I have a feeling that this shitcoin is going to break its ATH by the end of this month...

I have a feeling that this shitcoin is going to break its ATH by the end of this month. Partnerships are going to be announced Q1, mainnet going live Q1. Dont be an ICX retard and sell when they deliver.

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yes sirs, buy request network sirs, amazine coin with kindly growth potential

Tell me one time where a token mainnet launch didnt cause a dump.

Mainnet dump is already priced in. It literally cannot dump any lower.


haven't they been promising a mainnet for months now?

>It literally cannot dump any lower.

Oh user......you're so full of hope.

Fucking shoe you braindead low-effort retard pajeet shitting up the board. They have literally been one of the only coins sticking to their roadmap schedule. They always promised mainnet by the end of Q1, and they stated in their last update that audits for the code are complete, and it’ll release before their next update this month.

Get the fuck out you cum-guzzler and stay poor forever.

yes of course they have been promising it for months now to be released at the end of Q1. what an absolute brainlet fud.

Mainnet released 3 days ago. It will be announced next Friday officially. Look at their github progress. The code is already finished and publicly available.

They just need to switch on the burning mechanic and it's a go.

Nothing is priced in until it's launched.

No, I've been here longer than the retarded "le sell the news xDD" meme, newfriend.

i will never forgive myself for not selling this at $1, and i will also not ever forgive myself for not buying more last night.

i fucking suck.

>Main net priced in
>Main net dump priced in
Oh user, but didn't you know?
>Actual use priced in

Just 11 days south of ending Q1.
No mainnet.
No partnerships.
No info.

>Mainnet released 17 march
>3 partnerships will be announced before April
>$0.21 already since you posted it.

if you have not noticed i would like to inform you that every coin always does it at the very end. gives them the extra time to do everything right.

Feels good to be weird and creepy

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>No mainnet.
Already finished. Will release literally this or next week.
>No partnerships.
>No info.
Last update was 4 days ago.

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does it? how good does it feel?

Buy REQ and find out

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it'll break ATH sure but it'll only be based on hype and who knows if it'll stay there
I'd rather play it safe with OMG

>Mainnet released 17 march
Where? Can I use it now? No? Wew lad.

so you became weird and creepy when you bought REQ. i am guessing that there was something very wrong with you already before buying REQ.

>actual use priced in
>token burn and growing adoption and hype
>yet to come

whoever invented the weird and creepy meme deserves a medal

>heat death of universe priced in

You can use it now yeah. Could use it for 3 days already. But the "Pay with Request Network" is not done yet. Only the mainnet protocol is life so you'd have to develop your own tools with their API. But you can use them yes so I don't know why you are acting smug by answering "no" to your own question.

the absolute state of frustrated REQ bagholders
A clear sign of bag holding guilt and anger
>paypal 2.0
Yea people are gonna make it harder for themselves and switch to crypto to transfer funds instead of clicking one button to transfer their fiat over to seller

yeah ignore the fiat pairs
FUD isn´t what it was back then....

You can use fiat with Request Network.

It'll work just like paypal instead you don't have to give your personal information. You also have the option to pay with every cryptocurrency out there and every fiat out there. The merchant can choose whatever he receives and Request Network will automatically exchange your currency to the currency the merchant wants behind the scenes.

Also the fee is 100x smaller than the fees Paypal is demanding right now.

And I didn't even begin about the automated Auditing,Accounting,Invoices and Dapps that can run on Request Network.

Paypal is fucking over.

REQ has killed my profilio and I still believe in the project. The team is the most professional crypto around. REQ and Medichain are all that remain

ty sirs
I buy 100k

No but for real, big if true

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Bi-weekly update this friday

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Next Friday faggot
last of Q1 on the 30th

It's happening

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It's because people are only starting to realize now that Mainnet silently released 3 days ago.

Kinda shows that nobody actually bothers reading through github and just speculates on crypto without any technical knowledge.

I'm glad they did a silent release though, didn't give whales the opportunity to dump or accumulate. Was a pretty smart move by Request Network if you ask me.

True??? Proof

>>cant dump lower than 3000 sats
>>cant dump lower than 2500 sats
>>cant dump lower than 2000 sats

Here's the (ALREADY RUNNING) ERC20 code. github.com/RequestNetwork/requestNetwork/pull/34

That was the last piece of Mainnet to be released. We now have everything online that is supposed to be part of mainnet. Only the

"Pay with Request Network" is left out but that isn't part of the mainnet but a seperate project that will also release in Q1.

So to use the mainnet now you need to have your own program that uses the REQ api.

But yeah Mainnet is live.

30th of march also has a partnership announcement and "pay with request network" button launch though. They will also start their marketing campaign on that day according to their twitter and Q&A

They haven’t done the bug bounty yet

Yeah, ever since they published a roadmap and then checked off every deliverable with no delays..


They keep saying there’s gonna be a partnership announced with main net but it’s probably just gonna be some shitty other crypto thing and won’t be relevant at all

>oh shit this coin is now worth more than yesterday. dump it

the state of the Veeky Forumsindia

>Mfw it's BeeToken

I'm gonna fucking dump it for good if it's shit.

that was already announced

Yeah, I know, I'm just FUDing.

Someone post the roastie FUD where Stace has to answer KYC while buying a Latte.

kek haven't seen that one yet, someone post it please

im so excited :)))))))) my diggo is getting kinda leaky

I think you should see a doctor about that m8

Request will be a disaster.
*Stacy orders a frapuccino from starbuck*
"Oh, cool, I'll pay with request it's much cheaper!. Wait, what is KYC? Why do I need to send a selfie with my passport to some weirdos from the internet just to buy coffee? hehe I'll use paypal instead"