So how the fuck did lambos become the symbol of crypto success? Why not ferrari...

So how the fuck did lambos become the symbol of crypto success? Why not ferrari? Did someone who works in the lambo marketing department end up infiltrating crypto while it was still in its infancy?

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probably some shit from bitcointalk from the early days

I just I just I just bought a Lambo fucking gang

Itt: car brainlet

>expecting the pajeets in crypto to be able to spell anything other than lambo

Probs because the first 3 or so people that made it in bitcoin bought lambos

lambo's a dumb meme anyway, at this point most people should be celebrating being able to pay off student loans

comparing glorious lambo to shitty ass ferrari

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most people dont actually want to buy lambos using their crypto gains, its more of a metaphor. we are discussing why lambo is the preferred metaphor.

god, why cant brainlets understand the concept of abstraction? lambo is just a symbol of success in crypto. you dont need to like cars

It's a highly sought after car by the average joe. Lambos are loud, obnoxious, and overstated like the people who own them.

That's why it's the symbol of making it.

because a lambo is the stereotypical "i made it" car. Normies and neets alike associate it with success. It's out of reach for anyone who isn't rich. So if you own one, you have to have money.

There's no such thing as a horse market you dork

>There's no such thing as a horse market you dork
Wew, thats the best point raised in this thread

>why would crypto traders choose a golden bull over a black hors

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first car manufacturer to accept btc as payment

Logo is a bull

>first car manufacturer to accept btc as payment
lol bullshit, lambos were already used as a metaphor before they started accepting btc.

its actually the opposite, they started accepting btc because of the popularity of lambos in crypto

Someone should make an ethcats based on this shit. The autists over there will eat it up since their board is on life support and you'd get a few more crypto converts to dump on.

Lambo is more fun to say. Also lambos look more ostentatious than ferraris so are better for showing off that you have so much money that you can spend it in dumb ways. Like rappers wearing tons of gaudy jewelry

Why do you listen to this shit? You mongrel.

moloch worshippers.


no fucking shit, you stupid fuck. The question OP is asking why did it become lambos to symbolise success and not some other brand of car?

I assume because lambos are more associated with decidant displays of wealth, as car Vs car, a ferrari is always superior. You only buy a lambo to show off.

To me, it's a joke to want to own a car for oneself. I much prefer to have a driver.

kill yourself

older collectibles are cool, though

>So how the fuck did lambos become the symbol of crypto success?

How does any meme happen? It just does.

because there's a fucking bull on the logo you moron just look at the picture
and ofc because they're expensive

I drank Windex as a child. And I don't kek. Mostly listen to jrock and kpop :)

Crypto nerds think Lambos will get them laid.

"Oh, hi, Terrence. Why are you here, my computer isn't broken? What? You bought a car? Let me see! What a cool car? you mind if I take a selfie? I can, aw, you're so sweeeeeeeet. There. Can you take one for me, while I unbutton my shirt? Don't look, tee hee! Coffee? Oh, no, honey, I have to go, I have a d....I have to meet my mom for lunch! But you're a doll! Byeeeeee!"

they want a lambo to boast their shitty ego

Honestly Id rather have a ferrari than a VW

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autists dont know about cars, obviously ferrari makes the best sports car and the next is porsche

It was tai lopez

buying a lambo with bitcoin was a thing for a while
thats probably how it started

lamborghinis are beautiful rare and have stunning interiors. v12 or v10 engine light and often all wheel drive. ferrari are rare and beautiful abd make an actual musical sound when driven. both are beautiful. prolly new lambos are more reliable but for most folks actually buying them that is low prioirity. nothing wrong with wanting some of the most rare and beautiful cars humans can make. they are an achievement of humanity

if you knew shit about cars you would know ferrari makes sports cars and lambo makes toys for florida douches that win the lottery

Rolls off the tongue well and works with other words. Ferar just doesn't have the same ring to it when you're bragging about how much money you have.

No, you'll make it when you have a private driver driving around with Maybach rolls Royce

Because people lack taste.

Its all work of Marketing departments. They did it with Doritos and Mountain Dew, now they do it with Lambos.

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it's infuriating how fucking cute this girl is

I feel like I'm the only one who wants a GTR. Solid sports car, low enough price that you can drive around without spazzing, and not gaudy.

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>So how the fuck did lambos become the symbol of crypto success? Why not ferrari?

“You own a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You own a Lamborghini if you are somebody” - Frank Sinatra

>bull market
>bull on logo

This guy fucks.

The Ferrai 488 (their ONLY mid-engine car) looks like ass, literally the air intake looks like an ass

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Is that soe? My friends a normies who was at a overwatch event and she was interviewing someone in front of him reeee

Lambos are funnier because they are more over-the-top. Also Lambo is fun to say compared to Ferrari.

>Lambos are funnier because they are more over-the-top
there is a limit on how good over-the-top looks and McLaren has definitely passed it

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>muh car is loud and obnoxious broo hurrr

I'm sick of bitter retards with this shit. The engineering that goes into a Lamborghini is impressive. The car looks great. It goes fast. It does what it is supposed to do extremely well.

Let me guess.. people with nice cars must have small dicks right?

Cope harder incel

the opposite is true today

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>what is rari

>Jerry rigged door flies off the car on the highway

someone bought a lambo with bitcoin, this was before biz existed and when bitcoin threads spammed /g/

Ferrari is definitely superior to a lambo. Lambos are so common, Ferrari's are guanranteed to turn heads. Both nice though tbf, i'll never have either.

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