Anons, I hate to do this but... I'm going to die

Anons, I hate to do this but... I'm going to die

Here is the short story... I have a rare form of bowel cancer called Sarcomas which basically means the supporting cells in my body are failing and my bones and muscles will disintegrate over time, I am already wheelchair bound... and If I don't pay my insurance in approximately 5 days time, I will very likely die from lack of treatment within 3-6 months and thats an "at best" timescale.
I know you've probably heard a million larps and whatever else, but I am 100% serious. I lost pretty much all of my savings in crypto, and now ask your help, unironically

If any of you can help me raise 5K USD I will forever be in your debt. I can post proof if you wish and if you want to tell me I'm cancer then go ahead, I know.

I thought I could live forever and it wasn't until I saw the doctor who I see regularly tear up when he told me the news. I am 21 years old and will likely not live to see 30. I thought I could be like one of you and coast through life trading and fucking up, but time runs out. And my time is almost up. Maybe one day we will meet again and trade in some other dimension, but I am unironically going to die if I don't find a way to raise money and I have no one to even share this news with because I have no friends or family who even care.

Here is my ETH address:

You will be receive good karma surely.
>Inb4 larp

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Ask me anything

i dont donate shitcoins

Read the rules no begging

post pic of your self with time stamp and if not black or india or chink i will send you verge

You think anons are going to actually donate to you when we can't even get a sminem fund going?

> I hate to do this

I also hate dying

No, die in a fire.

Literally begging.

Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden.

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What isn't a shitcoin to you?
Blacks or chinks can't into English well.
Opposite of comfy.

Wait but even if you get the funds for insurance, your going to die anyways in a few years?

Show anything showing that you are legit

Chances are it will come back at a later point yes.

Post some proof or fuck off.


>merely 5k
>doesn't ask anons what he can do about it, immediately goes to begging complete with ETH address
>didn't just rob Peter to pay Paul with CC debt or a family loan
>didn't put out coin containers in grocery stores explaining his condition
>no timestamp
>saying no LARP on a LARPing board
Suck dicks OP, you'll get there eventually.

Got any medical proof with timestamp?

shoe on head

Post picture of yourself holding insurance bill with a time stamp. Don't even have to see your face.

It really isn't but ok

Pic with timestamp

>I am already wheelchair bound...

Post wheelchair, post some kind of medical document.

>google rare disease
>tell story , post ETH adress

gtfo Rajesh. did they stopped paying for shilling bazinga coin so u resort to begging ? go and work smelly ass

If it was serious, you'd try to convince me and show me a timestamp.
Try your luck on reddit. Not sure if they have rules on LARPing scammer pajeets but the people there are normies so you can go steal from them. Prefer that over even the dregs of 4chin here.

Don't like it? Sell it to me harder or go suck 500 dicks.

Fuck off, pajeet.

Post your Bitconnect address and I'll send you some Bitconnect tokens

No moral fake faggot.

I hope you do get this shit for faking it you homo.

Set up a gofundme or some gay shit like that. Post your sob story on Youtube, social media and leddit for maximum effect. Or get a loan.

At least a pic of you in your cripple mobile with a shoe on your head

>Thought he could get away with a sob story without even showing at least fake proof