Most undervalued projects right now. Stock up on some RLC before V2 in May

Most undervalued projects right now. Stock up on some RLC before V2 in May.

RLC - $40 in June
ZER - $130 early 2019
GVT - $2K early 2019
JNT - $80 early 2019
ELA - $4K mid 2019

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And if you are bold and beautiful, COSS

idex is a much better dex than that shitshow coss

500 ela here

I'm gonna make it brahs

all are shitcoins ecept rlc and gvt. ela is out right scam and providing u false circ supply. u can buy below 15$ in couple of weeks if u have itch to have chinke scam in u r pf

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*breathes in*


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nigga you will get rekt

xby 10$ EOY unironically

The classic non english speaking pajeet ela fudder in every thread

Did microsoft, android, amazon cloud make it?> Its a complicated poject to understand, lil videos like the one showcasing Elastos OS running on top of IOS will help build understanding, and eventually Chinks will let it moon.

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Unironically TOMO.

>25m market cap
>working testnet with 1k tx/s
>big partnerships in SEA (BitLearn, BomBom, TechInAsia and like 8 more coming)
>working atomic swaps with ETH
>backed by like 10 VCs
>only on small exchanges
>100m max supply
>PoA masternodes (new kind of consensus algorithm, already working on testnet)
>App already out

Seriously, it's a dApp platform slash Ethereum scaling solution run by the NEM cofounder Long Vuong. Team, vision, product is all top notch and it's down with absolute shitcoins in terms of market cap.

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Better buy those shares too, they will 1000x for sure

Great choices user, iexec in particular

classic ela bag holder , may be bought at 80$ , desperate promote chinke scam..where CMC refusing to list their circ supply for providing false info. CZ ass blasted them and never list ela in BNB for their fraud. and Jihan hu scam coin.

> I am telling faggot to drop those bags and buy back below 15$ when CMC updated 30+ mill circ supply

> ELA bag holder , how is dapps(fake dapp launch last week..kek) running on chinke scam where they cant able to build proper wallet for this shitcoin.

Bought at ICO faggot

good. i will scoop some below or near ICO prices next week/or so. u still have time to drop those bags and buy back below 20$ to double u r stacks. muh..muhhh bag holding..njoy

Fight me

iExec RLC is the next x100.

This. IBM partnership soon to be announced. V2 coming soon. RLC is going to explode.

but isnt STEEM better than RLC?

I’m starting to think this guy is actually a handful of people all copy catting the original ELA FUD Pajeet


I mean GOLEM, my bad

all shitcoins. you literally need only LINK to make it. Most bizbros know this, but some choose to remain ignorant.

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Golem could be a Dapp of iExec...

iExec already did what Golem team is working on.

everything else is overvalued and objectively shit