I'm on a whale discord and apparently someone inside g20 leaked to us that they agreed on harsh regulations...

I'm on a whale discord and apparently someone inside g20 leaked to us that they agreed on harsh regulations, this contradicts the reason for that 7.3k to 8.7k pump, so expect a massive dump when the news gets officially out.

Throwing you a bone cause you guys shilled me on eth years ago.

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Thanks user. I'll open a 25x short.

g20 is kill

Thanks just sold my stash

So should I sold?? I bought at 12k.

Thanks for your lies.

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You discord faggots realise biz has no influence on the BTC price right?

enjoy getting liq'd

Post proof OP

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Just tethered my coins.
Thanks for the head's up!

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Can confirm. Sell now or regret later.

my dad works at Blockchain and said you're lying

Just bought 100k

now we pumping.... LOL

Bullrun it is

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Thanks user

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Why people is so stupid to believe this faggot please

Top kek op how is your short going?
Sorry that you lost your money and WILL keep losing it. Your short will fail. Sorry!

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My shorts are on fire. Why did I listen to the man with the green face?

bog's called me and said it's true.
set my all in 100x short at the price they told me it will start dropping

hahahahaha lmao

Not that this is real, but let's discuss it for a moment. Let's say your country banned cryptocurrency enitrely. What would you do? Move to another country? What if the UN banned it, then what? Would you just say "oh well"? Would you just let the boomers, the bankers, the hyper-wealthy ruin this for all of humanity?

So that's why they are pumping it huh? I think they spoofed you pal


>He's reading the FUDpost
>Annnd... he's out, pump it

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