Shorted 50x, Liquidation at 8999

folks...dont pump it. this is my bread and butter

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>shorting after it breaks 8700 resistance
you have lost

>tfw I have a long position opened at ~7800
>tfw liquidation is ~7100
I'm never closing this fucking long. I'm riding this until 100k

you fucked up, my dude

bitcoin rallying to 9000 and dumping to 7099 confirmed

ouch sorry about that, don´t believe the bears next time, chances you get burned are just too high, bitcoins lost well over 50% of it´s value in the last months, it won´t go much lower

better luck next time

You're obviously just gambling, ~8700 was a no trade zone

I am hoping it dumps to below 7k again before next bull run

you may have lucked out with this bitcoin hosts cp FUD

Ethereum 2xd after it's child pron fud. As it turns out, everyone's a sick fuck.

lol sure buddy it will drop JUST for you

>you may have lucked out with this bitcoin hosts cp FUD

what is cp fud?

just add more margin dummy

why would you have liquidation right under a major resistance. If it bounced off 9k (it will) you lose everything. Add to your margin come on.

Pump it to 8999

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>Can't type "child pornography Bitcoin" into Google
>you probably shouldn't be investing in the first place

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Suck my fucking cock. Get liqd you fucking parasite

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>typing "cp" into google
You're shortlisted just for typing it out here.

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You can add comments to go along with your bitcoin transaction. Do enough transactions and you can put a picture onto the block chain. Running a node at that point is cp distribution.

my theory is it may not able to break 9k resistance. it try to hit 8.9k and drop like a rock below 8k

looks like I am going to make this out. volume dropping, we see below 7k by this weekend

resistance has become support :) :)

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You've got balls of steel considering the glaring manipulation, but I agree it's got all the makings of another daily "box." Hope you make it user.

People who think things like "resistance" really matter don't understand they're being played from both sides. See you all back at 8500 in 15-20 minutes.

>inb4 le reddit spacing, I was here before moot was born, kiddies

what you dont understand is breaking 8712 has given a huge bullish signal and a lot of people got onto it and thats why shorting here is the most fucked up thing to do

nah. I am not a traditional player. i do opposite of what most ppl asked to do. this shit fall below 8.5 k or 8 k below again before resume

You're an absolute brainle. I'll tell you the exact place we stop before a deeper retrace to 8600-8700

lol going against the market

good idea

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if that 60 BTC sell wall on GDAX falls I think you're toast

>Veeky Forums

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welcome back user!

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It's been nibbled at, now at 52 (@ 8830)

it's gone. We're going to 9K. Sorry.

> being this new to crypto. 60 btc is peanuts in that volume. It will slightly hit 8.9k and drop like a rock. my instincts are my TA.


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You're supposed to short when we hit the top (which is well above 10k this time btw).

He shorted?
Print 300mln Tether.

Sorry, OP.
They won this time.

Lmao Tether is back up and running OP fucking close it now before you get rekt.

>Liquidated at 8999
>BTC won't break 9000
>Massive crash

topkek mate

I told you smartass. You're minutes away from the inevitable. Cut your losses now.


holyfuck. this is bad

Holy fuck OP literally got BOGGED

Not a coincidence

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This is Igor.
You will be liquidated before the next hour.

The bull flag has been painted.

nah..we already reached top. we heading below 8k


How about you post proof instead of larping like a faggot?

nah youll get liquidated then well retrace a bit

Can you not just set a stop loss slightly above or below your liquidation position to keep yourself from getting liquidated?

And gone. Ouch.

ITS OVER 9000!!!



Kill him.

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i hope you learned a valuable lesson today. shorting is dangerous!

panp it

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thx faggots, actually I longed and closed my position now. lets dump now


>we broke him
>kill him

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Yeah it has nothing to do with the insane amount of leverage he used.

now you went long at the top LMAO

>>Bring me another.

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nah longed at 8.5k. closed now. thinking to short it now. will monitor couple of hours. may short it if it does not break 9.2 or 9.3k

Why would anyone believe you? Post proof you dumb fuck.

i bet u got liquidated fag

Much to my delight.
I've warned you bears on numerous occasions to stop.

No proof = he fucked up and is now larping the opposite of what he did. Typically brainlet.

rip OP

Press D to dance on OP's grave.

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lmao this nigga poor

>> he's out now; pump it harder

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but really, what's the point? you'll lose most of your money anyways and probably not have enough to make it back.

>So once the mark price on BitMEX reaches $1044.78 you lose the 1.1 BTC in margin, you’re liquidated, “rekt” as the kids say. You see none of that margin ever again. However, if you were to sell out of the position at $1,045, just above the liquidation, your Profit/Loss on that is -0.456 BTC:

Educate yourself retard. You'll have more than enough of money left to play with if you close right before liquidation.

Solid shorting in the bullrun (seriously, you want to go AGAINST the current trend), but that leverage is way too high op. Try 3-4x. Bitcoin is incredibly volatile, so you want low leverage.


this fuckking whales just pumped just above my liquidation,now they dropping the shit, never ever bitmex. i lost all my stack,fuckk off biz


dear diary, today OP was justed

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Kys faggot

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liquidated lol

rip in peace op

but how insane is that whales just take 50 bucks above my liquidation and dropping it like rock. I cant believe this shit man.

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rip lmao. he prob only had like 50 contracts though, so who cares.

now who told you to add more marginoh right it was me. the asshole apparently. fucking Veeky Forums never listens

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You're playing in a market which is rigged against you. Stop gambling. Start buying vanguard ETFs every month, and sit on them for a decade.


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My liquidation is 9.3k, i may be joining you soon, this pump is so artificial, i didnt expect 3 out of the blue rises though

>sit on them for a decade
I'd rather kms than wagecuck for a decade.


>tfw 100x long at 7400.

When do I close this shit

About an hour ago


now or never

It's only 10% of my stack. Should I just set up a stop loss and forget about it?

Take your profits mate, dont get greedy

lmao just take your profits. whenever you start being greedy just exit