Your best Chad trades

Give me your top 5 Chad trades
Me 1st
Sub buy$0.07 sell $2.18
Req buy $0.09 sell $1.07
Neblio buy$1.42. Sell $39.20
ZCL buy $4.25 sell $190
Drgn buy $0.05(ICO) sell $4.98

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Mistyped neblio bought at $1.92

Bought link at 1800 sats.
Bought BNB at $1.49
Not spelling either until it's enough to change my life.

I bought Ripple at 0.002 and sold at 3.50
Beat that

Nice work

>Buy Ether at $40
>Sell for Bcash during the flippening floppening
>BTC value tanks from 1.02 to .20
>Go all in on Qtum
>BTC value goes from .20 to .50
>BTC value goes back to sub .20

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I’m in both and refuse to sell.
BNB is the trailblazers of crypto exchanges
Link is a game changer.

goddammit dude... i wish i was you.

trx buy .03 never sold at .25
poe buy .07 never sold at .19
xvg buy .06 never sold at .20
ltc buy 100 never sold at 340

i held through every...single...moon... please kill me

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XVG buy at 80 sats

bought dbc at 9cents, sold at 61, went all in, feelsgoodman.jpg

If you got into crypto by latest September/ October you’ve had these Chad trade opportunities.

WTC bought at $1.80 sold at $37.80

Never touched that shitcoin again lol.

is this the /larp/ general thread?

It’s the best Chad trades u made thread.

Buy Antshares 2.20 Sell Neo 110, but that was a bit of hodl.

Look at the time between buy and sell.

Saw a signal on the chart whales were about to pump, acted accordingly.

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buying XLM ever

Slow down Big man, your killing it

Bought POWR $.22, sold at $.69
Bought SALT $3-4, sold at $14

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bought XLM at 68 cents

I got on board at $0.49 pre Africa announcement
We are gonna make it...hopefully

Bought VTC at 33k sats january 2014
Sold at a million sats 2 weeks later
Bought ETH at $1
Bought XMR at $2
Bought LINK at $0.20, sold at $1.20

Xlm at .03

Atleast my trade was real....

bought BCC at $300 sold at $2

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Buy Bitcoin at $250. Buy the absolute bottom for Bitcoin during the last dip at 6500

went all in on DBC at 13 cents, sold at 35 cents. This was my first ever trade in crypto.

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bought bnb for 40 cent sold at 2.40
bought coss at 5 cent sold at 35 (tfw almost 3 dollar later)
bought hive for 2 aold for 22 cent

>BTC $100-$1000.
traded for Alts at $17000 in Dec 2017
Bcash fork. bought for $0 got it for free, sold at $2700 per coin

Bought XRB/Nano at $2.50-$3, sold at $15-20. still have alot
PRL: Bought at $0.20, sold at $4.70
KCS: Bought at $2-3, Sold at $20

Virgin vs. Chad co-op action game when?

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bought 8 grand of trx when it was 0.05 sold at 19 cents... it all happened within about 24 hours..
didn't sleep at all.. even lost power in the middle of a snowstorm during it.. market sold that shit.. and haven't touched it since.

now i have a bunch of play money that i really don't care about much..just waiting for the next big day...

chads, whats the next moon mission? bulls are back. lets see December gains again. what coin will pump? I'm eying BTCP and SophiaTX up 25% today

thats /k/ and Veeky Forums