U think this faggots followers r going to figure out he is setting up traps?

"I warned you guys" Obviously the coke head was telling them to take short positions. lol

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The twitter personalities were all short and their followers were too.


Says it won't break 8600 three hours a go. Only thing that is a joke is his TA

I listened to one of his vids a while ago. He spent at least 15 minutes talking about how nice and genuine of a person he is and how much he loves the community around him. Called bullshit. Huge red flag, def don't trust him

he is a lying faggot

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Idiots make me happy

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he's TA is good if he can keep making money consistently.

the problem here is autists and pajeets who follows other people advices on what to do in the market.

if you don't have your own strategy to trade, whatever it's memelines/fundamentals/astrology/etc, you'll lose money in the long run


CP found on bitcoin's blockchain. They gonna shut it down.

>Our analysis shows that certain content, eg, illegal pornography, can render the mere possession of a blockchain illegal

>shut down blockchain

Fuck off normie

>They gonna shut it down.
Please explain how it's remotely possible for them to 'shut it down'.

>TA is good

What planet do you live on? Literally one guy buys in and kills all the TA's telling people to short.

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>Calls a breakdown yesterday
>Redraws the line today


Sensationalist headlines for clicks. Really user.

These chink fucks are pumping and dumping. Isnt it fucking weird how they always agree with each other ?

Got burned by the other chink fuck eric I had a good entry position and sold when he said were going down to 8.1k or 7.8

Fucking meme lines, biz was right, theyre bullshit.

>CP found on the internet
>They gonna shut it down



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Just read tea leaves instead. Or better yet, cut open a goat and read its entrails like a haruspex.

Has about the same results as TA

been following his calls since october- yes he has made mistakes, but overall I am up 1200% from his calls
this motherfucker called the Bcash pump in november, insane gains were made


it is classical fibernacho pattern

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>listening to a coke head, making calls when he's mash up on mandy, that gets hackerman'd on the reg


uh oh, this guy is gonna get rekt

this guy just sounds like a coke fiend.

i could easily make an acc with that pic and say all that stupid shit


He is live lol. ((they)) are about to short LTC

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found it interesting that he had this notorious scammer in his twitter follows + retweeted him once recently until his other pal "cancer ched" called the scammer out


and you can still see how Philakone has liked one of the scammer videos on yb (doesn't mean much) but common ... the guy is a scam legend

maybe scamming is his plan b along with constantly begging for donations lol

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so him gave you a call, you got rekt and now youre trying to pull off a conspiracy theory about this chink being a mastermind

nah, its just youre a brainlet with no risk management

question is... who's gonna make the call for PnD snitch reward?

He's an asshole. No empathy. Probably a robot who enjoys the limelight. Let him have his 15 minutes

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It's a little different, as you don't have to download the full content of the internet to use it.

If you run a bitcoin node, you have to have the whole blockchain in your possession.