Bull market

Bull market

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Can you faggots not see a bull trap when it looks you right in the face?

they really can't, they just see 2% gains before all the blood in their system rushes to their penis and it explodes

I think you need bullish market conditions to dominate the entire length of at least 1 trading day before you can call it a bull market. We're seeing bullish conditions for 5 minutes out of every 24 hours right now.

Fuck off nerd.

>Fuck off nerd.
>Coming onto a Vietnamese hydrology enthusiast forum expecting not to find nerds.

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>I-it'll go back down any minute now I swear!!

t. sold at bottom

Not any minute. Tomorrow night into Thursday. Like it has several weeks in a row now.

Dump incoming

Don’t have a cow man

Fuck I thought this was the Hawaiian pinapple pickers club

That's what a said; a Siamese sweater knitting hotline

An Argentinean holocaust denial Facebook page?

An East Berlinian boat repair seminar.

I suck at this, I can't predict anything, and this board is full of liars and shitposters.

>seeking financial advice in a Mongolian fresh-water salmon husbandry gazette.

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sold at 11k but I'm not sure if I should buy in

One day you’ll be able to see mercury if you stare at the sun long enough


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Tick tock bullfags

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only 5% of daytraders make money

yeah... right all over ure mums face ya cunt

“this is a sucker’s rally” phase


do I just close my shorts now?... wtf

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