Making money as a programmer

What did you develop and how much money have you earned thanks to it?
Was it a mobile app, desktop app, web app, a game? Maybe something more advanced for industrial use?
Income as ads, sponsorship, paid use, microtransactions? How long did the income continue after release?
How much time it took you to program it? How much time does it take you to maintain and update it?

Programming wagecuckery answers not allowed obviously.

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This is biz, not hacker news.

As a late-20's NEET, I'd like to get a "wagecuck" job as a programmer. I wonder if I can self study and get a job that way. That was my plan, but I have a lot of self-doubt.

programmers are the elite ruling class of Veeky Forums. fuck off newfag

Im making something with a group of 4 that will hopefully revolutionise street side advertising in shops and such

Our first client was very enthusiastic about our demo, cant ahare details though

We are neets here. The only thing we code are Warcraft bots and shitty side scrollers in game maker studio. You really think professionals hang out on biz?

All 5 of us?

A guy from work developed a simple 3D shooter (4h of timeplay just above Steam's refund period kek). Made like 40k, the shooter was actually not bad but too short cause he did everything by himself - modelling, level design, animations, textures + coding the thing. Bretty good for 8 months of work.

it's enough

to become a NEET you need money, I imagine there's plenty of NEETs who have passive income from some stuff they programmed
what is the name of the game?

No we don’t ‘hang out’ on biz we sneak a read of biz when we should be doing something we consider to be beneath us

140K USD yearly as a blockchain freelance dev.

Pretty much a shitton of awesome jobs in that space, could make way more but I'm too lazy.

Your own projects are good when you already have experience from wagecucking, otherwise the big programs you make will fall apart due lack of engineering skills and experience.

Late 20s neet, have sites that make maybe $4k/mo. Trying to actually make more but its hard. Last year got up to $10k/mo+ at the end of the year but the trend I was riding fell off and now Im back to $3k-$4k still trying. Ive been doing this for a decade though and I just cant break into the real money.

which is what makes us unique user. The mass is never the ruling class

I dont want the guy to get swatted lol. If you search "indie gothic" you'll find it eventually.

you realize the game is publicly available anyway if it's on steam right?

>swatting people

how did you learn blockchain development ?
how did you get your first jobs ?

look at Upwork user

You'll have to compete with a lot of Pajeets, but if you know your stuff, then you'll actually make more money because you'll be easy to work with compared to them.

If you don't know shit, then get go find a Model-View-Controller tutorial and get to work

18 year old neet here

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where can i start to learn to program.

I'll do that. Do you think it's possible to actually break into the industry at my age? I've basically been unemployed and before that I just flipped burgers. (Depression... think /r9k/-tier stuff.) Kind of freaking out about not having started a career.

Sounds like every other 18 year old out there

i dont think you will ever turn your life around, think about it.

if you havnt done it til now you most liekly never wiil

im just being honest.
youll never look into upwork either. quit lying to yourself and just look into it tommorow.

Yes, nobody cares how old you are. If you are a good programmer and meet deadlines without shipping India-tier code, you'll find jobs.

That being said the fact that you're like 30 years old and haven't done shit with your life yet says that you'll never shape up, because you have zero willpower.

Prove me wrong, user.

Okay, thank you

Do you have any tips for landing that first position? Should I just embellish/exaggerate? I really have no work history and not much going for me, no degree, but I got a good GPA in the few classes I took (probably 50 credit hours at local cc, random gen eds)

>i have no work history
Then do some fucking work you lazy sack of shit

Proximity marketing? Already done.

Well, actually I worked on a project recently which paid well (low five figures) so I have a little nest egg. Just need to decide whether or not to basically take a low-tier job just to pad out my resume or to go full bore on learning to code and then applying to dev jobs straight away.


Do your own project, even something simple but do it well. Have it online. Use it as your portfolio.

So between option 1) self-study / projects / portfolio full time and option 2) tangentially related thing (like an IT gig) and learn to code part time, you think #1 is the way to go?

You'll get a wider variety of experience working as an independent contractor

You'll get a deeper experience working a lower-tier job because you'll probably focus on a single project.

So it depends... do you want to be the "Jack of all trades, master of none?" Or do you want to be a "One-trick pony"?

Look all that matters is if you can afford to not have a job. If you can then great if not you can learn coding and do your project while wagecucking. Sure that job can be something IT related but it doesn't really matter most places give you entry test anyway.

I don't like asking for advice on important matters because it is always given in a sort of unrespectful manner, and the giver of advice very rarely truly cares about the asker and what happens to them.
The real answers are inside you, found through reasoning, inspired by research. Plus, nothing is free, and when you receive help it was in exchange for dignity.

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Don't listen to whoever the fuck recommended upwork. You will not make money competing with third world devs....If you don't value your time, might as well flip's easier.

Fuck you, I hire contract workers off Upwork, and I always hire Americans over offshore. I usually hire for several weeks/months, and if I'm going to be working with you daily for that long, I need to be able to understand what you're saying. Plus, offshore code is usually putrid garbage.

If you get constantly beat out by third worlders that's your fault.

fuck you faggots talking about wagecuckery and "landing a position", this whole topic is for self made chads

bitch.....I make 50k with 4 hours of work every 2 days. I admit it was very hard in the beginning but now I do not even care to send proposals for work. I have daily work from my current customers.

Lol no dude. I don't use upwork because cheap faggots like you can't pay me what I'm worth. Don't pretend you offer competitive rates...

Nice larp kid. Try to make it at least a little bit believable next time. Nobody is paying you 50k for 4 hours of work.

how do you learn to do something like this?

Actually he would have made more wagecucking so not very good..

I'm not talking about the first dev job, I'm talking about a simple IT job or something else (whatever I can get) in the mean time. I don't need the money, I'm just worried about lack of professional work history

>Look all that matters is if you can afford to not have a job. If you can then great
you sure? I think empty professional work history is a huge red flag and will get me rejected frpom most places, just not sure if random IT monkey job will help with that

>competitive rates
>remote work

What's competitive literally depends on where you live, user. I'm not going to give you a Silicon Valley wage when the work is completely remote. That would be fucking retarded.

If you're not half as autistic as most people on this board. You can pretty much get a job if you have reasonable programming skills. Why don't you fellas use your knowledge of blockchain and while you're at it, learn some programming language, I see a lot of openings for blockchain developers and that too in a third world country, there must be a lot of opportunities where you live.
Why not join some bootcamp? Try stuff like freecodecamp, and see if it works for you. There's tons of other free tutorials too.

Exactly. Upwork is literally a pajeet platform.

I make a competitive rate, and I work remote (I'm on biz in the middle of the day...). These two things are not mutually exclusive.

Like I said, I hire American over offshore all the time. I would rather pay more for an American that can do the work in half the time, relatively bug-free, than a Pajeet that will have to do everything 3 times over.

>Why not join some bootcamp? Try stuff like freecodecamp, and see if it works for you. There's tons of other free tutorials too.
I can do those things, although bootcamps are pretty expensive and I'm not sure if they're more efficacious than simply learning on my own and doing the same thing. I assume most of their value is in partnerships with recruiters/companies

You might want to get some kind of credentials given that you have no work history. Udacity's nanodegree program is probably your best bet and you can take a lot of the classes for free before paying for the credential so you should get a good sense ahead of time if this is something you actually handle.

I looked into that and it has really bad reviews and people don't seem to give a shit about the credential they provide

Actually I may be wrong, reading up on it more now

It might be a kind of inverse survivorship bias. People who get jobs through program are satisfied and too busy working to go over the internet complaining whereas people who don't succeed become full-time complainers. Either way I only have used the free courses not the nano degree stuff so DYOR.

Will do, thanks for the suggestion. From what little I see on their site I am surprised it takes most people 6 months

I place freelance coders on projects.
The two areas that pay best are BI and enterprise level backend stuff. Don't become a web dev or frontend guy in general. Pajeets do that.
Backend is harder and drier but people are willing to pay for this

Breaking into the real money is genuinely difficult. Checked as well.

What to learn for blockchain? I am just a python script kiddie at this point.

interesting, what kinds of sites? Not interested in encroaching on your business model, just genuinely curious. I looked into affiliate marketing shit back in the olden days and it seemed profitable

yeah this is why i don't bother doing it for profit.
unless you make a fortnite and sell shittons of models you're not going to make more than you would at a dayjob.
and it's more work.

fucking T H I S

anyone have any experience making little side projects and showing them to places you want to work with?

I made over $2k in a month on my free time using fiverr doing coding

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Charles Xaviers stock.crypto/programming chat has like 30 programmers a few of which are 10 times better than any of us.

come check it out

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you wont be missed bud, it exists to help you with your education, your loss.

Not a programmer but I was a NEET unemployed faggot until 34 when I learned Japanese and became an English teacher making ~30k a year for a couple of years and then started a Japanese sobaya restaurant back at home.

You can turn your life around at any fucking age. Never let things like age stand in your way it's just a fucking number and it's never "too late" imagine having only lived 30% of your life and thinking "well I did almost nothing might as well waste the other 70%".

Don't be retarded and just make a 10 year plan of where you want to be in 10 years time and start working towards it TODAY.

Thanks for the encouragement, I know we're just shitposting on Veeky Forums but it genuinely helps

Forgot to ask, don't you need a degree for that? I don't have a degree which is pretty shitty. Not sure if it matters for some software dev jobs though which is great.

insightful post

How do i get a job as a developer without actual experience from work? I have a degree but i get cucked by the no prior experience part. Pls help

I can't offer you any advice but I'm curious—how good of a dev are you and how many places have you applied to? Do you have a portfolio?

make projects.
solve small problems / make small tools that will help people in the industry you want to apply yourself in specifically. or tools that would help their clients.

I wanted to become an iOS dev so I've just been doing small projects that benefit me personally. Example: I hate having the little gym card on my keys and it's a pain to dig through an app and have them scan the barcode from my phone, so to solve this I'm working on a barcode saver app that does geofencing. Very simple but solves a real world problem for me

Also working on a Veeky Forums client for iOS which I intend on open sourcing.

Another thing is a nightstand alarm app that allows you tap the nightstand/table and wake up the screen for a period of time, also has scheduling for screen brightness and such

Will this kind of thing look good if I'm just applying to iOS dev positions, maybe entry-level, internships etc? Should I focus on enterprise/dev tools instead? (Not really sure what to do there)

I worked for VW and on the new Tropico 6 game. I'm a game engine expert but I switched to finance because the payment is better.

>how much money have you earned thanks to it?
some but I make the same by doing illegal shit
>Was it a mobile app, desktop app, web app, a game?
A UI for a car and a few Games
>How much time it took you to program it?
each about 3-6 months
>How much time does it take you to maintain and update it?

I'm working on an advanced arbitrage bot now that basically scans the whole market and finds everything, no matter how complex

>finds everything
You mean patterns?

>I always hire Americans over offshore

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It finds every arbitrage opportunity. I also have genetic bot that finds trading strategies based on a fixed stoploss, buy and sell % but it turned out that no simple strategie exists that gives you more money than just buying and holding btc.

1 eth contract to scam pajeets
~10 eth

here for more ideas

those strategies exist but your genetic (?) bot doesn't find them

Yes there exists strategies that are not simple, I could find them but I think they are not profitable enough.

F.e. one pump and dump can ruin every strategie - when you bought at 2$, sold at 1k, bought at 200$ again and then sold at 20k then you wont find any strategie that is more profitable than that. And this strategie is crap because you only made 4 trades and they only worked for this specific pattern (its called overfitting)

When you tell the bot to do at least >10 trades (prevtenting overfitting) using the same stoploss % then there is no strategie that is more profitable than just buying and holding

what about buying alts to increase your satoshi stack

go back to HN you absolute faggot

buy low, wait for a pump, sell at 5-10x. That's all they are good for

Yeah all those projects are good for showing off your skills, intuition and self motivation.

I'd encourage you to aim for freelance development in the future with such a portfolio. Which means rather than you becoming an employee you become the offsite muscle for the already existing hundreds of thousands of consulting, design and marketing firms for business.

They need code, you write it from anywhere in the world. That should be your end goal, everything you make for your public portfolio will help you get to that end goal by demonstrating authority and skill.

Demonstrate a track record by doing cheap projects where you can get a public testimonial to display along with the project you worked on with that client.

right but when you were referring to there is no better strategy than buying and holding btc, i wondered why you didn't move more into trading alts instead. which is essentially free BTC.

Part of the problem with freelancing is just that the options are limited. There's basically 1) treat it like a business and market yourself, or 2) use sites like upwork which are inundated with pajeets. Nothing against the pajeets on those sites, but it does seem to make them non-starters for most westerners. I really would prefer just a stable day job in the field even if it meant working for very little. I'd happily take minimum wage if it meant some professional experience under my belt.

I work for myself now in a sense and I hate it.

>I really would prefer just a stable day job in the field even if it meant working for very little. I'd happily take minimum wage if it meant some professional experience under my belt.
You probably have to taste the medicine to really start hating it.
Try applying into some jobs and make your portfolio as presentable as possible.

programming wagecuck here, 25 years old, $114k salary USD. imo its way easier than being on your own....fuck that

>You probably have to taste the medicine to really start hating it.
I'm sure you're right, I haven't had a dev job but I've had shitty service jobs. That said, while I did hate them, there's a weird comfort in being able to show up, do the bare minimum, and go home and not think about work at all. Maybe there are techniques to overcome this but being self-employed seems to be a soul crushing grind

So what was the problem you said again, you're getting cucked by no experience?

Well my first 2 white collar jobs I made everything up and they don't really care because at the end of the day I knew what I needed to know.

I think a helpful reminder for you would be, you don't NEED these jobs. So it's no big loss if you get turned down by any single one of them. Just take the experiences and walk in one day, talk to the people there. It might be a bit awkward sometimes but that's how we grow.

>So what was the problem you said again, you're getting cucked by no experience?
Basically I'm a 16-year-old who woke up one day in a late-20's body and I don't know how to be a grown up. I can't identify real opportunity from bullshit wastes of time, I don't have a feel for what I should pursue or do. I'm just adrift and I don't know how to... be. It sounds dumb but that's my issue.

To sort of tl;dr it for you in a practical sense, I have no work history, just nothing. Huge emplyoment gap, gonna be 29 years old, can barely function in social situations (like I said I'm like a 16 year old). I'm working on the latter but it's been tough

I sort of checked out of society for 10 years and now I'm picking up the pieces

>Well my first 2 white collar jobs I made everything up and they don't really care because at the end of the day I knew what I needed to know.
Yeah, I've definitely come around to the perspective that you sohuld just embellish/lie/whatever. I'm a very self doubting person though and I tend to err on the side of caution and play devil's advocate and such, and I guess there's just no room for that in the professional world or when trying to get ahead

>Maybe there are techniques to overcome this but being self-employed seems to be a soul crushing grind
I can't really relate since I'm literally just starting out. Got a couple years to pump out some service people will pay for. First couple months/years as a dev you might enjoy it, really depends on where you'll work, but eventually I got to a grinding halt where I stopped acquiring any sort of new information, and that really kills it. Feels like you're absolutely wasting time. And the fact that I made more than my salary (and way more in knowledge) from shitposting on Veeky Forums made me even saltier.
Wish I could help but I just went to a coding bootcamp and they found me a decent job after.

you go to the gym?
what about something totally off the grid like being a farmhand for a bit to getting in touch with nature. you sound really detached and going right into a job in that state won't be healthy.

have any interest in psychedelic drugs?

>why you didn't move more into trading alts instead

because I don't put my money into somewhere where all value relies on hope that some Korean pump scammer group will pick it up randomly to pump it

>you sound really detached and going right into a job in that state won't be healthy.
What makes you say that? I assume a day job would be a positive force in my life