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Another day, another JNT thread

>How many JNT are you holding?
>What's your price prediction for the DAO launch in Q3 and for 2020?

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can you fuck off with this complete fucking shit?

thanks just bought 100k

20k, will buy more over time, goal is 30-40k. Hopefully it will not take off until Q3 and I can get my stack with a few paychecks. Dubai will be comfy desu

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snc, scm, dnta etc etc

$3-$5 Q3

$150 by 2020

Now we are bull again im buying right now, just made an account on bibox, its going to moon any day now and I dont want to spend all year regretting not picking this up at basically ico price.

The fuck are you talking about.

Sandniggercoin, scam, do not trust arabs

but for real tho, looking forward to the medium post. This bear market has me bored to the point where I just FUD JNT all day even though it's my main hold

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I didn't realize it was fudded enough for shorthand fud.


Those trips, that ID and that post alarm me. Everyone should stay away from this coin.

>Everyone should stay away from this coin.
Jihad Network is only for true soldiers of Allah

Buddy, I bought at 60cents I spend 2 months thinking, yes, it's going to moon anyday now, oh that seed announcement, another month gone. Buy now but just remember, this thing ain't going nowheres but sidewheres anytime soon.

>not so subtle datamining

Sick of these pageet scam threads.
Xtcc and Jibrel. I don't know which is worse.

Holding 5k

Why does JNT make people so angry?

the medium post might give it a slight pump but it will soon normalize again

>why does endless paid shilling annoy people
Gee I dunno user

can you link it please and thanks? Also hope that it drops I've been swinging so I hope it goes down to 5400ish so I can snag an extra few hundred.

>endless paid shilling
kys yourself

Shark tank guy article √ buy jnt

fuck me man I wish I could get paid in JNT to shill this.

the upcoming medium post this week I mean

oh ok, hopefully ill be bought in then try to predict the top then sell of again buy in the drop I've been doing ok, I'm kinda poor and could only afford ~3k but I'm up to 4.3k now which in not much but it's an extra 25% for when it actually does take off. I've been getting a lot better with my trades too averaging maybe 3-4% and getting at least 1 off a day.

30K here, goal is 50k
will keep buying as long as its below a dollar

I see more FUD than shilling desu. Every thread has 20 people falling over each other to tell us that its a camelfucker coin and JNT has no purpose. 27 yo arab, pajeet pnd etc etc. Just stay out of the threads if you got nothing constructive to add.

What article? The asset coin one?

This thread is a shill you absolute brainlet. What do you think OPs position is?


Stock market will tokenized
crypto real world assets will be huge success and regulated

Bullish !!!! Shark tank guy shilling jnt to the moon !!


Read all of this shit Bros . Jnt to the moon. Tallal s vision was right . Shark tank guy same vision as tallal . We rich boys

Just waiting for a good exchange listing here but will probably keep a position because with the exchanges it's on right now, price is irrelevant

Its very simple.The fudders ignore most other coins because most other coins are just hyped shit and are no threat to their ego.The fudder typically is someone who got in the market late or never had the money to buy anything.So when they see a legit project they can see is the golden ticket, and they have no money to put in while the people helping spread the word obviously did, they get overcome by a jealous rage, they pucture these people making it while they are stuck in the same shit life.My honest opinion is this also played a large part in the market crashing, jealous people who came in late, saw everyone else making it so they wanted to fud the shit out of the market so nobody made it.This whole market is based off emotion.

To sum it up, the huge bitter wave of jealous fudders is the biggest buy signal ive ever seen on biz.They basically wish they owned it but dont have the money.They wish they were the jibrel token holders.

So? There are threads like this for every other coin. I hate 90% of coins shilled here, do I go to every thread spewing hate? No, I got better shit to do. JNT Fudders are the post pathetic scum of biz to me, just because of their persistence. Voice your opinion once, or twice, and be done with it. Why are you fudding a coin you aren't invested in on an anonymous board full of poor faggots?

All you pajeet don't know how this is gonna change the whole crypto scene. Asset back tokens are the next big hype in crypto. Even Kevin O'Leary said it on live TV. If you don't want to acknowledge some billionaire opinion( and the plan he mentioned on their too) then your just some dumbfuck who doesn't deserve mad lambo gains

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lolol, I hold a fuck ton of JNT and I FUD it because I wan't more for cheap. If you're not a
complete brainlet it's not hard to see through it.

"The fudder typically is"

I didnt say always.My opinion remains the same.

But i sorta like this FUD cause i can bag up some more

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I do to but it's not working. Just wish the people fudding didn't suck at it so much.

It is stupid to think this has anything to do with Jibrel.





Why is the bibox volume dead as fuck. Anyone have their etherscan wallet?

Not directly, but if you can't see the implication then idk what's wrong with you

All volume is dead as fuck. I know multiple people who are just buying and transferring out. There definitely is a market maker bot on bibox though with a LOT of JNT.

Yeah nothing over the last day, and kucoin had been unusually busy over the last few days too usually that's dead as lucy

think this is the bibox wallet


I believe the bot is just trading with itself at this point. Only the large candle wicks are actual trading, the rest is just low volume "swings" simulated by the MM.

As lukewarm as I am with JNT Bibox is a botted shithole with fake volume. Virtually nobody trades there.

fuck this coin is shilled alot i guess ill finally look into it and see if it can change the world like LINK


Yeah I can definitely see that. Kucoin volume is low as well, I think Jibrel has literally zero volume at this point.