Decentralized facebook

now that facebook is dead why don't we have decentralized social network platform?

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because it's very difficult to decentralize something as complex as facebook

there's already a million ICOs trying to do it and they're all vaporware shitcoins

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I thought I invented this idea last night and was going to file it with the intellectual property police today fuck.

Coins are use to have nodes or decentralized servers and advertising profits are distributed to coin holders. No censorship unless kiddy porn or shit like.

What's so complex about facebook? It's literally just a page where you can post text and photos, and another page that shows the posts of all your friends. Everything outside of those two things only exists to surveil and exploit their userbase in order to sell ads.

You guys remember when there was a big uproar about privacy and facebook?

Some people said they were going to make a decentralized social network and raised money, even cuckerberg tossed some money in.

In the end they failed and the dev killed himself.

>muh complexity
It's not because it's complex it's because it's dumb as shit to decentralize "Facebook".

2 main factors,
1. Does your grandmother want to pay miners $10 to make a stupid Facebook post?

2. Ads and all of the data Facebook is gathering is why it's worth anything, if you decentralize it ads would benefit but the data would be open for anyone, which doesn't make any sense in a business perspective.

Pic related.

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Because normies aren't smart enough to figure that shit out. They'll just give up halfway through trying to set it up. Fat fucks.

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We do, its called Steemit

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> What's so complex about facebook?

What could be so hard about processing, managing, and querying 1000 petabytes of data from over 2 billion users?

> It's literally just a page where you can post text and photos

That's like saying an car is just a metal bucket that goes VROOOOM when you step on the gas pedal. The end user experience is a website, but the machinery making the whole thing possible is made by a team of a thousand engineers.

Jesus Christ the absolute state.
Great invention guys.

It's as if nobody has used any of Steem's frontends.
It's as if nobody listened to what dan larimer and vitalik et al were talking about like 4 years ago.
Steem is broken but it's a conceptual jumping off point.

You, the normie, don't have to know you're using a blockchain so there is nothing to "figure out."
Users obviously don't pay to use the network.
These social media sites will be based on new economic models, and ads won't exist if people are presented with a better alternative.
People maintain their autonomy because their data isn't stored on a server. And collecting data on people isn't profitable anyways because ads are no longer profitable in this model.
Profits from the network can be distributed to users via a stablecoin or bond to incentivize certain behavior.

The network would pay for itself through ads and selling of user information. If you don't want ads and your information being sold, then you could buy a pro version or something like that.

Data could be encrypted, so the node holders can't sell it on their own, but rather the whole network can sell it on the open market and the whole network will share the profit.

> Nodes would need to download exabytes of data just to sync with the network, due to the sheer volume of memes, vacation photos, and dick pics
> Users would need to pay for each post
> Literally everything would be public. No privacy restrictions.

>What is steem

I sometimes wonder if the average age of Veeky Forums is 12 years old. Facebook is the biggest codebase on the planet. They have petabytes of data. They retrieve it instantly. They have all these side projects doing research about how to make users spend more time in it and sell more shit.
This is mostly impossible to do on the blockchain due to it's complexity, it's easy to see it will never be as efficient

Sphere social, i even have some kek

We don't need a decentralized Facebook you idiots, we need an ALL in one identity platform to meet people and/or find job... backed by the ONU or some global shit, non profit, with no adds or miners, It could be "decentralized" but it's not necessary. We need an OFFICIAL place where you could contact any person in the world by their real name, follow them, or create groups to discuss a given subject. All the social networks right now are for shitposting, trolling, selling shit or fucking lose your time... they are fine, but we need something oficial, like a world forum attached to your identity. 1 place. no shitposting allowed.

Facebook is useless because I don't give a fuck about my friends or anyone else... I just want to know what the top 10% has to say and I want the chance to vote on given subjects .. also a marketplace to find job is very necessary apart from groups to meet people based on a common premise... that IT.

have you actually tried using steem? it's shit


Makes nos sense to divide people on different platforms... we need 1 oficial platform where you can vote on regional/global subjects backed by all countries.

This can and will be built on EOS. It will probably have a similar structure as Steemit but the UI will look more like Facebook than Medium.

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There's no need to be as big as facebook right off the bat. And Steem is obviously just a trend in a new direction, not an endpoint.
It is impressive enough that all text and user interactions are stored on chain on a two year old distributed ledger. And functionally, all other media content is distributed anyways through ipfs on most steem sites.

EOS will have a more mature version of this technology.

Also more solutions like hedera are coming to market claiming they can run social media sites and video games etc. Even though hedera specifically is probably bullshit, some of these new technologies will mature and eventually replace the centralized model.

Brah that website is for writing articles. i dont want to write an article i want to fap/talk to hot girls doing yoga poses and shit

Decentralized database or a blockchain is VERY inefficient for a system that needs real-time data.