Breast enhancement is a billion dollar market...

Breast enhancement is a billion dollar market, why hasn’t anyone sincerely tried figuring out a way to do that with penis?

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cuz the market for totally insecure loser males actually willing to pay for some kind of penis "enhancement" is actually pretty small.

i bet its not but u cant just stuff something in your dick

because getting a functioning penis to work is a lot more difficult than 2 plastic pillows you fucking brainlet

From what I understand, it's much more complicated to work with the penis since much more can easily go wrong.

There are penis "enlargement" techniques but they are actually pretty harmful towards your member relative to getting some silicone in your tits.

>why hasn’t anyone sincerely tried figuring out a way to do that with penis?
but user they already have figured it out :)

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They do. Convincing someone to slice their dick open is a lot harder to accomplish.

Any dude who is that desperate to impress a roastie is a fucking loser. We already mutilate infant boy's genitals for roasties, I think that's enough.

I dont think you stuff something in there. Kinda drag it out to appear longer.
A friend of mine did and he got 2 inches additional i think?

Not talking about wrapping your dick it’s more skin, I read somewhere that someone had gotten a penis transplant that actually is functioning because his host penis had gotten blown off or something.

You loose sensitivity my mans. Leads to erectile dysfunction. What's the use of having a long flaccid penis that is hard to cum with?

> put implant in sick
> no longer can get boner cuz fucks it up
> ruh roh

They have Satan. It's just when the options are have your dick cut open or deal with your insecurities most guys surprisingly pick the latter.

im not sure who that dyke is trying to kid. jesus the hippy hippy shake a more female hips you couldnt find with a fucking frankfurter attached. hope my taxes didnt fund this

I dont know but he says he has easy timr getting girls on tinder and shit just by sending dick pics. Id think his dick still works fine

t. micropenis man

(i'm 8" btw, and that makes me a 1%er)

>We already mutilate infant boy's genitals for roasties, I think that's enough.

jesus, too true
what a fucking atrocity

Its possible but 1. If it succeeds it looks fucking ridiculous. 2. Most people rather not have their dick sliced open for reasons you yourself can probably imagine. A dick is a mans most prized possesion, its balls the holy grail

I'm 8" as well and I would pay a lot for another inch or two honestly

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>Breast enhancement is a billion dollar market
Wow, is there already a blockchain for that? It has a huge moon potential.

Ok, this is coming from someone who actually did serious research into this. Not because my member is small (I'm actually on the larger side) but because...well...I got some awesome gains in crypto and well, why not right? lol.

Right now there are no safe methods of surgically lengthening the penis.

However, there ARE methods of increasing your girth.

The first method is injecting your penis with a special kind of cosmetic substance that gets slowly absorbed by your body. This is by far the best and safest way of enlarging your penis. It is only temporary and lasts for 1 year. The best part about it, is that it is temporary and reversible at any time. It requires a yearly top up to maintain size.

The CALIBRE clinic in Australia does it.

The second way is called PMMA. PMMA is way more risky because the surgery is permanent; your penis shaft is injected with small cosmetic beads. It's a gamble because the post surgery is critical in getting your penis to look normal. If you mess up post surgery, your penis could have strange look to it.

As of right now, those are the only 2 methods that increase the size of your dick that work and are relatively safe. No lengthening unfortunately is available, though if you really have the time and dedication you can lengthen it would an extender like Size Genetics, but youd have to wear it all day.

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