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Got a stinky linky to that?

did they think no one would actually contact BMW?

DURR HURR lets lie abut a partnership with BMW
this market is full of retards what could go wrong??

Holy fuck

>they literally just walked into a dealership and took a selfie
So glad I already made my gains on this coin and got rid of it

link or it didnt happen

fucking retards, took 30 sec to find.


fraud, straight up

how embarrassing

Not a VEN fan but still:

Doesn't exist

fucking chinks at vechain driving around in their new BMW's laughing at all you idiots who bought into their chinkscam again



CHINKED !!!!!!!!!!!

Yup. They are partnered and BMW fucked up that first tweet.

Can't breathe. Send help.

Garage thing isn't a partnership

Car Vertical to the MOON!

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Easy to post the 1st tweet that the retard intern copy/pasted from the question about a CarVertical partnership.

Here is the tweet posted immediately after.

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They even tweeted about how holders shouldn't contact BMW to ask about the partnership. Talk about a red flag, anyone who read that and couldn't see this coming is borderline retarded at best.

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As said earlier, ANYONE can sign up for startup garage. The 'The company is using our BMW CarData interface available to any third party.' part is still true.


"We apologize for the confusion. VeChain is participating in the BMW Startup Garage programme. As a Venture Client, the BMW Group becomes a customer of the start-up at a time when the product, technology or service is not yet ready for the market."

What is Startup Garage:

"The BMW Startup Garage is the Venture Client unit of the BMW Group. We are looking to partner and become the early adopting venture client of top startups."

>we are looking to PARTNER

You should have read further the faqs and shit. The partner word used is not the partnership word you're thinking about. It means a client-company partnership not a company-company partnership.

you can even read it on what you copied to. " venture client"

>MW has not entered into a cooperation/partnership with VeChain Foundation. The company is using our BMW CarData interface available to any third party

read the fucking correction tweet retards

dubs confirms it


> Chain-only bait. Please find a job sir.


Because you fags are so confused by this. Let me explain. BMW is being a faggot with that garage program. With a traditional investment, Investors will lose his investment if it failed or get benefits it if was successful. BMW is acting like a crowdfund project buyer except BMW will be the one to specify how much they are willing to pay for your shit and forcing the company to integrate their product to their stuff. BMW is being a cheapskate but still want all the benefits of a traditional investor but not the disadvantages. If it failed, they will only lose a small amount of cash as they don't own part of the company like a traditional investor and "only bought their service/product".

Best case scenario, BMW uses it. Good scenario, BMW gave them some cash, worst case scenario, they just wasted their time and spent money on plane tickets/hotels because BMW does not offer that, they only offer office space and requires you to have people in their offices.