Holy shit Sir Gay just got absolutely bitchslapped, this must be so humiliating. This well and truly puts an end to the Stinky Linky. Time to dump those heavy ass bags.

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waiting for testnet in late 2019.
yeah, no.

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That cuck believed the Veeky Forums fud that nodes can get paid in all ERC20 tokens and not Link

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>muh tokenomics

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You can’t deny it would’ve been better if Chainlink (LINK) was a token native to its own blockchain.

why though. the heavy lifting is all done off chain the token isnt doing anything complex enough to need its on blockchain


A sure sign of an idiot

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>Calls himself lecturer, amateur ukulele player and politically aware citizen.

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chainlink is garbage vaporware but even i can deny it
rolling your own blockchain for something that can be done with a token is "not invented here" syndrome at its finest, you're giving up billion dollar security for the illusion of finer control

I dont understand this at all. What is the point of being on its own chain? The link network already functions separately from its ethereum foundation. You understand that ethereum is just a VM right?

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I don't even hold LINK and this is ridiculous!



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Spectre has been patched in software. Intel is releasing new hardware in the next months to address the issue permanently.

Nice FUD though.

>PoW chain like Ethereum or Bitcoin

Niggers haven't heard of ETH switching to POS soon, haven't they!?

So anoying....

>muh SGX is vulnerable
>muh ETH won't scale enough to process the tokens
This fud was stale in October 2017.

never ever



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lol wut

>the "Ethereum has scaling issues and ERC-20 tokens will suffer" FUD all over again

>You can’t deny it would’ve been better if Chainlink (LINK) was a token native to its own blockchain.
wrong. Why force people into using a specific blockchain? Nobody knows what will happen with this shit even one week from now, so it is much wiser to be agnostic about it.

>politically aware citizen
Why would you even mention this. Is it an achievement to *think* that you're aware what's going on in the political sphere?
Anyone on any part of the political spectrum would feel embarrassment for stating this

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>havent been on biz in a few weeks
>in the mood for some link fud
>this thread

>"Moreover, "

Lmfao the fud is as pathetic and desparate as ever.

hastily kill yourself

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we already know link is not reliant on SGX, it's a supplement.
but it's good to know other companies are afraid of LINK, they know its the best
That's why they keep copying it

Chainlink BTFO

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if anything, this is a buy signal for chain link. for a company to take time out and try to FUD another is only done out of fear that the FUDDED is prepping to leave it’s competition in the gutter

Had to look into this project after hearing about it.

Literally as shit as it gets, you fucking brainlet.