Idiots go crazy for coinbase and ripple

>idiots go crazy for coinbase and ripple
>coinbase comes out THREE DIFFERENT TIMES and says they will not be adding coins
>coinbase all three times have linked their coin requirements for adding.
>literally every mandated point goes against what ripple represents
>idiots still believe ripple is being added to coinbase

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What coins would be likely?

Personally, I think they're done adding coins-- they couldn't give two shits about any other shitcoins out there. They have bigger plans. Index Funds. ETFs. They've moved beyond shitcoins, especially ones named Ripple that don't have any use case, as stated by their own developers. Ripple does not need XRP, and vice-versa

Really. read their requirements.

When a coin is added to coinbase they owe 1 million dollars to be list and other criteria.

what's the alternative if you just want to directly exchange dollars for coins? Coinbase is pretty limited.

omisego not even memeing

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no decision

you know how long it take from

no decision to


to we started the integration

to its live..

they needed 4montzs for BCH, what is more or less a copy paste of BTC

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wake the fuck up. coinbase is positioning themselves to be THEE regulated exchange for America. And they are OOODLES OF EONS ahead of the pack. Did you see Bittrex, Kraken or Gemini at those congressional hearings? Nope. Did anyone even mention them? Double nope.

Coinbase is done playing games. They're ready to fuck everyone over by playing along the rules. Why else would they say in October/November they wanted to add a shit load of coins in Q1 of 2018?

Well here we are, almost at the end of Q1 and what has coinbase said??? THAT THEY AREN'T ADDING ANY NEW COINS IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. Now, if they were to double back on that release and add your shitcoins, they would lose any and all hope of being the governments star child crypto exchange. Annnd probably get the ban hammer for their second insider trading suite in less than 6 months. So they pivoted to index funds, endorsed by the SEC. How are you idiots this blind?

Ripple is a blockchain company that issued a crowdsourcing token with no purpose. Go ahead tell me, please. What is XRPs purpose? What is it's use case in terms of facilitating Ripple? Please. I'm waiting.

They will most likely NOT add any coins in the near future, mainly because they first need to handle the backlash of their failed Bcash listing which led to two lawsuits as far as I'm aware.

They will add coins sooner or later, but not until they've added measures to stop insider-trading from happening again and not until the lawsuits are over and done with.

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Hurrr durrr
Ripple has the BitLicense fucktard.
Here read this and educate yourself u subhuman

But why coin fucking dumb muppet soclpuppet idiot buttcoin sucking basterd

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Lmao okay. Ripple has the license, Ripple THE COMPANY has the license. And even to quote the article THAT YOU POSTED.....

>Ripple is not "behind" XRP — merely tangentially linked to it.

Thanks for proving my point with your own evidence. Hope to god you never get accused of murder, you might very well end up asking your own judge if this was the knife you used.

Im so happy that u will stay a faggot for the rest of your life.
The purpose of XRP was plastered all over this shithole every day for weeks but there is always some brain amputee that hasnt read it --> you.

Please take a rope and kill urself. Or buy some buttcoin

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What does Ripple use XRP for?
Ripple initially wanted businesses to use XRP on the Ripple network to send and receive global payments. But Treacher told Business Insider that the sheer size of the global payments industry and issues around data protection meant that XRP on its own wasn't appropriate.

"We then kind of rethought things about two years ago and decided what we'll do is we'll create an interconnection solution using the cryptography of blockchain," Treacher said.

xRapid uses XRP "as a method to make that liquidity much more efficient by placing liquidity in the target accounts just in time for the payments to be able to happen over the Interledger model," Treacher said.

"For example, if you're making a payment from the US to Argentina, with Ripple, with Interledger, payments will happen to your bank and the third party bank in Argentina in seconds.

"The account in Argentinian pesos, you really want that to be topped up when required very efficiently and not have a lot of money just sitting there in the account to cover the local payments as they are being made. XRP is used as a method of topping those accounts up."
XRP is "bigger than Ripple," Treacher says. He argues that the cryptocurrency is a "transformational technology" that has "a range of uses."

One way to think of XRP is a little like a digital railway network. Ripple has laid down the gauges but now it has sold off most of them to anyone who wants them. Now, Ripple is focusing on making the best damn trains it can so it can make money from the network it has created.

"We're trying to build something that's very, very open and we succeed because we're very, very good at delivering into that open world that we have created," Treacher said.

A digital asset designed for enterprise use can take the place of nostro accounts and offer on-demand liquidity. This is possible because the digital asset serves as a universal currency, instantly and cheaply changing any payment into its needed local currency.

This capability not only lowers the cost of the overall transaction, but it can speed up the exchange to real-time. In this way, the digital asset becomes the oil or the liquidity that drives transaction performance.

Banks and payment providers can then free up the assets that would normally be committed to funding nostro accounts around the world. Even better, banks and payment providers that would usually be locked out of transacting on their own, can now engage in international payments directly.
Please kill urself now if you say this doesnt provide any insight.

They added Bitcoin Cash after they realized it was the original Bitcoin, and BTC was the hijacked and sabotaged Blockstream chain. I wouldn't be surprised if they dump it altogether after LN proves to be a total joke.

Also, they announced BCH addition well in advance. Not sure why people acted surprised after they did what they said they were gonna do. Those lawsuits were filed by retards, and don't stand a chance

Strange they only seem to comment when XRP is getting rumors. Too strange

I unironically only hold ripple and laugh when biztards hate it because it's "the Jew coin".

> 1)don't trust biz
> 2)don't buy link

Enjoy your no gains in 2018 losers. Me and the XRP gang are going to the moon.

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They also owed tens of thousands of BTC hodlers their BCH. Instant customer base.

i just want an alternative so i can buy and sell with fiat whatever the fuck i want. that day will come soon and when it does fuckbase will need to list at least the top 10 or fade away

This man knows.

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No erc20 token or ICOs they won't add securities only currencies.

Kinda limits the possibilities. A few projects seem likely long term but none are coinbase ready imo.

I would say "requirement wise" nano is the most fitting of their philosophy but Nano is still a couple months tech wise from being ready for mass adoption.

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Monero, Stellar, Ripple (OP doesn't know what he's talking about), Neo, Cardano. That's about it.

>I think they're done adding coins-
Coinbase is done, GDAX isn't. Remember that Coinbase's ETFs are based on GDAX coins.

coinbase/gdax will announce ahead of time when they will be adding coins. they will also announce it before actual integration begins.