Do you guys experience brain fog? Any idea what causes it and how you can minimize it if not get rid of it completely?

Do you guys experience brain fog? Any idea what causes it and how you can minimize it if not get rid of it completely?

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nofap and noporn

meditation,caffeine, modafinil, adderal

in that order, try each one and if it doesn't work move on.

Don't fap.
Take addy.

Regular exercise, getting a decent amount of sleep

No fap for me has always been weird. It used to be interesting getting extremely horny after a few days of it but now that I take finasteride if I nofap I don’t even get horny anymore, so I fap just to keep my day to day horniness levels up, and fapping always tends to clear my mind and allows me to focus.

Occasionally. There are hundreds of possible causes though. Try to go through the more prevalent causes one by one.

Selfhacked has a good list of causes. Might want to start there.

What pretty much has been working for me recently: avoiding high glycemic index carbs, insuring a good ~8h sleep and reducing stress with being mindful.
NoFap is also an excellent choice to try out, but can be extremely difficult to pull off. Generally needs at least 2 months of no porn to get results for first-timers.

Have you tried the no carb diet? I've read that it helps a bit with brain fog might as well give it a try I guess.

I try to jack off once a week. And every time I do, next morning I feel foggy like I was on painkillers

Yes. Think it might be sleep apnea

Have tried low carb diets for longer periods. Never worked out well for me. Felt like getting low testosterone levels, even though many claim differently.
There are several conflicting studies on the topic, so I don't really know what to think. For example:

I've been living with brain fog for years. Caffeine doesn't work, catching up on sleep doesn't work, Adderall and modafinil don't work, cutting my carbs doesn't work. I'm fucked up and I hate it.

Not since I started lifting, meditating, getting plenty of sleep, and taking omega 3.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and got a c-pap machine. It helps me to reach REM sleep, but I still get brain fog every day.


For some reason ejaculation turns my brain off, it's fucking awful

If I jack off in the AM, I might as well just go to bed because I'm not doing anything worthwhile for the rest of the day

I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and drink 4 litres a day. Amazing results ever since

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I am Jesus I just cured you

Make sure y'all are drinking a bunch of water. I feel like most people are at least slightly dehydrated most of the day and don't realize it. I drink huge two cups of water when I wake up and it's more crucial for fighting brain fog than coffee.

Sleep. Just sleep your full 8 hours. That’s the first thing.

I have it every fucking day.

It's a sign of low Testosterone. I'm 35 now and don't produce much.

There's a few things you can do. Nothing is a perfect solution. You either want to take stimulant drugs which will fix your brain fog but fuck you up in more permanent ways (like ritalin, Duromine, dexamphetamine).

The there's the testosterone route. Getting prescription from a doctor to bring the t levels up. Or get roids on the street. For me personally, I've settled this low testosterone issue by taking 4000 units of vitamin D and dropping my weight and lifting for 1 hour each day. Being overweight and not in the sun caused my T levels to plummet.

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Good sleep does seem to be the most mentioned thing here. Focus on fixing this first, OP.

Ima go through this. I keep getting sinus infections and even after anitbiotics I still have a heavy head, brain fog, cant sleep well.

Have you tried sleeping as much as you can? Free up a couple of days, maybe even a week, and SLEEP every time you get sleepy during the day. Do this until you wake up rested and energized. In between focus on eating and cooking good food. (Fix your diet too btw.)
Most people are way more sleep deprived than they think they are.
Stimulants can help a lot of course to keep you going, but at the end you are still human, and you need to sleep quite a lot.

Also get an eye checkup, maybe you need lenses

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My t levels are fine just had them tested. They’ve dropped a bit but mid 600s doesn’t seem too low.

Did it help at all?

I should probably try taking vitamin D as I'm not spending much time outside. I'm fit though and work out almost everyday.

Sleep is essential and you should catch up in your spare time. Also taking iodine has recently helped my brain fog alot and my mental state alot. Very powerful but you have to take it everyday

This is an important topic


>tired when i wake up
>finally leave mind-bubble near lunch
>tired until going to bed
this is normal, is it not

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It helps me to achieve deep sleep so that I can now have dreams once again. But I still don't wake up feeling well rested.

Fuck man that sucks. There are other sleep apnea machines. Maybe c pap just doesn’t work for you? I would also take a look at your diet and work on having a healthy biome by eating enough fiber and fermented foods and taking a probiotic and vit D.

get up
walk for 20 seconds
do this every 20 minutes
most of the population who complain about brain fog live an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle
your muscles are not designed to sit in front of a screen hours at a time, the strain on your body eventually hits you
nofap, noporn, drugs, nodrugs, alimentation, sleep schedules... while these changes can have positive effects, it's mostly red herrings
simply get up and walk for 20 seconds every 20 minutes
do this for 2 weeks and see if your situation hasn't radically improved
you will not hear people telling you this because we're intelligent beings and we like to believe our problems are complex and need careful thinking: having the solution to an ubiquitous problem be some specific drug makes you cool, whereas advocating a walk is lame. so you'll get a thousand recommendations for buying organic product and watching your carbs with a food chart and a scale, and 0 for walking
get up
it can be that easy

This and start using iodine, 2 drops p/d with a glass of water. Stop eating shit, you are slowly being poisoned. Excercise too

This probably is a lot of it. Fuck ever since I started wage slaving as office cuck ive been so sedentary. Even back in college when I really buckled down to study I would sit most of the day.

I should quit my job and start a farm or something

fasting. its excess food buildup that causes bloat and fogginess.

Ya, throw more chemicals at a problem that's caused by an imabalance of chemicals. Great idea dumb fuck. Glad I dont come here for investing advice.

OP, go off everything for three months. If its not water don't drink it. No alcohol, drugs, smoking. No stimulants, etc. Eventually your brain will return to homeostasis and you'll feel much better.

The only other thing it could be is anxiety and/or depression. If that's the case go do some EMDR. I had some pretty gnarley ptsd from Afghanistan and that shit turned my life around. Good luck.


enjoy turning into a woman

I have no idea what "brain fog" is. Is it a brainlet problem?

No fap is a meme,
You like most people are probably addicted to sugar. Sugar creates mental fog. You need to be clear of sugar for about a months, effects will be subtle and not really appreciated until.You try sugar again. I have never done this but people who go no sugar all have similar results to what I described.

If interested Google Tom Campbell no sugar, it sugars effects on consciousness.

Try Lions Mane mushroom supplements.

start working out at least 4x/week. resistance training has been shown to give best cognitive benefits.
coming from someone that's tried most nootropics, a lot of them will only solve your problems temporarily. homeostasis is a biological rule that cannot be broken within the context of pharmacology.
however I do use caffeine and l-theanine frequently. I also use nicotine gum at night when I need to really focus. but note that these are adjuncts to the cognitive benefits of my workout routine, which provides the base to these benefits.
also don't fall for the iodine meme, it's perpetuated by hoards of /pol/ brainlets that love pseudoscience.

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Start running and lifting

Here spoon feeding you op

Imo the best person out there that knows and understand how consciousness world and how to improve your mental state with will is Tom Campbell.

Tom Campbell what you can do.with you consciousness

Works not world

I take b vitamin complex, b12, l theamine, kril oil 500mg, multi vitamin, vitamin d3 300 mg, drink yerba mate tea and mache tea. Hard to have brain fog when wired on yerba mate

Exercise, but if your a lazy fat fuck like me start taking kratom that helps too

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problem is a lot of people have sleep debt. and that takes a lot of full nights of sleep to equalize. some people never catch up

jesus kratom, yeah if you wanna quickly end up an addicted, brain-dead shell then be my guest - it works with the same receptors as opiates my dude get smart


can confirm eventually youll need months off sleep to recover

This. I spent a lot of nights not sleeping during highschool, now I have to sleep at least 80% of the day for 3 years

Eat better, sleep well and rely as little as possible on things like alcohol, caffeine, weed, etc.
If you are already doing the above, it could be something a doctor needs to help you with.


If you are in or near a large city find a walk-in IV lounge. They all offer a number of IV therapies. Consider IVs with glutathione, taurine, high-dose vitamin C, or the best way to get started, the Myers Cocktail (google it.)

For me what has helped:

Intermittent fasting
Psychedelic plant medicine (ayahuasca, iboga, peyote etc)
Regular breaks from computer/Veeky Forums/porn

It's important to not be hard on yourself though. Just do your best and don't be too extreme and unforgiving. Appreciate what you have now instead of trying to get happiness in the future.

Do you have low TSH? I have Hashimotos and took thyroid medication to help with brain fog and other issues. Or you might have a pituitary issue instead of the thyroid one

Did that help? I'm kinda on the edge whether I could have thyroid problems myself. Thanks

I used to sleep 12 hours a day before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Hypothyroidism causes tiredness that will never go away no matter how much you sleep, unless you take medication to help TSH levels be optimal

Get a full thyroid panel, if you go decades without a functional thyroid you can go into a coma and die. Usually it has other symptoms like hair falling out, dry scalp/dry and flaking skin, cold skin/body temp, and weight gain.

Does nofap actually work?

I switched to basically nothing but high protein, high fat foods for a couple of months because I was cutting and those foods are surprisingly low cal / filling if you structure your meals right (even eggs, bacon, steak... it's shocking how little you will actually eat and still feel full) and I felt fucking fantastic

I might go back to that in fact

Shit, I have all of those except the weight gain part and

Iodine is good for you and has nothing to do with pol shut up idiot. If pol said breathing was good I bet you'd stop breathing.

This and it took me so much time to realize. If you're drinking coffee, STOP RIGHT NOW, it's not that harmless drink that everyone claims it is. It's literally extending your sleep debt by about 15 minutes per day and eventually you'll function like you haven't slept the entire day even when you just woke up after an 8 hour sleep, and that hit of coffee will only cure it for about 2 to 3 hours, after which you're either back to emulating chronic fatigue or you need to extend your debt with another hit of 15 minutes. Just stop, it's not worth it

I started drinking two big glasses of water every morning. Changed nothing else but realized I no longer had headaches and felt bad. Even if you have to choke it down do it.

For me working out, or sex with my gf.

Give up porn completely. Fucking with your neural pathways. Also drugs like cocaine.

I noticed ever since i gave up drugs i think a lot more clearly now.

Is there any empirical evidence / studies / whatever that demonstrates sleep debt is a real thing? I've pulled tons of all-nighters in my life and I feel fried in general. I can't even fucking sleep in anymore, I just wake up at like 6 AM for no reason, even if I go to bed at 2.

This is also why I have cut down on my coffee intake and stick to water and tea. I was severely fucked up when I was drinking it everyday for weeks, I was incredibly addicted and couldn't even function without drinking it. The only reason that shit is okay to people is because it's good for productivity and is easy to make and drink at work. I drink lemon ice water during my breaks and it works just as well as coffee did for keeping me alert now that I don't rely on caffeine.

>For me working out, or sex with my gf.
Well I don't like working out, so I'll have sex with your gf.

I see the value in this but I hate having to urinate so much desu

>Is there any empirical evidence / studies / whatever that demonstrates sleep debt is a real thing?
I'm sure that there are articles out there if you do enough digging, other than that I guess that you'll have to take our word and believe what we're saying from personal experience. And from personal experience I can assure you that it's very real and that I fucked up so many of my days by pulling an all-nighter in one of the days of the week and never compensating for that lost sleep. Once I stopped doing it all symptoms simply disappeared and my brainletism got cured

cocaine is bad for you?

I became an alcoholic. Now my brain fog lasts from the time I get home and start drinking to the time I wake up and take a cold shower. I drink a Venti black eye and skip breakfast (maybe a swallow of orange juice). I eat a double meat chipotle bowl for lunch. Have some nuts in the afternoon. I kill it at work for 10 hours then come home and get wasted again. Repeat.

I can't explain it. I should be incapacitated.


here's one cause that most people don't know about:

amalgam fillings (also known as mercury/silver fillings). they release mercury vapor. although it's not a lot of vapor some people are susceptive to it. have a look at the symptoms for mercury poisoning and prepare to have your mind blown. most countries in europe have banned amalgam fillings, but countries such as the US and UK haven't.

consider this if you do have amalgam fillings, and for anyone that doesn't - AVOID them and go for composite/white fillings. sure, amalgam will last longer but it's not worth potentially ruining your life.

>Any idea what causes it and how you can minimize

Quit looking at screens for a long time. Eat better, exercise, learn a new skill.

You must have a lot of amalgam fillings

Hedonism in it's various forms are destroying your being. The short answer is you need to declare on the modern world and become a stoic.

Many people have recommended things on this thread that are good, but in general:

>meditate (read into Wim Hoff Method and Pranayama breathing)
>drink only water, slowly transition into longterm fasting (5+ days of drinking only water and a multivitamin)
>exercise, as good as the gym can be, try to workout as much as you can outside even if just running outside with fresh air
>reduce all screentime (internet, video games, tv, etc)
>noporn (I don't believe in nofap, unless you can reliably fuck every single day)

The idea is to make your brain sensitive to dopamine again. Simplify your life, user.

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i spoke with a sleep doctor when i was in rehab. he said you can reset your clock with a few days of isolation (no phones, computers, socializing -- so camping, basically). you fall asleep when you get tired and wake up when you naturally wake up.

but the original problem remains that if you accrue sleep debt, it gets exponentially harder to catch up. so basically you need good sleep hygiene which is a big lifestyle change for some people.

i only have 3. rest are composite.

Ive heard good things about semax. is it worth trying?

Do not take adderall. You'll wake up in 4 years and wonder where the time went. You'll be older with the same problems as before but this time addicted to a legal form of meth. It will take you 6months to finally quit because this drug is powerful as fuck. Addy will ruin your life like most every other drug. Exercise. Intermittent fasting

>Intermittent fasting

This is extremely retarded advice. The Stoics believed none of what you just listed, they did not meditate or do longterm fasting. Vitamin pills do not work on an empty stomach. Stoicism is about 'vivere secundam natura', living in accord with nature. They had a world view where emotions were seen as diseases and only rational (natural, considering nature was the ultimate Reason) thought could truly liberate man. Even then they did not condemn emotions, but believed they should be controlled. It has nothing to do with sports, meditations, taking vitamin pills on an empty stomach, exercising outside or not jerking off. Not eating is, in all cases, bad for you. Your body needs food, it's as simple as that. Temporary fasting can be beneficial as it clears your body of toxins, but drinking water and then taking vitamin pills (I'm still laughing about this) for 5 days a week is probably the most retarded thing I read today.

>be me, 25
>sick of brain fog plaguing my golden years
>walk doge twice a day, 15 minutes
>exercise 3x a week
>get really into my hobby, skiing, 20 days a season, hiking once a week
>run a 10k
>intermittent fasting
>stop eating like shit/drinking soda
>supplements and shit (omega 3, vitamin d, magnesium
>eat a lot of fitness bunny gf's superfoods and spinach fruit smoothies and shit
>still morbidly depressed and full of brain fog

what do now? this is my life now and i really haven't noticed a change in shit. if anything, i've started exercising 2-3 hours before a job interview because it temporarily helps my brain fog.

only times in my life i've felt clear of brain fog are - after a hard workout, post mdma trip x3, my first psychedelic experience on shrooms.

Maybe you are just retarded

also whoever recommended adderall can fuck right off.

>live under your potential, brainlet

smoke crack

Learn a trade and get good at it, using your mind to something worthwhile and pushing yourself to come better at it can clear the fog

Never experienced brain fog, still not exactly sure what it is. All I know is I probably don't want it. Doesn't matter if I've been smoking weed every day for months on end or during the time I water fasted for over 40 days, sober me always feels the same.

Yes i do
Done loads of drugs.... every one under the sun
Have perma brain fog it seems, stimulant drugs... help but fuck you over long term like anything

>take a multivitamin
>while fasting
It’s like you’re trying to make people sick

MDMA unironically causes massive brain fog long term
Even if it feels like it clears it the day after... i'm talking long term

Are you retarded? That's the only way to do an extensive water fast. That's how the guy who water fasted for 385 days did it. You also need even more supplements with sodium, magnesium, potassium, and chloride if you're active by the way.

Brain fog is a heavy metals issue. Since industrialization we are surrounded by metals that we never really were before. Meaning many of these substances were never in our food air or water before. Read this article to get woke:

drink fish oil,
drink mostly water,
learn to play an instrument (or at least to juggle),
no junk food, especially high sugar,
learn assembler programming,
stop watching movies / tv / playing video games,
don't use social media,
learn a foreign language,
limit sites like Veeky Forums to 15-20 min/day,
stop eating mercury and lead,

I think malfunctioning kidneys and thyroid gland also were linked to brain fog, not sure