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Vitalik is right but at the same time too fucking autistic to understand how normies think

It's not right at all, you can't compare a human being to drugs shit

Who cares. Normies are retards.

is Vitalik an anarcho-capitalist?

Minister you, money skelly. You have the best bones.


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Ethereum ring leader promotes the legalization of child pornography. Wow.

Well he's right, drugs like Heroin and CP should be both legalized.

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just wait and see what they find in ethereum's blockchain

Damn Vitalik, learn when not to speak.

God people are fucking retarded. He is not advocating child porn whatsoever. He's saying the legalization of possession of child porn would not be more radical than the legalization of heroin. And it wouldn't. Possession of child child porn will never be legal, and heroin will never be legal. It would be radical if heroin was made legal. And it would be just as radical (not in the edgy positive use of the word) if possession of child porn was made legal. FOR FUCK SAKE PEOPLE.

HI vitalik

Why does Vitalik always feel the need to protect CP? Kinda makes you think...

but it should

>heroin will never be legal.

Heroin is legal a lot of places you dumb fuck.

Why do brainlets always use ad hominems?

If I do a bunch of heroin I am only directly harming myself. Child pornography directly harms an innocent child - ok, sure if merely looking at it I’m not harming that child directly but it’s still not a very good comparison. Demand creates supply.

What about the mass amounts of children used in the production and trafficking of said heroin? People are too retarded to see the bigger picture on topics like these. Would be much more productive if everyone just shut the fuck up instead of spewing out pathetic attempts at sounding intelligent or informed.

Why do you need children to produce and distribute legal heroin?

Why are millions of children currently producing countless legal goods and services?

He never said this btw

He did the exchange is just hard to find and it was months ago. I immediately checked for proof too here's what I found.
It seems he's arguing from a pure libertarian point of view.

because making degenerate shit illegal stops it from ever happening.

youre retarded if you dont understand what he writes.

Heroin harms nobody incapable of making his/her own decisions.
Production of child porn almost always equates to abuse/traffic/rape of the underaged.
The only thing he did is show he's a dumbass. Idk wtf hes trying to do, strawman? But in the process he showed he's actually moronic.

Legalization of *posession* of CP would absolutely be more radical than legalization of heroin.

being witness to a crime does not equate to committing one.
any old /b/ fags would be in jail just for lurking
I agree, fuck all those that produce that shit, but putting CP on the blockchain to make it, and everyone that has interest in it look fucked up...
that's fucking cuntish

that's absolute bullshit, kys

>Child pornography directly harms an innocent child
Children are horny as fuck these days desu senpai

let me rephrase that
to make blockchain and anyone that has interest in it locked fucked up..
jesus christ.
inb4 v& due to sloppy typing

who's gonna buy your bags on the next moon user? we need the retards, dont scare them away with pro pedo stuff, i mean i get his point but man not on twitter

At least it would make this board interesting again.

>being witness to a crime does not equate to committing one.
It's not about that you autist. The only reason child porn exists is if people want to watch it, adding a disincentive to watching it reduces demand and therefore supply - therefore stops children getting raped more.

Blatant pedo. Vitalik is probably some satanic lucifer worshipper.

What a dumb cunt. Even if his argument is morally right, it can still greatly affect the image of Ethereum negatively. One of his crew should delete his twitter account.

This isn't exactly true. A lot of pedos are exhibitionist and film their abuse because it turns them on to share it.

Vitalik is a fucking pedo lurker, pretty clear from his statement, and a lot of you anons too it seems, sick fucks

>paying a kid thousands to do porn ia rape


thats not how it works.

is this board filled with fucking pedos?
at least i dumped my amb on you sick fucks

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Would the child porn industry be bigger or smaller once it was legal to view it?

were you born yesterday?
Veeky Forums has always been a haven of pedophiles and nazis since the beginning

Jesus Christ how new are you?


until someone plants it on the blockchain or your HD

imagine the credits on imdb

>hurrr just because /b/ ten years ago was overwhelmed means that its been a safe haven since then

kys faggot
/pol/ hated you
Veeky Forums hates you

Possession and use of heroin is legal in Portugal retard. Not only did the OD cases go down since but actual use and violent crime involving the drug (aka. Street shootouts or muggings) are at an all time low. Learn your shit tard

>mfw i shilled shitcoins like JNT,AMB,ICT,BTO with long ass greentexts
>mfw i dumped my bags on fucking pedos and pajeets
this just makes me feel better

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Just sold all my ETH

because of a month old tweet?


>comparing drugs to exploitation of a living human being
How many levels of anarcho libertarianism are you on right now?

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>He's saying the legalization of possession of child porn would not be more radical than the legalization of heroin.
It actually is though. How many children were abused to directly make Heroin? 0. In order to make CP you must have children.

heroin babies.

So alcohol is the same as heroin because it can cause negative effects by the user? There is a difference between production and the user does with it.

You think producing drugs exploits no human beings?

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Producing anything can exploit human beings, indirectly. Only CP requires a child. Let me know how producing heroin requires a child involved.

>Mexican cartel leader who dismembered six-year-old girl while she was still alive jailed for life

Your drugs aint so innocent darling

K-Y-S you dumb fucking nigger. Seriously. Just get up from your chair, go to the kitchen, take out a knife and cut your throat you piece of nigger shit.

Show me the ingredient list of Heroin. Now show me the ingredient list of CP.

You literally can't make an argument about CP that isn't 100% "it is evil, sin, needs to be destroyed with full schadenfreude" without it triggering very deeply-ingrained programmed beliefs in people.

You pedo fucks need to be in jail as far as I'm concerned. You have no argument against my posts in this topic.

Let me know where heroin production requires a child that can't consent.

See what I mean, even the mention of the programmed beliefs triggers an attack.

That's not an argument. Show me how I'm wrong.

You’re still dodging his question. Why aren’t you answering it?

I was never directly responding to the argument, just pointing out how people perceive CP.

Most people perceive CP correctly. You can't argue that they are wrong. Your beliefs are fucked.

You are still in attack-mode; Understandable, somebody said something that didn't denounce CP immediately.

this shit is terrifying, pretty much any of the spy agencies can easily toss this shit on your computer remotely with some backdoor shit. they got backdoors in the fucking manfacturer's hard drive firmware.
hell they could break into your place, leave a usb hidden somewhere, get an "anonymous tip", raid your shit, and your life is over. fucking anyone could do that.
nobody will believe you're innocent. shit is fucked.

Sounds like you're still in not an argument mode. You have no rebuttal and your beliefs are fucked.

You started replying to me saying I'm a pedo fuck so you're not worth the argument. I didn't advocate for CP, nor state anything as to my position towards it.

>so you're not worth the argument
Glad we cleared up that you have no arguments.

What a time to be alive

I understand that now. Were you just making a statement, or were you trying to illicit a reaction by saying that? Obviously people are going to be against CP and react inflammatorily, but is it without good reason? What’s wrong with people having these deeply ingrained beliefs about CP?

You've cleared displayed my first post with your ravenous behaviour. Thankyou for that.

>Thankyou for that.
Thank you*


Indeed, who knew this guy was a pedo. Glad I never bought into his shitcoin.

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Thanks god i bought
I no longer need to work thanks to Vitalik

Heroin is decriminalised, not legal you dumb fuck. You cant go into a pharmacy and buy an 8-ball of China white. Also anyone that has tried heroin realises how retarded the argument is that we are all capable of making our own decisions. Heroin is simply too good.

Are you retarded? That's not what he was saying.

TFW you can now easy short ETH without worries .

THX BASED Vitalik.

Vitalik, how about you just shut up talking bullshit on twitter and start writing and fixing actual code. Your blockchain might even end up with a usable wallet.

If the only thing that is preventing people from overdosing on heroin is that it is illegal, then maybe we are better off without them in the gene pool.