What does this pattern mean?

What does this pattern mean?

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what pattern exactly?


The M shape

The W shape

Double top

It doesn't mean anything

It’s called a double peak. It means strap in user Elon musk built the rocket that’s about to start this bull run

It's the ongoing double oddshaped tit pattern. This means we will push 14k in ~3 weeks.

that drop already happened, isn't very relative anymore.


someone sold the bottom lmao

This is 2013/2014 all over again, friend. This bear market isn't over.

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What drop dude we are on the rise now

Double bottom
W shape
Extremely bullish

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double top, as I said it isn't relevant anymore so I don't understand your reaction.

It's called a martingale

It's the double bottom death cross bull pennant descending triangle!!!!
Strap in for whatever the fuck, you ain't trading stocks anymore boyeee!!!

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>Double bottom
retard alert
there is 18% price difference between them, so it's not double anything

Who knows. Crypto right now is little better than gambling. Might just as well play dice or flip a coin.

That’s definitely what it feels like

Closest I can think of is 3 soldiers.

My personal oracle has determined this run tops out at 9800.

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Well M is for moon.

It's called a W bottom. Usually when a stock or a market corrects, we tend to visit "V" bottoms or "W" bottoms. Most often, before an asset can properly recover, the market needs to experience a W bottom first. First, to hit a low, in this case, the first time, BTC visited $5.9k, we tested a low point once more in the low $7s, forming a needed W bottom before recovering. Most often, when the W bottom completes, it visits the same low, we experience a lower low, or a slightly higher low. It looks like we experienced a slightly higher low. Basically, we should be recovering from hear on out. We couldn't otherwise without this W bottom. A V bottom wouldn't have worked in this scenario because BTC rallied so hard. If you would like to see a proper V bottom, take a look at the charts during the China FUD last summer around the end of August/Early September 2017. That is a V bottom.

this user is correct

If you take it upside down its W for wambo