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BMW has not entered into a cooperation/partnership with VeChain Foundation. The company is using our BMW CarData interface available to any third party.


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Oh wow! Wouldn't want to be an X node holder right now.

This shit gonna dump faster than Bitconnect.

Veeeeeenconnnect, wasawasasuuup!


If it smells like shit - it probably is shit.

Dumping exactly as expected.

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Nice shoop. That tweet was for car vertical. Gtfo

your mother is shooped lmfao idiot btfo

More fud please

stop the fud you pajeets who bought CV

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BMW becomes a CUSTOMER of (VECHAIN) at a time when the product/technology is not yet ready for market..

Are you guys fucking retarded? They're still working with BMW

FUUUUCKJKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK i knew Sunny was dodgy but this is lying to the community! so close to selling.. this shit already falling !!!

Pretty good shop mate

Holy fuck I just sold all my VEN fuck this shit

they literally call everyone who successfully fills out the form a customer. its for shitty startups to be able to say "one of our customers is bmw". the ethical ones anyway. scams like vechain tell everyone they're partnered under nda with bmw group and hope it doesn't get out. lmfao

People are ignoring the actual scam (Car Vertical) and using it to paint Vechain into a corner.


What did you expect? The warning signs have been there the entire time. This is like complaining about being scammed by a Nigerian prince. It’s your own fault for being a brainlet and ignoring people like me who have been calling it out the whole time.

>As a Venture Client, the BMW Group becomes a client of a startup, at an early stage when its product, service or technology is not yet mature. In comparison to Venture Capital, we purchase a first unit of a startup’s product, service or technology, not its equity.
So they will be buying VEN or THOR (more likely) on the open market ? How is it not a good news ?

ok user, tell me how you came to that conclusion.
let me have a laugh

You guys are so fucking finicky about everything. The road map to success is being laid out in front of you faggots and you choose to look at the grains of sand instead of the beach. Stop for one second and ask yourself if DNV GL, PWC, Jim Breyer just blindly invested in some chink scam.. That they're all in on it only to get "you". Do you retards honestly believe people and organizations of this caliber invest based on hype? You don't think they have teams of researchers and investigators and councils filled with more talented people than you?

You find one little discrepancy and you call it a scam. Vechain has been the most transparent blockchain company thus far and all you faggots can cry about is a BMW program aimed at startups.

Grow the fuck up

now you vennies know the pain of being a salty walty

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