Why does GE suck friends?

I've have 200 shares of GE for about 5 years and I'm taking water hard. Will it ever go back up? Pic not related

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GE is a dinosaur mate. But also
>talking about stocks on Veeky Forums

Guess how I know you're over 30

I'm actually 27 but yeah close enough. What should I jump to instead of stocks?


If the stock is tanking then short it. What have you got to lose?

GE has been a garbage company for like twenty fucking years, why did you buy their stock in the first fucking place?

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coins of course, friend. you can buy thousands of coins for the price of those shares all sure to soon be worth AT LEAST 1000 dollars each. get out of the granpa club and come get rich with us 19 year olds

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>fast track to lose money

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GE has unfunded pension liabilities and hasn't had a really above-average product since before you were born. Seriously, what year is this? It's like buying Sears stock, or WorldCom. Dump it

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Im working at GE as assembly technician or whatever called in english since new year.

Its literally my first ever job I dont like. I fucking loath it.
I hate this retarded company and their retarded products so much. I dont even know what the fuck im assembling

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As short of an answer as I can make, given your question...

1. GE started out as a great american company. Founded by Thomas Edison and JP Morgan (the man not the company), it was everything that made america great.

2. Fast forward to the 1980's-90's, they started getting into finance, GE Capital.

3. Pretty soon most of their profits came from the finance wing, and the other divisions got lazy

4. Then comes the crash, and the company was almost wreaked because of all the bad debt they had.

5. To solve the problem, they got out of the finance business. They had to do it to save the company, but it also meant losing their highest profit divisions.

6. So now they're back to being a regular company with a shit load of outstanding debt and pension obligations.

7. They're hoping to break up the company, but there's some question as to whether they will be allowed.

GE has literally sold off every part of their company that can be sold. They still have the jet engines and a few other things but then there is that HUGE pension liability. GE took its final head-shot when Warren Buffet jumped ship.

And to give you an idea of how great GE used to be...

1. Formed as Edison General Electric when all of his companies were put together into a single company. JP Morgan, (the man) worked out the financing.

2. They bought out the Marconi Radio company (yes, that Marconi), and created a new company called RCA.

3. They needed a content producing company to help the sales of radios from RCA, so they created a company called the National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

4. In the early 1960's, they gave a job to an old b-actor, giving him a start in politics. Ronald Reagan.

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I don't think they're going to be allowed to, but I'm sure the plan is to create a single toxic company.

So... spin off energy, engines and health into their own companies.

Leave the original company with none of the assets but all the debt and liabilities. Then let that one go BK.

This has been done before by others, which is why they probably won't be allowed to do it.

Do an image search for "mild case of progeria".

What do you think shorting via derivaties?

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it freaks me out like this does

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Nah they will be OK in the long run, but expect to hold those bags for a few more years at least.

What the financial analysts and most people here see are the shit balance sheets, but everyone already knows about that and it's been priced in already. What they don't see because they don't understand is that GE's technology is still world class. In a lot of their product lines they offer tech that simply isn't available anywhere else, period. Who else is making aircraft engines, turbines and MRI machines nowadays?

Even if GE is on it's absolute last legs (which it isn't, it still has sizeable assets and enough cash to remain liquid), their technology is worth billions upon billions. There are a lot of rich people who will happily write a blank cheque for it. But that's not going to happen because GE has too many fingers in the military market and the US government cannot allow a lot of the super advanced tech to end up in Chinese hands for example. It's literally "too big to fail".

I'm both. I got caught bag-holding shares when it started to tank (still am), but then I bough some leap puts to profit off the crash.

I'll probably hold my shares through the breakup, though I'll dump the puts before the breakup.

If you go long term (expire in 2020), the prices are still pretty attractive.

This image shows the break-even based on prices as of about 1/2 an hour ago.

A few notes...

1. It assumes e-trade commission rates.

2. This is for the purchase of a SINGLE put. If you were to buy more your break-even would be higher.

3. The projected profit is based on the price of GE going down to $10, which is realistic.

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so you think GE will dump until at least 2020?

No. I just usually go with longer term options because it gives me more wiggle room, and because the time decay curve is better if you go long out.

I'm not sure how long it will dump. For all we know, they might try to announce something this year. Then again, they might not.

It's not unusual for me to buy options that 2 years out and only hold for 6 months. In many cases (especially if they're in the money), they act almost like a stock or short, but are much cheaper.

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Wrong chart. This is the decay curve showing leaps.

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