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what happens after the disbelief?

Shit, we even skipped anger and depression. We're ready for the next rally!

Look At the picture, Einstein. Left bottom

idk man i've been pretty angry and depressed lately. Starting to feel better.

PUMP IT! Wanna see noncoiners on suicide watch.

Nah, I've definitely seen anger and depression around here. I've definitely seen some fags blame bitmex shorters for the crash (kek)

It probably is, I talked myself out of some alts yesterday because what if we fuck up?

Oh look, it's this thread again.

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there was some anger and some depression but the majority here outright refused to admit we are bearish (and still do apparently)

What happens when we reach the end

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Oh wow someone who ignored all the suicide posts of the past week

you think that was bad? haha i've seen way worse in previous bitcoin crashes that were much smaller

>we even skipped anger and depression

fucking lol, where have you been for the last two months. It's been a fucking bloodbath, some truly bleak moments for people. Not to say it couldn't get worse, though.

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It absolutely can get worse. I don't even mind if we go on another bull run, but I'm not going to act like an idiot and pretend like it's even remotely confirmed because of two green dicks.

>"Fucking wall street shorted market and dumped on us"
>Suicide hotlines posted everywhere
state of january
>Normies start mocking crypto "investors"
>People short more than long, most smarter people are already sidelines, minority still suffering
State of february
>Trying to convince others this really is a suckers rally
State of march

same. was literally crying and considering suicide a couple days ago. was already well past panic/capitulation/anger

feeling hope right now desu

lol man, I bought the first time at 3k and was finding myself desperate when I saw that big red candle crossing down the 7k

I'm now finding this is indeed a sucker's rally, but hell, the worst is behind

the state of Veeky Forums is unironically "this rally will fail like the others", so i'm actually going long this time


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I don't get it.. how is it possible we're in the suckers rally? I havent seen any posts about financial despair and bankruptcy. Just hodl posts

maybe you did, I've been raging since mid January honestly, also OP we are a bit lower, more like depression IMO

we are obviously at anger you fucking brainlet

Thats because everyone here is a neet and being down 70%, while not ideal, isn't going to break the bank because we're backed by neet bucks.

Were you here 10 days ago it was all black wojacs

You misaligned this so much that you literally have the peak of BTC going up into the text of the original graphic

This one makes more sense to you?

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it does to me, you don't expect that market trends will follow this graph to a T do you? I mean...shit is just a guideline, to me it looks like we are in fact back to return to normal phase, bu I'm prepared for another 25% drop as well, who knows. This graph def does not know shit, but an interesting guideline for sure

Why the fuck are you investing then pussy? You should have fucking done it.

I just don't think bear-market only lasts a few months

Hope, you dummy.

>BTC at negative value in a few weeks

Try harder shortie.

You are here

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nice work user

Sounds like you're still in denial.

you don't know what a bear market is, retard
protip: it's called BEAR market because of this hibernation thing bears do. crashing 10% down every day is not bear. trading sideways within a range of 1% for 3 years is bear.

Because add revenue on the internet is something 90% of the pop understood in 1998. Also who called an online book seeking site to worth billions. You’re a fucking retard if you base future money on what majority think.

If green I will make it

because my autistic son needs me, and I need my crypto gains to help him try to have a more normal life. thanks

oh no

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Yeassssasss 1btc=1btc

first answers sums up it all

My ID is green.

> A bear market is a condition in which securities prices fall and widespread pessimism causes the stock market's downward spiral to be self-sustaining. Investors anticipate losses as pessimism and selling increases.

Kek what a flaming reddit fagggot you should have kys

I gotta say, when I saw the green from yesterday continued into today the first thing I thought was "This is a sucker' s rally." Now I'm in the cautious optimism phase.

we are at complacency. hence you being highly complacent right now. sell now and buy back 3x your stack later.

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