Registeration for ICO just started few minutes ago. They claim it is very limited

Registeration for ICO just started few minutes ago. They claim it is very limited.

Might throw a few dollars just for fun.

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Im done with ICOs.

Fuck this shit, ill just buy when it dumps

Just letting everyone know this is a scam. Remember this in a few weeks after the incredible shilling you are about to see start for this stops. I gave you a fair warning.

hopefully listed on kucoin for a real dump

It is closed already, regards: OP. Sorry about not informing earlier.

How so?

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7 million marketcap starting, won't dump EVER below ICO price.

Found of Block Collider was featured in the CNBC trader News along with NEO founder. Get in or miss out on this moonshot.

also registered for 2 emails, in the early whitelist so I get 20% bonus contribution on both these whitelist.

It's a low-cap coin with a small number of registrants that links to no-name sites talking about how great it is to give it legitimacy.

Confido did the same thing to drive up the interest and proceeded to shill the shit out of it because of how few people got in and the low cap. The reality of the situation is a few people got in but most of the tokens are going to the devs who will be "buying" along with the few people they let in to also give it some legitimacy.

This is literally a scam.

You are absolutely mentally retarded. This will be a several billion dollar market cap within a few months. I'm being dead serious. I'm a whale and I've gotten into several of the highest ROI ICO's like Omise Go, QTUM, 0x project, Kyber and this is by FAR the most bullish ICO I've ever seen. It's doing interoperability and will launch its mainnet with the ICO with 6 chains.

They will launch the mainnet before you send any funds and it will be up on github. Keep coping lmfao.

my wife she dont believe me no no no

Here's a review of Blockl Collider by speculative rationaility group which also reviewed Request Network, WanChain and Icon in the past. These guys are bullish on this. People calling this a scam clearly didn't get in and didn't do their due diligence.

No, thanks I will buy on the dump like the other smart user said.

>won't dump EVER below ICO price

confirmed for mega dump after ico

You can't have as low block times as they'd need with PoW, at least not without something like GHOST or SPECTRE. Their whitepaper and docs are handwavy.

The team is inexperienced and their reasoning for how all schemes that use validators are centralized is absolutely retarded. If they're basing all of this on that they should have much stronger arguments. The introduction of the Emblems does not really prevent miner centralization from what I understand.

Instead of helping member-chains scale they introduce a new chain which is as unscalable as the sum of the unscalable chains.

There's no way they can do secure cross-chain logic transfer.

SpecR is obviously a paid shill of some sort. He fails to criticize the project at all. They're even an active admin on the Telegram for fuck's sake. I've never heard of it before looking into this ICO, which I btw found through a totally-not-suspicious Leddit poster who has only ever expressed interest in Blockcollider and its superiority.

Why would a 7M cap ICO launching its mainnet with the ICO and being the first interoperability chain dump? You do realize the good ICO's never go below ICO especially with small caps and high interest? The whitelist was closed in 5 minutes. This is with ZERO marketing.

I shilled WABI, I shilled Credits, I shilled ArcBlock, I shilled all of them got called scams and shit ICOs, stay poor, unlucky you missed out, I can sell you one of my emails if you want for a hefty price.

Also they're launching their mainnet and code on github before ICO starts.

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Rofl are you the same faggot who posted that dumb article? How is the team experienced? It's the other way around. Just because you aren't some blockchain veteran of 10 years, doesn't mean you're inexperienced. Vitalik was only 20 years old and a university drop out when he started working on Ethereum. Validators ARE centralized.

>shilled credits
good job being retarded

I'm not.

>How is the team experienced?
Most of them are non-devs and the few that could be called a developer of any kind have never done anything related to anything they're now doing.

>Vitalik was only 20 years old and a university drop out when he started working on Ethereum.
You can't possibly be comparing any of the team members to Vitalik.

>Validators ARE centralized.
What you're saying is that *all* PoS and BFT algorithms are centralized which is not true. Their at best inefficient design is entirely based on that statement being true.

A big red flag is that 66% of the tokens are held for the company and there's no information about their distribution or vesting. That is a scam in my eyes, or not maybe a scam but how to rip people off in the most legal way possible.

it's all depends on the github code before the ico, if it's shit just don't participant but if good it has the potential to be the most profitable ico of the year

To expand on the Emblem thing:
>A miner could absolutely split the Emblem rewards among mining rigs but in order to maximize the rewards from this he/she would have to be connected to the least number of identical peers that the original rig is connected to. In this way they must expand to other regions.
What if you just hosted a few AWS instances on other continents to propagate through? How is it supposed to work anyways? How does the network come to consensus on this factor that dictates the additional mining reward?

Shouldn't miner centralization be even worse for their chain due to what will amount to massive block sizes afaics?

I didn't even know about that. This just keeps getting better.

All of them are devs except for two who are marketing guys. Most of them were engineers at good data and if you actually did research the devs explain their experience in the telegram. These aren't bums. Not every project is going to have world renowned blockchain devs. You do realize people were calling Eth a scam and Vitalik a virgin autist dumbass just a couple of years ago right? Everyone starts at nothing and as a no name. Then he became big because people realized Eth was actually good. Validators are centralized period. Maybe not completely, but they are. The whole point of blockchain is decentralization so that should be one of the biggest factors when looking at projects.

If you were in the telegram chat you'd see that there is vesting. Foundation coins are locked for 2 years and they said the teams vesting will be announced soon but I'm guessing their vesting is even longer.

I agree. I really want to see how their mainnet will work and how good it is.

>All of them are devs except for two who are marketing guys. Most of them were engineers at good data and if you actually did research the devs explain their experience in the telegram. These aren't bums
I haven't read their entire biographies but it's beyond the point anyways. I have more trouble seeing how their tech makes any sense. Their code isn't out yet so can't judge that.

>Validators are centralized period.
With some algorithms you're somewhat limited with the amount of block producing nodes, like with Tendermint, so you have to use delegation which has so far more or less suffered from low participation count leading to lower security.

With Tendermint now you could increase it +300 but it'd start hampering the performance. I still wouldn't call it centralized by any means. Then there's (Zamfir's) Casper, Algorand, Hashgraph (although patented and only on Hedera) and Dfinity's Probabilistic Slot Consensus but they're not in the wild yet.

Have they said how many days before the ICO they'd open source the code? It's a bit suspicious if they don't give people enough time to review it.

They're going to give miners a head start for mining so everyone will have enough time to check it out. They said they did no marketing because they think the code and product should speak for itself.