ITT we talk about pedos

So they say theres some pedo content in the btc blockchain....which poses many questions:
1. what fucking pedofag would be so fucking dumb to do that? i guess the thing costed him a shitton of money...or maybe not if he did it in like 2010...
But my impliaction is that ((((they))) could start doing thing like this on purpose to throw shit at sounds pretty scary to me.

2.lets say pedos actually start using a blockchain to store their sick materials, how the fuck could they be prevented and how would we fight them? its a decentralized immutabile and permissionless ledger - how do we keep the sickos out?

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You already answered it yourself. Make Bitcoin a million dollars.

kek maybe we could propose that as a solution.
but than they will use another blockchain...
How is steemit fighting against stuff like that?

>how do we keep the sickos out?
you dont, its the price of an anonymous, permission-less, decentralized, immutable ledger

that's so fucking stupid let's just ban everything cause pedos might use it to store cp

yeah i know you are right....

I can make an AR-15 in my kitchen. It is 5x cheaper to get it on the black market, 5x cheaper to get it from a store, pre-assembled.

Yet people want to ban the machine that builds it that no criminal in their right mind would use in order to commit a crime..

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Cp laws have in the past been used for targeting the internet, weakening security, censorship and the idea of internet licenses.
If anything this is a move to fuck with crypto in the long run cause pedes. But not really, it's just another tactic they've used before

Wtf are you talking about

Theres cp on Veeky Forums too from time to time

You want Veeky Forums banned too?

>implying they wouldn't love that

This. We didn't ban CD drives or USB pens because they can be used to store CP, why would we ban blockchain?
Not to mention you CAN'T ban blockchain. It's literally impossible unless you shut down the world internet as a whole.

It's 10x easier to get, host, and distribute CP on Tor, or the plain internet.

Nobody in their right fucking mind is using the blockchain for CP. Get a feel for analogies, insufferable brainlet.

>Untill June 17, 2016, users were only able to send text messages to the blockchain. But now it is possible to have JPG images written to the blockchain alongside text messages.

>The images can be up to 50KB in size. And, once the process of publishing to the blockchain is complete, no one on the planet is able to censor, delete or rewrite the information entered by users — it is saved in the blocks forever.

R.I.P Bitcoin miners for facilitating the spread of CP
Logically, spreading CP in such a way isn't smart, but it's a great way to fuck over Bitcoin or any other blockchain for that matter.

The issue is that on Veeky Forums it's deleted, while on blockchain it's not that simple

That's an argument on whether the law should be changed, not whether current CP laws apply

Well the state department wanted to ban the files for the thing. So they now have to distribute those files via a torrent. That's the same argument.

>Child abuse content found on printed pieces of paper
>Neighborhood children must be protected

Exactly. THis is the way to kill bitcoin. Sabotage it and charge everyone with distribution of CP.

Blockchain is daed

Wait, thats new for me, how can you put something other than the transactions on the blockchain? I thought it was only a ledger, you can put in other stuff there too? How?

he is talking about presumption of conspiracy to commit crime that being slapped on technology here

This is actually a real problem. Im thinking if this news reaches mainstream it will crash the market for longer.
It also sucks that it can't be solved.

I'm not entirely sure what will be the ramifications.
Essentially, anyone who's downloaded the entire Bitcoin blockchain has a little bit of CP on their computers.

Congressmen won't really understand that you can't just delete messages on the blockchain, nor set up a system to do that without ruining the point of blockchain. And I very much doubt they'd consider legalizing CP below a certain filesize.

However, you don't need to download the blockchain to use bitcoin itself. So with that in mind, it may just result in all the nodes being in countries that allow such a thing.

You can encode small messages and a small message may an encoded JPG file as long as it's small enough.

>You can encode small messages and a small message may an encoded JPG file as long as it's small enough.

I knew you could send a message, but I dont understand how they can encode a JPG file through text (I initially thought it was ASCII text, but apparently its a real image). Im a brainlet that knows nothing of CS, so Im surprised that this could be done.

Is there a way to prevent it? Soft fork it so you cant encode JPG files?

In theory we all have CP on our PC because some of the ones and zeros on our drives can be rearranged to create CP.
You need specialized software and to know what you're looking for in the billions of lines of data in the blockchain to see the 50kb picture.
I don't think it's really an issue. Of course I think it probably will be an issue to the government when they hear of it.

if inkjet printers could print cp that was on display and in public forever, maybe inkjet would be outlawed.

Have you ever tried to open an image with a text editor?
Try it and you'll understand.

Pedo use internet to store their sick materials. Does this mean we should ban and not use the internet?

Well, the fact of the matter is ultimately Child Pronography laws make certain combinations of bits illegal.

They do the same thing on hard drives too
Better burn your drives guys, can’t be associated with kiddie diddlers

It's not the tool it's the medium.
For instance, if someone posts cp on your website, you have a duty to delete it. The law doesn't require you to be omniscient, but you are required to delete it and report it to authorities if you see it.

So the question is, what happens if you notice a specific combination of bytes sent within a message on the Bitcoin blockchain. You cannot simply delete this encoded image.


once prl storage launches i expect heavy shitstorm, that shit cant be shut down or deleted, anyone with key can access undeletable files stored on multiple places at once kek

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Fucking pedos ruin everything.

If two people meet up and give photos to each other nobody would know either

>The crypto revolution will not happen because a bunch of good for nothing losers just cant stop jacking off to children
Fuck sake

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Blame dumbasses who think the majority can’t have something cause a minority is doing something bad

If every possible number is represented in pi would it be illegal to provide an index to where in pi an image of CP resides after deserializing it?
What about an index to an index?
What about an index to an index to an index?
This is an infinite regress and eventually could encompass every possible number.

well i mean the founder of ETH is a fucking commie pedo

What if you give me a number and I respond by telling you what level of index it is to the CP? Who has broken the law, if anyone? What if an arbitrary transformation needs to be done to the data to deserialize? What if I don't tell you the procedure? What if I do?

lay off the autism dude, wtf are you trying to say?

The bottom line is you're trying to send cp and that's a felony.

Its not the cost of bitcoin that prohibits this, it's the cost of transactions.
Make it unusable. Then the kiddie porn will stop

Find them and arrest them

The ultimate anonymous and decentralized market will always be used for anarchist things

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the reasonable response (although not the likely one) is to lessen the penalties for simple possession of materials like this, however distasteful they may be.

Producers, buyers, and sellers should be dealt with harshly, obviously. People simply found to possess it, especially if they had no intention of doing so, should be given a ticket or something like that.

I feel the same way about user amounts of hard drugs. No point in ruining some nobodies life over a small amount of crack. People making and distributing it, however, should get punished harshly.

Yeah but you could make it illegal to run a node (e.g. Distribute CP)

This. There is only one way to stop this.
The federal reserve must print a few trillion to pump Bitcoin and make spreading CP prohibitively expensive.

Why not make it illegal to make CDs and USB drives them since they could hold illicit shit?

idk about protocols but you cant tell what you store in PRL and there is no way for you to find out unless you somehow collect all the pieces of your desired file

I have no idea what PRL is.

The other reality is that governments might have to accept they don't have any ability to control this kind of thing anymore. In my opinion, this is overall a good thing, even if some bad people take advantage of it.

how did those researchers find out that it's CP, without decrypting and looking at it??

>People simply found to possess it, especially if they had no intention of doing so, should be given a ticket or something like that.
this is already true. If someone posts CP on Veeky Forums and your browser caches it somewhere you're in possession of CP. The feds could confiscate your computer and find the CP but you would not be jailed because it's unintentional.
Blockchain users possess CP in a similar way.

this. if you decrypt those pictures, then that's a different story.

>> If someone posts CP on Veeky Forums and your browser caches it somewhere you're in possession of CP
>>if you decrypt those pictures, then that's a different story.

Brianlet luddite here please explain for retard what you are talking about here please? Is there a chance I could have cp from downloading memes on Veeky Forums?

there is the fud. It was taking too long see you at $6k

If somebody physically posts kiddie shit your browser could save it and police could confiscate it but since you had no intent of seeing it you’re fine

how would you know what they are? what if it's some girl who is 17.999 years old?

Top Zozz pedos crash BTC and cause ETH to become the new king, glad I traded all my BTC for ETH.

To speed up load times your browser caches files and images for reuse later.

ANYTHING your browser ever loads gets saved to your PC. You could have internet files from 2010 saved on your PC if you didn't clean up long enough.

That's only true in North American common law because of a New York lower court ruling. So US and Canada users are safe. Although knowing it's there now you would be legally obligated to stop mining/using a hardware wallet.

They can’t prove I know anything

Thank God eth and neo are centralized

Delete your blockchain copy.

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So what sia already does but worse

Someone explain in non-NEET terms what this all means?
Btc's blockchain stores CP? Inside the code? Wtf it means

How long tkll blockchain is referred to as the new dark web?
The dark web is too common now.

All a block chain is is a way to send data
Pictures are data

ITT nobody read the paper.

>Illegal and Condemned Content. Bitcoin’s blockchain contains at least eight files with sexual content. While five files only show, describe, or link to mildly pornographic content, we consider the remaining three instances objectionable for almost all jurisdictions: Two of them are backups of link lists to child pornog- raphy, containing 274 links to websites, 142 of which refer to Tor hidden services. The remaining instance is an image depicting mild nudity of a young woman. In an online forum this image is claimed to show child pornography, albeit this claim cannot be verified (due to ethical concerns we refrain from providing a ci- tation). Notably, two of the explicit images were only detected by our suspicious- transaction detector, i.e., they were not inserted via known services.

One single pic of "mild nudity of a young woman" which some online forums claims to be CP. Whoop dee doo.

How is btc related to cp?

i guess we gotta shut it all down. One CP image that nobody even knows how to view spoils the crop.

It’s not
Well it used to be used to buy it but that doesn’t matter cause you can send pictures along blockchains

>I have no idea what PRL is.
You definitely miss the train

but what was it? haha it would be weird if someone post it here haha

Ok and now what if I stick in personally identifiable information of someone in violating of Europe's new GDPR? Or put in a hacking script, which is illegal in Germany?
Law is too brittle to deal with immutable shit like this.

There is no limit to the size of whatever file you want to store on the blockchain, not even the 1MB blocksize limit. You can concatenate data over multiple transactions over multiple blocks. WL put their entire unredacted cablegate leaks on the blockchain (amongst other things cough cough cough).

And how much would it cost to make those transactions?

about 0.1 bitcoin in fees per block and that allows storing about ~0.1 MB
overall about 1 bitcoin/MB, quite the steal!!

>But my impliaction is that ((((they))) could start doing thing like this on purpose to throw shit at sounds pretty scary to me.

If they cannot stop the pedos because of blockchain, what would banning/hurting blockchain fix exactly? Criminals would still use it freely, it would just ruin its use for law abiding citizens.


Not to be all tinfoil hat, but what if that was planted by the gov/banks to discredit crypto?

>not pointing fingers at ETH for their hugs block sizes
wew lad

You could do it for much much cheaper on the non Segwit RBF corrupted Bitcoin

Too many ignorant normies. How many times I have to tell you any kind of cp, little girl love in cryptos will make it instantly moon? There are surprising amount of pedos that bought in in 2011 and are actual whales on this market. Truths hurts huh normies?

Kek. That would be funny desu. Undeleteable shit. Like a time capsule. Instead of great innovations and stuff like back in the days we would have niggers rapping kids in 2018

>Well I could theoretically draw a breath of air in order to draw a QR code with a pencil that links to child pornography are you going to ban air now?
That argument isn't working so now Reddit has moved on to

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300 mil tethers printed 10 minutes ago btw.

Why don’t they just print 900 quadrillion tether and pump BTC to the next universe?

The greatest transfer of child pornography in the history of mankind.



Looks like Bitfinex is already starting to pump bitcoin with the money they literally created out of thin air.

he is talking about 3d printers were someone made a mini gun from it.
This is just the media scaremongering people from new technology no matter how outrageous it is, in order to get clicks onto their website.

>he fomo'd in
>put him to sleep and load the cp fud
>he's awake
>make him think it's the bottom, drop off the volume
>he bought more
>dump it again
>he tethered
>push it sideways
>he's doing research
>print 100mil tether when he goes to sleep, and then pump it
>he's awake
>load a dip
>he bought the dip
>sideways till sleep, then crash it with the exact same cp fud, get vitalik on the line
>pump ethereum for 2 hours and then wake him up
>load the flippening threads
>he bought
>crash it
>he's trying to kill himself
>activate quantum immortality
>now print 200mil tether
>he thinks we're going up
>we are. let him in
>he's in
>pump it
>he thinks he's about to make it
>now kill him, transfer everything and then find another

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To dump it. It's been going sideways for two days instead of making the next triangle. People who think CP is shocking can be manipulated because it's a form of being easily trolled.

I certainly don't think anyone in the business of looking for or selling cp would use BTC for it, however, all it takes is one malicious actor sending a few transactions as a way of sabotage.

>The crypto revolution
is for anyone to do what they want with their capital. fixed.

You can’t. It’s a rock and hard place scenario. This is a fundamental problem with the tech itself.
You either butcher it and make it unusable (there goes practical use cases), you play a constant cat & mouse game trying to fork every time a chain is contaminated, or you accept the reality that this will be part of crypto for the future. The third option isn’t really an option and turns into not using at all. Or you can make centralized, private chains that are overseen to prevent this which defeats the purpose of blockchain.