Tesla employee and investor here. Recently purchased additional shares with employee option since it dipped like 20$, you guys think I did good? I don't know much about investing.
A coworker told me their personal broker said it would probably continue to dip til mid 2019, and then start to climb again according to analyst reports (?). Overheard CEO telling other keys stock was overpriced, which I know he said on TV, but then turns around and tells us he doesn't know why people are shorting TSLA stock.

Also, if there's any interest from other investors:
I work in design department for past two years. Nothing that will get me fired kek

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Have you seen Elons sword?

Is tesla going to adopt chainlink?

are you pajeet?


>asks biz for advice if he should invest in the company where he works

I wish. He can take me to Mars any fucking day

Like I said I don't know much about investing. There is a lot of talk at the company about bitcoin and other cryptos if that's what you mean, and I've been finding more books about it in staff library/resources. I heard talk some of Tesla's retailers are ready to accept it in the big car transactions.


>only been with them two years
idk it's got high turnover and CEO is a bit of an oddball. He'll like abruptly leave and later we find out he ditched to go see his other companies or go on a date or something which we see in the news

Just into your design user. I won't show anybody.

Tell Musk i sent him a hug.

Your CEO is a redditor

>pic related

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Tesla confirmed first all electric power unit supplier for Force India '19

Tesla is a good investment. Could be 10x more valuable in a decade.

That being said, if you want to make money you better hop onto this crypto rocket, before it departs forever.

I actually joked about doing this when I first started and I got shamed so hard
>pls laugh

ok :) The first month I was there I met a girl (an intern) who cried when she met him. Actual tears.

I know. I heard he also uses sites like imgur. I wonder sometimes if he uses Veeky Forums, but he wouldn't get the attention from people knowing who he was here unless timestamp

hobbyist user? That looks different than what I use but idk I know some designers use different programs

Okay but who is supplying Tesla? :)

TSLA is worth $20 at most

scam company, top execs fleeing in droves

I know CEO is not taking salary until Tesla meets goals, and he really seems to believe he can do it. In his floor speeches he's always telling us he wants people who believe as much as he does.

I was looking at its 8-10 year potential, I'm worried crypts are too volatile for me in short term. I don't have a lot of money :(

Well like I said, CEO and others keys think stock is overvalued, but then if you talk about stock price lowering some of them get all upset.
Top execs are fleeing for worse pay packages bc Elon is a bit of a hardass/slave driver, anyways it's all us low-importance people doing the real work let's be honest (vs the fleeing execs)

Oh, he would get attention if he made a thread, especially on Veeky Forums. But even if he browses Veeky Forums, there's no way he would tell anyone ever.

>there's no way he would tell anyone ever.
New mission is to catch him browsing Veeky Forums on his phone
Knowing what I know about him though he'll probably research the entire history of the internet before he even tries to look at this site
>if he hasn't already

Well, if that's the case, ask yourself how much you can afford to burn on the street. Once you come up with a sum, invest that into crypto. It's still early, even $1k in the right projects can turn to $100k few years down the line.

It's foolish for you to invest so much into your own company. Haven't you heard about not putting all your eggs in one basket? If Tesla goes under you're going to lose both your income and your investments.

Don't take the company stock unless you can flip it quickly for a profit. Then take the cash and invest in index mutual funds like VFINX or VTSMX. We're talking long-term hold here.

When crypto stops being volatile there will be no more gains to be made. Then again you would only lose money with your mindset so just stay away.

perpetually one of the most short stock on wall street for a reason

20% margins are ridiculous in the car industry, all the major are coming into the EV space with WAY better product. Wouldn't be surprised if Tesla is bankrupt within 5 yrs, literal cash burning operation

believe whatever you want though

Just to be clear, we're talking about this sword.


I get incentives to invest with the company, as an employee. I'll be honest it is my first investment, I've been reading about investing the past few years and portfolios and things like that, but TSLA is my first actual investment.

>flipping TSLA
If you can predict when Musk is going to make some huge gay noise on twitter, maybe you could flip it for 10$/share a day, otherwise it might be a long term hold til CEO is payed out.

Thank you user, I'll be taking a look into it since I hear more people talking about it anyway.

I don't really believe anything, I've only been employed for about 2 yrs and it will soon be time to know if I'm part of their turnover rate. Demands are high, lots of kids want to work here.
I know Tesla is burning through a lot of cash, from what I understand it is because investors think they'll easily make their money back in the next decade or so.

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Catia. Tooling designer. What are you guys using over there?

shit I made it gay sorry
He's actually got a lot more of these toys then he shows, some like that are in his I guess "office" (not that he really has an office), and some are set up as decoration and inspiration around at least where I work.
Once he brings something to the building it usually doesn't leave, so a some point I'm sure I'll get to physically see it. But that sort of stuff is more for the new-hires and low-key interns to get hypes.
>n-not that I'm j-jealous or anything, baka

I might get fired for this
I will tell you that I heard they're telling some designers not to get comfortable and that they'll be changing it up soon, but I'm not sure if that's just for the more experienced designers?

He doesn't know what he's talking about. Yes, it's a riskier investment, but there is no way Tesla fails, unless a huge economic depression hits in the next couple of years. Elon simply gets shit done.

Stop engaging in this larp

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i know exactly what I'm talking about

I started this thread to talk about investments in Tesla, user.

So there is a strong mentality at least where I live and work that EM 'is just gonna do it' and I hope it's right. I believe it. That's partly how you get hired, you really got believe in him.