Request Network Partnership Speculation

Just went through the foundation's following on twitter. Everyone they follow is somehow involved in the project, apart from one person... the coinbase CEO.

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that's because the owners of coinbase also back Ycombinator... doesn't mean anything

Probably, but it's fun to dream eh

Sadly Coinbase wont add any new crypto after their BCash lawsuit is done.

They cant afford another insider trading pre-news pump.

Will just mean another lawsuit. and the SEC can freeze them.

Also Request fits all the criteria for a coinbase listing.

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If you're suggesting they're gonna get listed on coinbase you're retarded lol.

> coinbase don't list tokens
> coinbase is a direct competitor to req (coinbase commerce)

No they are not going to get listed on Coinbase. It's that "pay with coinbase" will be powered by Request Network's architecture.

That's the entire thing. Request Network is a financial platform for other Dapps and financial applications to run on. "Pay with coinbase" could be build upon the REQ protocol.

If you think Request is just paypal 2.0 you're retarded.

Also coinbase CEO said he wanted ERC-20 tokens.

> 100$ eoy.
How many neets on Veeky Forums would be set for life if true?

You're retarded. You do baseless speculation based on who FOLLOWS them not who they are following.

If you really want speculation, check:


One of their front end consultants came to work for request as a developer. (he added repos in the github 2 days ago).

Rediit post: >

Almost 0. Considering how most of biz held above 1000 ETH in 2015.

I remember people begging for "just a couple ETH".

It was not weird to see people hold tens of thousands or even 100k ETH on 2015 biz.

However almost no one on biz became actually rich as most people sold during the initial dump on ETH when the dip lasted almost a year and when it slowly raised in value.

Believe it or not most people sell on the way up. I'm pretty sure tons of people will sell when REQ hits $1 again and then again at $5 and $10, $20, $25, $50.

The amount of people that actually will hold from now to $100 is less than 0.01% of current Veeky Forums holders.

Even if you personally think "nah I'm different I'm going to hold for 3 years" that's a load of bullshit. I held 2500 ETH and I thought I would hold until 2020 (5 years). I sold in 2016 when it reached $30 due to a mixture of fear and thinking we were at the top of the crypto bubble.

Very true.

Most of the Veeky Forums retards who actually "made it" in crypto were those who forgot or lost their keys and passwords and hard drives and recovered them years later.

Most of the so-called whales on biz are complete retards, who have no basic talent in trading or asset management.

Crypto is the only place that actually rewards the mentally retarded.

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Damn bro. Not touching my 50k REQQies then.

Great post. I actually believe this. I hold 174k REQ. I don't see myself holding it through crashes after 10$. I hope I will. But probably won't. What caused neo to moon and rise? That rise seemed quicker than eth I think?

> In b4 dyor

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sell half your stack at $10 retire in SEA and let the rest ride user

Don’t worry I am working on an application that will basically allow you to save your ETH from yourself by irreversably committing to hold it for x amount of time

As with all great ideas, I’m gonna be rich... as soon as I have a banging website and a marketing budget to go with it

Yup, this is likely going to happen and the coinbase commerce feels like the REQ system. So, i wont be suprised when its announced.

Coinbase only lists top 20 coins.

Get to top 20 before even dreaming about this.

I think you're right. With ETH it was hard. Imagine having 5000 ETH, and watching that be valued at 50k. Then it rises to 100k. Wouldn't you cash out? It's a lot of money. Debts, things you'd be able to pay.

For me, holding REQ will be easy because I have a very little stack (2k). So I have no incentive to sell these. I know for a fact I will hodl at least until next year, unless this shit goes berserk and passes $10 before that (which then I would sell half). Ten thousand dollars for a guy living in Venezuela is a lot.

The other 1k won't be seeing anything besides my own wallet unless REQ goes to $50 at least, and depending how my life is at the moment.

i think the whole coinbase payment is probably related to req.


Have you heard of that project to make crypto popular in Venezuela to help against huge inflation?

It's bullshit. Stay away from it.

Damn, too bad.
I'm not from there btw, just something I heard about.

What do you guys do for food?

There's food around... The thing is that it is expensive. People aren't in hunger because we don't have anything to it... It's because they can't pay for it.

>we don't have anything to it
Kek, I meant to eat.

So then what do people do for food that can’t buy?

They buy what they can, and eat one or two times a day. Literally skipping meals. I know a lot of cases like this, one of my closest friends. Kinda wish I'd "make it" so I can help him and others.

Well good on you man. That sucks