cannot afford it.

Cincinnati has cheap living and a few decent things

superb post. this is actually true. these midwestern cities have potential. Indianapolis has a beautiful canal downtown and luxury apartments in the heart of the city that you'd pay 3x for in Chicago. although you'd probably want to live near Fountain Square if you want to be where the young energy is. the downside is there's no nightlife downtown, you have to go to Broadripple and there's no freaking subway so you have to drive drunk or take an Uber (sucks compared to a subway system). also has coming to it and the lowest state tax in the Union.

however, to be honest I would probably move to Austin, Denver, or Japan (Tokyo/Osaka)
Austin is the hipster capital right now and Denver is probably second. NY and LA are basically giant overpriced shitholes where you'd better be famous or a multimillionaire to get a date.

There aren't any attractive women there

How's San antonio? For the texanons

USF grad and Lifelong Tampon

Most of USF area is very ghetto, apart from student housing, which is stupid inflated. If you make decent money, I’d recommend South Howard area or Harbour Island. I personally live on Harbour Island because I work here, but for the same amount in rent, I’d have a nicer place in SoHo and not have to live on a fucking island. Downfall of SoHo is it’s also a nightlife spot, and on weekends its hard to park, it can get loud from the bars, and you might stumble across randoms puking in your complex.

Seminole Heights is also a pretty up and coming gentrification spot. They’re building a lot of new condos, and hipster cuties are everywhere.

For something more moderately priced, townhomes/apartments in New Tampa/Carrolwood are affordable. Florida suburb cost of living is low af.

Lived in Seattle and Philly.

Philly is awesome but you have to be willing to put up with peope being assholes, not really recommended for outsiders.

Seattle is really nice. If you have money, you could move to Bellevue, which is across the lake from Seattle and basically a giant, ultra clean shopping mall for rich programmers and their wives.

Best thing about the Seattle area is the natural beauty: the trees, mountains, lakes, etc. I'm not an outdoorsy type but I've started to love hiking since coming here.

The rain sucks but its not a huge deal, and the summer is just incredibly beautiful.

dont forget the guns, rednecks
and the recent parcel bombs are great too

interesting story. everything is a clique, a little tribe, isn't it?
not a student? you're not in.
not rich? you're not in. do you have a social life up there at all? if you don't have money you probably can't even afford to have a life in a major US city.

nonwhite detected.

I looked into Tampa and it looks like the weather is horrible. most lightning storms in the country. and 25% of the population is black... doesn't sound that great but I guess a lot of hot girls are there for college.

New Orleans
Salt Lake City

Is Austin different from the rest of Texas? I don't mind guns, but don't want to live with dumb rednecks

I always avoided RoPo // Little Italy since you're basically living on a college campus. I paid $900/mo for a god-tier walkup in Ukranian village. I lived cheap; went to free shows, drank PBR, so I managed to save money on $40k/year salary. Prices have definitely gone up the last ~5 years though, so I understand the FUD.

I lived in the suburbs the last few years and am def a little concerned about moving back. I'm looking further northwest, like Avondale, Old Irving, MAYBE Logan.

>do you have a social life up there at all?

And if you don't, you're treated like a total outcast. Actually, even if you do, because then it's "my group is better than your group."

My social life is going to the boxing gym where people are really nice and supportive of each other, some are even serious Christians. Then when I walk home I have to go by the rich people with families or some college students and it's "Ew, it's THAT guy!"

I fucking hate this place, man. I kind of want to move back to the rural suburbs where everyone's nice to/respectful of each other but there's nothing to do out there.

Also, ever notice the "sex game" undertones everywhere? Chicago feels like PUA central and girls know it. I feel like I can't even have a simple, friendly conversation with a girl without her being like, "Don't hit on me." Then you try and prove you're not and then someone else gets involved and tries to prove otherwise and then you wonder if you actually are just a bad PUA and you should just kill yourself.

Lightning storms are a non issue. The real problem is 6 months of the year your in 90 degree heat with 80% humidity.

As for the black population, none of the ghetto blacks can afford to live in any of the places I mentioned, but best believe they’re only a few blocks away. I feel like that’s the case with any major population city though. Orlando and Miami are the exact same way.

On the whole though, Tampa is pretty shitty and I wouldn’t recommend living here, but user I replied to made a comment about it.

I can't believe no one has said Southern Connecticut yet.
Just joking, don't ever come here unless you want to be miserable.

Atlanta is nice besides awful traffic and currupt coty government; solongas you are comfortable with black people and 'good ol boys'

Carbondale, Illinois. Cost of living is cheap as fuck, surrounded by national forest, and since it is a college town getting laid is ezpz

people live in connecticut?

How is Columbia, SC? Got off the phone with an interviewer for a position there just a few minutes ago.

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I always thought Connecticut was just a highway. Maybe he lives under a bridge?


Manchester, NH
Cheap and has a lot of tech companies moving in.

Carbondale is a fucking dump, dude, and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere.

I went to SIU for a year and a half. Smoked a lot of weed, tripped on mushroom and LSD at Garden of the Gods, mountain bikes a lot on a couple different trails, rock climbed, etc. but then it gets old and you just feels totally trapped inside some kind of armpit and it's depressing.

> but then it gets old and you just feels totally trapped inside some kind of armpit and it's depressing.

That's when the alcoholism comes into play. Why do you think there are so many wineries down here?

I know this is bait but fuck no. Nobody ever consider this. Milennials are moving out of New Orleans in droves because it's a shithole. High tax rates, horrible roads, niggers, terrible drivers, bad crime, hardly any good jobs and low pay even with the decent ones.

The suburbs aren't too bad though. Cost of living is low enough that I got by on $10 an hour somewhat comfortably for a year.

Does Carbondale have a brewery yet?

Also do you still have issues with black people? I don't mean, "Do those damn darkies still live there," I mean when I lived down there there were black on black fights all the time, like massive brawls. I would hear gunshots sometimes. Also there was serious racism from the local old timers. One thing that really threw me off about that place was when I was walking down the strip and this 6'5" alpha white guy was fighting some 5'4" black guy in the middle of the street, alpha white guy's 3 bleach blond lady friends are standing there going, "Get that nagger! Get 'em!" What the fuck man? I've been living in Chicago for years now and I've never seen such things. Carbondale really has its secrets.

Also I heard from an old friend that the one black person club/bar was pressured into closing down because brawls and shootings happened there every night.

>be in Boston for work, outside smoking
>get chatted up by all sorts of people
>can't understand any of them

Whatever you do, don't go to London. I still don't understand why it is considered to be such a hot topic when it hasn't changed at all in the last 100 years. The infrastructure is abominable, to say the least. You go outside of zone 1 and it's like you've time traveled to the Middle Ages. The buildings are on par with dog houses. The prices are astronomical for a smelly closet-type of a cottage that's full of mold. There's no tech innovation and no investments (besides the Square Mile and Canary Wharf). Now, look at what Shenzhen has become in only 30 years. It's unimaginable. It surpassed London in a matter of decades. If it wasn't for the financial sector, London would be a third world country. It can't even compete with the aesthetic architecture of continental Europe.

Indy fucking sucks man. Chicago is where its at

Communists belong in Cali. don't ruin other states like you did that one. if you want to be surrounded by Mexicans and pay huge taxes go there and stay there.

Take this post and reverse everything he said and that is what Seattle is actually like. It's fucking horrible here.

t. seattle native, live in international district

They all live over here now.

Kansas City. I'm being serious.

hard to imagine there was a time when it was a "French city"

Lmao there is literally a bombing assault going on in Austin as we speak.

>black people brawling and murdering each other in the streets all the time
>gets mad at white guy/girls for not living in delusion
Marxism really is hell.

There are a few breweries in the surrounding area.

Crime hasn't gotten any better. In fact, Sunday night there were two separate shootings. I don't think there is as much overt racism, or maybe it just seems that way because I'm at at an age where I wouldn't be caught dead on the strip at 2am.

>Also I heard from an old friend that the one black person club/bar was pressured into closing down because brawls and shootings happened there every night.

This is true, that place seemed to have a shooting or stabbing every weekend.

The bigger story is SIU's ever-declining enrollment. They're now UNDER 14k. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years if that doesn't improve.

What's your field. San Francisco is awesome if you can make it. It's fucking competitive out here though

>shitting streets
>hypodermic needles everywhere on streets

After SF this would be my next choice. Haven't visited during the winter yet, but it's awesome any other time. Have friends that live there and they love it

How is NC bros? Not even mentioned here so it must be good.


>I believe everything I read on /pol/.
I live right on the tenderloin border and yes sometime there will be human feces or you will see a homeless guy shooting up. But the city more than makes up for that in other ways. It's not nearly as bead as people think. Don't be such a little bitch

I have never been to north or South America but Las Vegas, unironically.

Crazy for me to say but Milwaukee isnt a bad option. Lots of development happening. hated the city growing up in nearby suburbs, but it is getting a lot nicer and much more happening along the lake front.

also look into Greenville.

Stop posting this, you're killing all the link threads fgt

Philly if you want NYC amenities for 1/2 price and can stand leftist hiveminds

Pitt if you want to buy a nice house and prefer something more blue collar than exuberant

Lived in philly, good place to wait tables and party. If i did urban again, i would go to Pittsburgh

>gets mad at white guy/girls for not living in delusion
Not really a correct assessment. In that particular situation it really was just some older, very short black guy minding his business and walking down the street and the white guy twice his size was drunk and acting like a trashy faggot. Hilariously, the short black guy got in a bunch of clean punches, a few to the white guy's chin, while the white guy just drunkenly flailed around. When the black guy walked away from it, white guy goes, "Yeah! You run boy!" Black guy just rolled his eyes. It was fucking retarded.

>The bigger story is SIU's ever-declining enrollment.

Yeah, I remember talk about that even 10 years ago. The year after I left, I heard one of the dorm buildings was entirely empty.

What they should have done was use a shit load of Recovery Act funds to make Carbondale look like less of a shithole and then market the school with pictures and images of the awesome surrounding nature.

ISU and NIU are both in total dumpy shithole towns yet people choose to go to those places instead of SIU and I don't know why. Probably has to do with the reputation of SIU being a college for retards. They should probably also do something about that. There were some top notch professors there when I was there and plenty of smart people. SIU has a law school and medical school, too. I just don't get it.