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No fucking shit.
>muh """partnership"""
hope everyone dumb enough to fall for such a cheap trick got justed hard



it's same with vechain btw
walton's alibaba LARP is not any better

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oh no.

my life savings....

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Honestly i blame fking chink coin TRX and VEN for these stupid muh partnership which just made everything a pump and dump.

Feel free to prove vechains partnership with BMW is fake

They never, ever officially claimed they have partnership with BMW.
>inb4 slideshow text "The rumor is true"

Same with Vechain lol

The burden of proof is on Vechain. They never proved it was real.

No one was really even buying this thing though. It just going straight down...

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You really think they would announce a fake partnership at an event where DNV GL and PwC guys were attending?

WaltonCuck detected.

Read the chain of posts you replied to and realize you're a brainlet

They were talking about VEN

Who even gives a fuck about BMW?
VeChain has support from PwC, DNV GL, and has a confirmed agreement with China Unicom (basically the AT&T of China).
See how you fucked up faggot?

>Feel free to prove vechains partnership with the one true God Jehovah is fake
Not that you aren't fighting for the right side but when you say dumb shit it only hurts the cause

Yes they would because they are chinks who will do anything for profit.
And that Walton shit is no different so don't even try.

My bad

This thread is about Carvertical's fake partnership, not Vechain's partnership with details still undisclosed.

Actually its another bs partnership. They said its a startup garage bmwstartupgarage.com anyway can do it

>thinking BMW's start-up garage project means it's a fucking partnership
Kill yourself you stupid faggot. You'll never make it.