0xBitcoin mineable ERC-20 Token

Yeah, you heared it right, this is the first decentralized ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. And you can literally mine this with your GPU and be an early-adopter.

> Whitepaper


> Abstract


> ERC20 best cryptcurrencies

> Contract source

>0xBTC statistics

Invite code: NcM5sCa

> Opensource

> Where to buy?

> Mining software (Windows, Linux)
github.com/mining-visualizer/MVis-tokenminer [AMD OPENCL, supports NVIDIA Cuda aswell]

> mining pool

get ready for the new era of mining Veeky Forums or stay bagholding with your centralized shittokens

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thanks just bought 100k

Sitting comfy as fuck

Gonna cash out in the future once it sky rockets

Nice shill OP, is this all open source and safe?

> $ 0.07 per 0xBitcoin, nice entry point.

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> paying gas costs to mine yet another useless shitcoin and make a random dev rich (also we know you are leddit/ethtradeprro laughncows son so your scam will just burn your families credibility btw)

good luck tardo's

> not paying any ETH in gas because mining in a pool is retarted right user?

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Am I mining now? I made a new account and have no eth in it. Is it possible to solo mine? Do I need some eth in my account to mine?

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No premine, token distribution is fair to all. Unless you got a shit box mining rig.

did you included you public key? did you connected to the pools? check out the pools if your public key shows up in the account list on mike.rs or on tokenminingpool.com afther 20-30mins. Hop in the discord if you got any questions.

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>Mining program written in node.js
>Closed source
>Mining program literally asks you to input your private key in clear text in config file
>Only on an exchange where you literally need to deposit first to start using it
>Constantly shilled on reddit

Yea, I am gonna skip your ponzi user

> Closed source.

You sir, are the most retarted person on this board.

If someone makes a new token based on the source. Would it be possible to change the contract address in the miner?



Been mining since day 1, what the fuck you on.

They dont ask for private keys..

About how many tokens a day you able to mine with just a like gtx1060 and i7 cpu?

15 probably.

Why arent I getting any tokens?

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what pool?
threshold for payouts are 5 or 10.

unironically using sir

So I'm using GPU miner on tokerminingpool.com, the mining app is showing 400 MH/s but when I look at the mining pool it shows like 50... am I getting jewed out of work I'm doing or will it work out correctly?

Pool hasing calculations is still not correctly put. you get basically paid for the shares you are submitting. This means if your GPU miner on your PC is saying you are mining, 400 MH's, you are mining those. The pool is not outjewing you.

Thank (((you)))


Weird, I have a 6gb ram GPU but according to gpuz it's only using up like 800mb when mining, it's at least pegging out the GPU though, is this miner just not memory heavy? I'm new to this if you can't tell

Install HWID, and check if the GPU usage is at around 100%. What cards are you running? Personally MVminer is a solid pick, it uses the GPU the most efficiently.

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using gpuz I see gpu running at 95% steady, it's just odd the memory usage is low. I just assumed there would be more memory usage is all. How video card memory do you typically see used?

If it hashes, if you see hash shares on your pool site, with your public key, you shouldn't worry.