Why is this shit not recovering like the rest? WTF is wrong with Ethereum now?

Why is this shit not recovering like the rest? WTF is wrong with Ethereum now?

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ETH usually pumps/recovers last

everyone knows eos is going to use their absurd eth stack to crash eth when eos goes live

Did EOS just say they are releasing their own blockchain soon already?

ETH seems to have diverged from other alts about 2 days ago.

It’s Bitshares re-launched.

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>mfw I hold only ETH right now when everything else is mooning

Shall I fomo buy into shitcoins rn? Wat do

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Bitcoin is up 6 percent. ETH is up 4 percent. What the fuck are you talking about?

Eth doing pretty well right now

Check out the last 2 days
Eth is pretty much stagnant compared to others

>ETH is up 4%

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Damn, that's a shit situation. It'll come back up though.

Eth is the first one to be fucked with regulations


Newfags and people with short memories fail to realize that ETH accumulated at ~$300 for months before rampaging to its ATH

Because Vitalik is openly advocating legalization of CP on his twiiter cause hes a fuckign pedo and fucking us all over

Yeah I'm wondering too if I would just buy other crypto.

Someone here needs to dump their Eth so the bogs pump it

Should I just switch trains and buy something else?

ETH is a shitcoin for scam ICOs, that are dumping and exit scamming. It's been almost a year and NOBODY HAS FUCKING RELEASED ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE.

Nobody uses ETH for payments. It's slow and gets clogged (cryptokitties). At this point, it's just another vehicle used for buying and gambling on shitcoins.

It is all complete and utter garbage.