Bros shes leaving me unless I buy a $135k purse. HELP

bros shes leaving me unless I buy a $135k purse. HELP

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end it already you fucking cuck. christ you're annoying.

for 135k you can fuck 675 $200 hookers, think about it

shes wack anyway you godamn cuck

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you really think its the same guy? this happens to every semi funny thread on biz someone else runs it into the ground. the travel the world post is another example

does an $135k purse even exist? I can't even fathom spending that much on a piece of leather. that's more than some fucking houses. jesus this world is retarded.

You could go to Thailand and fuck underage traps for several years non-stop.

Pick her up some used luggage from goodwill so she can pack her bags and get out.

I can't even imagine how retarded someone could be to spend more than $10 on something to hold your whores trinkets.
>tfw my gf has never asked me for anything other than hugs and kisses
>tfw gf supports herself
>tfw richfags bought a purse that I made and tagged as $135k value
Looks like I'm finally buying a house this year and marrying into comfy bliss, Veeky Forums

that's what you get for dating wh*te women faggot

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That chick is about as white as my whisky shits.

Get her an 8941 dollar purse instead

op's larping dude

asian women are the only ones who are somehow more materialistic than white women - i guess china's kind of a shithole so I can see why but still

How are there not more pictures of this girl?

Do you think the braps seep through the dress, or do they slowly fall between the legs and drift out below the hem?

The absolute delusion of mutts

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You're a cheap fuck you and you're trailer trash mutant girlfriend

>tfw i could never explain to people why this picture is so goddamn funny without them resenting me afterwards

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who's this braposaurus?

shes a pornstar bro..

remain brosperous

Terrible larp. Zero believability. 0/10

sounds like shes already helping you


I wish there was a way to UPVOTE posts.

so were just gonna let /brap/ die? fuck yall

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the dip cleared out most of the thot posters