Rising Wedge, Longfags BTFO

We are in a rising wedge. There are no whales, there is no manipulation, just the mass retardation of you people that think we found the bottom. See you at 6k, 4k, and maybe even 2k.

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meanwhile macd crosses on the daily lmao

Weekly MACD son. Use it.

Fuck me

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you longers must accept the error of your ways. only then can you find financial peace in the realm of the shorts.

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Meanwhile 50&200 day MA will cross in 1-2 days and that has only happened TWO TIMES before in Bitcoin history. Let that sink in for a minute...

explain to me what the 50 & 200 MACD crossing means and why it's telling me to sell

what does it mean?

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It is called the Death Cross. Look it up and decide for yourself.

Jesus fucking christ how many of you fuckers are there that shorted? You cocksuckers make these threads every day.

post pic.

meanwhile 300 million tethers freshly printed. did your meme lines price that in yet? lol

>15 minute candles

Fine, I Did it myself. Longfags be prepared to lose everything

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>Bitcoin crash happening 15 times faster than NASDAQ dotcom bubble.

Yes, use 15m candles in crypto where you would use daily carts in stocks/forex.

>going down to 6k

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Since it smashed your meme lines, how much did you lose while shorting?

Oh, I shorted bigtime. If this doesn't go through I am out $30k. The joys of leverage.

This. The mere fact that all you faggots are expecting a drop means it will moon harder than ever.

mfw its true

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>15m candles

>it go down!!! hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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> Longfags BTFO
Why do people treat going long or short as a religion and that people stick to it until liquidation? Longfags most likely in good profit by now.

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Already broken upwards, kek.

Bullshit, this Markt is Pure manipulation lol, dont tell bullshit to people.

Longing under these conditions is retarded.

oh sure but putting your short in under "these conditions" was perfectly fine or what lmao

>The mere fact that all you faggots are expecting a drop means it will moon harder than ever.
The mere fact that all you faggots are expecting a new bullrun means it will drop below $4k

I'm expecting a drop which means it will

long 75x since 6.3k
stay mad

you must be retarded if you haven't closed it at 11k

you know what this means, folks

sub 6k incoming

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I'm 100x at 8200.
Not worried at all, there is too many good news for BTC to crash now.

>too many good news for BTC to crash now
name one (hint: lack of bad news, like somebody not banning BTC at the moment, aren't good news)

I hope you lose everything and end up homeless sucking dick for crack cocaine on the streets. Sick of you bear fags meming nonstop with “muh shorts” KYS already

Don't stay long, fag.

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Seriously, just fuck off and die.

>huge green dildos on the hourly
>no whales

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I'll give you a job when I make it.

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My short liquidation is 9.3k. Moderately concerned

>mt gox somehow legitimizes your meme lines
it's almost like you don't understand that cryptoassets are speculative and 99% of TA is useless

....it's almost like you're a panicking bear who's about to get liquidated and is spreading TA FUD in a last ditch attempt to save your ass...

The whales are pumping into the deathcross so they can start a new round of shorts.

I wired in 80k to cover my shorts yesterday. Should be in by the end of the day. Right now my equity ratio is 155% and we have already bounced off $9k.

so you're confirming that you're just trying to scare ppl into selling so you don't get liquidated. And you didn't address the fact that you tried to proof your TA with fucking Mt. Gox kek

get the fuck out of here you dumb nigger. Even if you convinced half of biz to sell it would add up to like 2 mil

Thanks. Here I am actually trying to help these guys with some knowledge and they get all butthurt.

I don't give a shit about Mt. Gox. They are irrelevant. A dumb whale just does what everyone else does and exagerages current momentum.

You sound so mad, you down what, 70%+ i bet

Same. We're gonna make it. My only worry is a possible spike up from stop-hunting, but downtrend is still too strong.


wish i could just throw 80k in the garbage

20% right now. I know you should only be 1 step ahead of the market but I moved 2 steps ahead. I'll be fine in 2 days.

rofl how desperate short fags are

sad to know such ppl will wait until we reach 10k to fomo in

I'm sitting it out.

If the price touches the cross I may be game, but it's not just about having the cross, in pic related you are almost at the worst point to open a short.

Forgot pic.

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Historically BTC doens't act like Apple though. There are enough other indicators that you can supplement the 200 and 50 MAs that you could swing trade those swings. But you know you are better off shorting.

it didn't smash it. we simply misjudged the resistance line a bit. We have adjusted it and you can see it bounced right off.

heres the updated wedge.

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come on pajeet you aren't fooling anybody
>inb4 "whale dischord "

zoom out

if you're serious about TA and crypto, join Xaviers chat.
its 4chans stock/crypto/programming room.

Speak up though cause they kick lurkers

what are you guys talking about

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Why are you using a local high from the last trend as the start of your arbitrary resistance line? You should be using highs since the bounce from 7.2k to construct your resistance line.

Looking back on my many years as a trader, I can say I have met many old traders and I have met many bold traders, but the world contains just a handful of bold & old traders. Bold traders usually step on a land mine.

Good assist.

OP forgot about le Tetherprinter.
If this is not the bottom...
Source: I'm a powerbottom.

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Those two peaks defined the resistance line. I just drew the resistance line back a bit further.

And I am being bold because all of the indicators longer than a day suggest BTC is shitting the bed. And I am going to short that into gold.

high rsi, rising wedge and more importantly ( my most significant indicator), we are about to touch the 4hr ichimoku cloud ( huge resistance).

Not telling you this is doomsday, I just think last two weeks we fell too much and too fast and now this is just a small recovery until we fall again.

Anyone trading with ichimoku knows we were too far off the 4 hr cloud and had to come back to it

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I don't use the cloud, and good tips or references?

for ichimoku ? I watched a bunch of videos online, change the standard settings to adapt it for crypto 20/60/120/30. I use it mainly for see where support and resistance is. I would say using 4hr candles, there is an extremely high probability that we bounce of off it and bounce against the cloud for a few candles and possibly ( not sure) penetrating it. I've rarely rarely seen btc not bouncing off this cloud on the 4 hr candles.

>brain fog
thanks user... just opened a short on this now

As we all know by now, all uptrends are pure manipulation and unnatural. All downtrends are organic, healthy and good.
Flashpumps are bad but flashdumps are good, if you buy you lose, just keep riding those shorts forever.

Oh look its another retard who got burned during the dip and wants to go back a couple days so he can reset himself.

Cloud is broken on 2h chart though, there's actually a pretty strong possibility that BTC breaks the 4h cloud within the next 5-7 days.


>muh 15 minute charts