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lmao this shit needs to stop. Turns our internet money into a fucking joke.


Of course
What did you expect?

car vertical candles downward

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You'd have to be pretty ignorant to assume that a 100 year old corporation has been sitting on their ass and waiting for some small startup to take over half their business.

I feel like every 5th post on Veeky Forums is somehow about BMW

grasping at straws

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No one even bought this shit to get rekt.

They literally used the word "partnership"
You can scroll down and see the tweet yourself

>m-muh fuuud guyezee!! reeeee

Paid BMW shills - but it worked - ordered a M4 5days ago

Never ever invest in chink coins

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lmao please dont tell me anyone actually bought this piece of shit.
It was as clear as the day as soon as you saw that their team is consisted of some scammer balticfags

have to wait 2weeks for delivery

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>BMW partnership
>Alibaba partnership

If a coin claims one of these, run. Immediately. BTW the fake partnerships make crypto look like absolute shit.


"Partnerships" are a meme and I wish these projects would stop using that word. In still all in carVertival though

>Bought in cause Suppoman shill
>Flipped for 5x
>Never look back


In the real business world most partnerships are a joke

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Nur musel fahren bmw