Dear parents of kids who overdosed; your kid deserved to die

Why? Because you losers blame drug dealers for your kids death, instead of blaming the kids low iq they got form their shitty parents. Smart parents dont blame the drug dealer and of course this is the reason the kids of smart parents didnt deserve to die.
But again, the parents who blame the drug dealers are satirical models of natural selection getting RIGHTEOUS.

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So should I invest in drugs?

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drug addicts = low IQ? What an idiot, lol. Being a lonely antisocial cuck with big nose and small penis does not make you a high IQ person.

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This is true though. If you have parents that are narcissists and are emotionally unavailable but physically present, there's a high chance your kid will at least experiment with drugs.

Exactly how is this Veeky Forums related? Also there are a lot of factors that can be accounted for when someone ODs. Its always an Y road.

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fuck off libertarian. All Singapore had to do in the 70s was hang FOUR fucking drug dealers. Four. One by one, a 1-2 year gap in between. Today it is one of the top 3 livable and safest cities alongside tokyo and melbourne. Drugs flow like willy wonkas fucking chocolate river all around south east asia but not a single gram enters Singapore.

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I know this is a bait thread but I was a heroin addict for 4 years. I am by now means "low IQ", to make a complicated story very simple, basically I just reached the point where I didn't give a fuck, I was in a very dark place. What started out as a once every month thing became a once every week thing, then it became a once every 3 days thing and before long I was using every day. I've been clean for over two years but even now I get cravings.
I met many other users while I was using, some of them from what society would call "good and stable" backgrounds. Heroin addiction doesn't discriminate.

All I will say is that the people who make big bucks off this shit, the people who never touch or even see the stuff, deserve to be shot.

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Lol theres drugs everwhere in melb haha safe drugs i guess poor investment though fuck this thread

>blames others for his decisions
I am glad you are clean tho. My cuz used to do H. He's in rehab in cali now. I used to pop bars prob once a day. Sometimes snorted oxy with them. Spent days on the floor in my room detoxing after I almost OD'd. I never once blamed my dealers cause I was the fuckhead who started that shit. 3 years clean now. keep going bruh

I once listind to a speech of a drug expert. He said clean H isnt as bad as people think and most people die of dirty H. The color comes also from stuff that is not H but some other shit.

what do you mean by this exactly ? think it applies to me lol..

The most common way of dying of H is when the effects are so strong you stop breathing, asphyxiation too from breathing in vomit This is why so many people OD after they start using again after a period of abstinence, their tolerance levels drop but they still use the same amount as they did just before they stopped prior.

>Business & Finance

if you have a parent (hopefully not two) with personality disorders, you're gonna suffer for it.

t. mom is batshit narcissistic, been depressed since i was a kid and suicidial since 14, its a miracle im not in jail or dead or something. entering my late 20s and I just feel like an old man, still think about just fucking off with everything and shooting up some H on the daily. someones going to call me a weak pussy or whatever, but I actually feel like I've been very strong just for keeping it together. broken homes are fucked, its depressing to think about all the shitheads mistreating children out there

grats to you guys. I don't think I'd make it back from trying H. ive done pills and they just felt so damn good that I know I'd crumble under the real shit. mostly stick to weed, which I hate cuz I feel like a bum, but it really does wonders in terms of keeping me cool.

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I honestly believe the best way to prevent drug deaths is to legalize all substances, tax them and use a good deal of the tax money for help centers and proper use instructions, nobody will ever die from contaminated drug use if all drugs are sold and manufactured in controlled environments

And yet your afraid to say where your from, because you know the mythical combo of monster and ubermensch actually lives in the internet..,

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True, but you still sound like an idiot.